Top 10 Must-Have Interactive Content Tools For Startups

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Top 10 Must-Have Interactive Content Tools For Startups

Last updated on January 4th, 2018

Startups must engage their targeted audience to generate brand awareness as well to drive traffic that matters a lot in making your presence felt in highly competitive business environment on the web.

Fortunately, startups have easy access to plethora of interactive content tools. You may access Designhill’s revolutionary new White Paper for top interactive content tools. Here we give them a select bunch of tools that will help them perform varied task related to creating an engaging interactive content for their users. However, make sure to source an impressive  website design in order to effectively augment the impact of these handy interactive content tools.

Check out the top ten interactive content tools for startups

1. Snapapp – SnapApp is one of the best interactive content tools for startups to easily create and manage your interactive content. You can integrate the content with content management technologies and ensure marketing automation with this amazing tool.

2. Designhill – Designhill is the fastest-growing custom design platform that helps startups creates interactive content including customized interactive infographic and microsites. The site gives you easy access to a thriving community of professional graphic designers and illustrators who are ever ready to jump into action and create amazing interactive infographic design to help you startup stand out in the market.

3. Ceros – Ceros is an excellent platform to create a wide variety of interactive content including interactive magazines, infographics, ebooks, lookbooks, nanosites, shoppable catalogues and others. You can create engaging content without hiring expensive professional designers and developers by simply using Ceros interactive content creation tools.

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4. Qzzr – Qzzr allows you to create your own quizzes which are your sure fire way to easily connect and interact with your audience and get their feedback. Just as your users share your quiz, it results in driving more traffic to your site. You can thus generate social traffic and drive traffic.

5. PlayBuzz – This platform lets you create own personality quiz, trivia quiz and other types of quiz and then share them with your target audiences. You can also conduct a poll to get their reviews. For example, the site features a quiz ‘ Twitter war : which celebrity has the most followers’ and then for voting purpose, they have featured a list of the celebrities in different categories.

6. Typeform – A data-collecting platform, Typeform allows you to design your forms and surveys. So, you can personalize and customize your survey for better involvement and engagement from your target audience.

7. – Startups can use to build charts and infographics in an easy manner. The tool helps in visualization of your data to make it interactive, engaging and responsive to the people. The company offers a 30 day free trial period to experience the use of this tool.

8. Contest Factory – Contest Factory is a comprehensive platform for developing contests on mobile devices, websites and social media. This company empowers you with the tools to create your online games, sweepstakes and promotions to engage your audience and grow your business.

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9. Brackify – Brackify is another poll based interactive content tool but with a difference. The tool allows you to create a bracket on your site around your question for a poll and then lets your visitors directly give their vote on it. You can also get the results of the poll with lots of features from the tool.

10. Content Tools – Brands, agencies and publishers alike can use Interactive Content Tools to create customized content especially for your business. This helps greatly in engaging your audience and driving them to your site.

These top interactive content tools should be part of your arsenal when it comes to creating engaging and interactive content to take your business to the people and drive traffic.

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