Top 10 promotional products for Not-for-Profit Organizations

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Last updated on August 2nd, 2018

Non-profit organizations are facing difficulties in fundraising because of the reduced government aids. Major economies such as of the United State’s economy are facing troubles, which has lead to a shrinking of the aid. Most of the non-profit organizations keep away from aggressive marketing of their cause. But gradual reduction in the government aid has forced the organizations to go for marketing plans just as businesses do. For the nonprofits, promotional products are less costly marketing tools with maximum impact.

The U.S has more than 1.5 million nonprofits ranging from private foundations to public charities and civic leagues to chambers of commerce. All of these organizations look for the ways to reduce their cost of generating awareness for a cause and taking their works to the people.

With the help of promotional products, the nonprofits can spread awareness about their organization and the way it helps people without selfish motives. The organizations can also build brand image, express their appreciation for the donors. Promo products ultimately help nonprofits in generating additional revenue.

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Promotional products have proven their significance when it comes to marketing a company and its business. Promotional merchandise is crucial tool to create brand awareness and brand identity. Numerous studies have shown that promotional products are crucial to increasing a company’s market reach. According to, 49% of the surveyed distributors in a study opined that promo sales to nonprofits will continue to be steady in next 24 months and 41% believed that it would increase.

From marketing aspect, what is more important to the marketers is that people keep promotional products with them for a long time. The survey reveals that 55% of the recipients kept the gifts for more than a year while 22% had the gifts with them for over six months. This is the reason that the giveaways generated more response. Promotional products increased the response rage by over 50%. Also, according to the survey, the recipients of the gifts were 75% more likely to buy from the advertisers’ company again. This stat means that promotional products must be included in marketing plan to win customers’ loyalty.

The survey revealed that promotional merchandise is a surefire way to generate goodwill for a business. When you offer the products as a gift to the target customers, 52% of them are likely to speak good for your business, says the survey.

These findings clearly show us the importance of promotional products in creating brand awareness and reaching out to the target audience and getting the results. Non-profit organizations also can benefit from distributing promo products.

Here Are Top Promotional Products That Non-profit Organization Can Use

1. Custom Tote Bag

The tote bag design make perfect gifts to promote your non-profit organization and its cause. These bags are useful in carrying the things of everyday life. Your logo on the bag will serve as an advertisement of your organization.
Custom Tote Bag

2. Branded Aluminum Water Bottle

The aluminum water bottles are useful items that everyone wants to have at home and office. These promotional items are great for generating brand awareness and brand exposure. The nonprofits can donate this item to the donors as a token of appreciation for their support.
Aluminum Water Bottle

3. Promotional Tumbler

Promotional tumblers are less costly products that nonprofits can giveaway to generate awareness for a cause. These items of everyday use are satisfactory to the recipients and supporters of your mission will gladly offer the products due to low prices.
Promotional Tumbler

4. Customized T-Shirts

T-shirts are worn both in leisure time and as a casual dress to make a fashion statement. Your non-profit organization can use these attractive customized gifts to draw people’s attention to your brand. For donors and supporters, t-shirt designs are highly recommended gift items for increased visibility of your cause.
Customized T-Shirts

5. Logo Awareness Bracelet

The bracelets will generate awareness about your logo and cause. People like to wear something that is attractive and fashionable. Select the bracelet that coincides with your organization’s logo colors for a consistent brand image.
Logo Awareness Bracelet

6. Personalized Petite Loop

A petite loop is a hot smartphone accessory is a strap to hold the mobile phone comfortably for easy handling. The loop is made of satin ribbon, which rests between the case and smartphone to create a loop. Put logo of your nonprofit on one side of the loop.
Personalized Petite Loop

7. Promotional EOS Lip Balm

Promotional EOS lip balms are popular giveaways that your organization can benefit from to drive people’s attention. But pick a color that suits to your brand and print your logo.
EOS Lip Balm

8. Branded Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are great useful gifts for keeping a good hygiene. Everyone wants to ensure germ-free hands. These gifts will be welcomed by the recipients and will be with them for a long time. But use branded hand sanitizers for giving away to the audience.
Hand Sanitizer

9. Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are ideal promo products for people to hold badges, name tags, car keys, etc. Put your logo on the strap to customize it. Pick a color that suits to your brand. these products are great as advertising material.
Custom Lanyards

10 Stress balls

Most of the people from various professions are suffering from high stress levels. Your gift of stress balls will help them get relieve. Even if these balls can make them feel comfortable and less stressed, the gift item will help you win the recipients loyalty. Customize the stress balls with your custom logo design and pick a color as per your brand’s color schemes.
Stress balls

Promotional items such as these are highly useful to your potential donors and supporters. Pick branded items that the people can keep for a long time due to high quality. Make sure to customize the gifts with your logo and a brand message such as a slogan to generate brand awareness and visibility.

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