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Top 10 Marketing Ideas For Promoting Your Landscaping Business

Jelly Shah by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Marketing Ideas - 6 min read

Landscaping Business

Last updated on May 16th, 2018

Landscaping Business is a labor and time-intensive business. This is also a business where you need to generate the need for a professional to do the service. Usually, landscaping in homes is not a top priority yet that is where your big business opportunity lies. This is why you need to start working on your marketing strategy and promote your business to both retail and corporate customers.

Landscaping Business

Here Are Top 10 Marketing Ideas For Promoting Your Landscaping Business

1. Focus On Outdoor Advertising

You should focus on local and outdoor advertising as it will create maximum impact. The combination of local and outdoor is important because most landscaping businesses cover specific area codes. In case you are a big company, you can run big city-wide campaigns but don’t lose focus on the neighborhood landscaping service.

One of the smartest ways to use outdoor advertising is Yard Signs. You should customize the Yard Signs with landscaping logos and your contact details. A direct display of your work is your best marketing strategy!

outdoor Landscaping

2. Your Resources Are Your Advertising Space

Landscaping businesses have a unique advantage that their work is outdoors and can be seen in action by prospective customers. You have at your disposal several resources that can double up as advertising space.

Employees –

You should get branded uniforms like t-shirt design for all your employees with your landscaping company logos. They will also look professional and double as advocates for your business.

Machinery and Vehicles –

You can get Truck or Car wrap designed with your landscaping logos and tagline. As they move around the city, you can get your free advertising!

3. Create An Informative Website

Landscaping has traditionally been driven by small businesses, but today most of them are scaling up into big teams. No matter your team size, it becomes important for you to put up a professional front to your prospective clients.

You can crowdsource for web designers, from platforms like Designhill, who can create an effective and informative website design for you. This will stamp your business with a seal of authority; incomplete websites will turn away your customers.

Having a great website will also increase traffic and build your SEO ranking. Ensure you keep updating your website frequently.

Landscaping website

4. Create A Sales & Marketing Toolkit

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses do is they fail to present themselves effectively. This is crucial for landscaping businesses that cater to retail as well as business customers. A great sales & marketing tool kit has the following elements –

Informative brochure –

As a landscaping business you need to specify all your services with the plans and packages in your brochure. Keep a balanced approach between text and images used while brochure design process.

brochure design

Business Cards –

A smart business card that includes landscaping companies logos with all the contact details as well as the website.
Promotional products – You can leave a customized pen or notebook with your landscaping logos so that your clients will remember to call you.

business cards

5. Go Door To Door

Gone are the times when young boys mowed lawns for pocket money! Today people prefer using landscaping businesses like yours to get the job done. However, you still need to remind your customers about their needs for landscaping. And the best way is to do what young boys used to do back in time. Knock on doors!

Instead of literally knocking on doors, you can make use of creative formats like flyers and door hangers to publicize your service. If you are worried about the costs of designing professional flyers then go for crowdsourcing, you will get a huge number of design options at cheap rates.

door to door

6. Engage Your Audience On Social Media

Landscaping is not a savvy or interesting business when it comes to social media. It is a need-based business and often targets homeowners and facilities manager of companies. Despite all this, you can still create an impact on social media, and it will trickle down in brand recall through your audience.

Instagram and Facebook should be the platforms you focus on. You can create campaigns like –
• Most beautiful lawn and backyard contest, and give prizes for those with maximum likes
• Create viral videos on landscaping and kitchen gardening
• Ask your audience to submit photographs of their lawns
• Run special discount campaigns exclusively for fans

Make sure you continuously engage with your audience. Also, reply to all queries within 24 hours to generate maximum leads.

landscaping social media

7. Become A Part Of Industry Forums And Clubs

Many landscaping businesses have corporate customers who give out large orders for maintaining their lawns and indoor gardens. This bulk business brings in more margins and is easier to serve. However, the entire sales cycle for B2B business is completely different.

You need to establish a relationship with the facilities and administration managers of the corporate houses. You can do so by regular networking at industry forums and clubs. Buy premium memberships if necessary because such networking will help in the long run.

When you go to any such networking event on a forum, make sure you carry your business card with your landscaping logos. Don’t miss such opportunities!


8. Get Involved In The Local Community

People love supporting small and local businesses. If your landscaping business is one such business then take good advantage of it. By getting involved in the local community, you can generate a lot of goodwill and new leads. Here are a few ways you can get involved –

• Offer free services to the local hospital or school
• Offer discounts for members of a particular gated community
• Give free talks and presentations on effective gardening and landscaping
• Support local events and sponsor charity events where you get the opportunity to display your landscaping company logos

You are bound to get a lot of attention both from the people directly as well as a lot of local media attention.

9. Become An Industry Expert

Your customers need to view you and your business as experts in the landscaping business. You can achieve this status by actively giving expert information and advising on all matters landscaping. The best way to do is by –

Starting a blog related to landscaping and gardening. People often seek out the DIY way, but then they realize that landscaping for a long term is not possible. This is when they choose to go with an expert who knows and can do the job!
Offer to give services to local councils. You personally can be a part of local community councils who are in charge of beautification and landscaping of the town. This way you can also use the tag that you are local council approved!

business expert

10. Start Your Marketing In Time

One should remember that for any marketing to be effective it takes at least a few weeks or even months. Even direct sales don’t give results in shorter turnaround times! Hence, for your landscaping business which in itself is seasonal, you need to plan your marketing in advance.


Generally, Landscaping businesses are in demand from spring to fall, leaving you free in the winter months. This is the time to gather all your plans and invest the time in getting your marketing collaterals in place. The best time to start advertising is after New Year to create the maximum impact.

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Have you used any other marketing ideas for your landscaping business? Do share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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  • Santa Rosa Landscaping

    Jelly – As a new landscaping owner I will be printing this article out and discussing with the team first thing Monday morning. Some of these tips seem like common sense, but staying in touch with the basics will really set you apart from the competition!
    Great article, thanks a ton!