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10 Best SEO Tools Every Startup Must Try

by Gaurav Kumar Gupta Tweet - in Startups - 3 min read

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Last updated on August 29th, 2017

You may be running your startup on a shoestring budget. Gradually, your company will build customer base to grow. But to attract sales and take your startup off-the-ground, you would need to make it visible online. And to ensure optimal visibility for your startup brand online, you must explore best SEO tools to catapult your company website and its pages to the top search results from scratch.

Remember, the best SEO tools are not just about finding out quality keywords. But they are more about reports and analytics that unfortunately many SEO tools miss. But before you zero in on a particular SEO tool to boost your brand on the SERPs, it makes sense to invest in an efficient, easily navigable and professional website design.

Below are 10 best SEO tools that every startup must try.

1. Squirrly SEO – This is one of the best SEO tools that offers you paid features such as unlimited content optimization, features for monitoring your website’s ranking, headlines suggestions, blog analytics, keyword research and much more.

2. Scribe Content – Created by Copy Blogger Media, Scribe Content is an advanced keyword research tool that allows you to understand how to rank specific keywords, optimize your blog post, analyze your website and boost your traffic.

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3. SEO Powersuite – You can use SEOP Powersuite for website audit, tracking your page rank and for link assistant. An all-in-one SEO tool, this gives you accurate data and its software is updated consistently.

4. Google Analytics – Google Analytics helps you understand your visitors with valuable stats and data. Advance reporting is another useful feature of this tool.

5. Majestic SEO – This is yet another best SEO tools that helps you analyze what your competitors are doing. You just need to paste the website URL of your competitors and it will give you detailed analysis of your competitors SEO and site structure.

6. SEMrush – Besides performing SEO tasks, this tool also will helps you track your advertising opportunities and domain ranking. So if you’re planning to make your website rank high, this tool could be your best bet.

7. Ahrefs – This is yet another brilliant tool that helps you understand your competitors ‘backlinks distribution with accurate results and statistical data.

8. Free Market Samurai – Market Samurai has multiple features when you want to customize keyword research, optimize your site and perform competitor analysis.

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9. Raven Tools – Raven Tools is a fine blend of best SEO tools, content marketing, PPC and social medial tools. Loaded with umpteen features, Raven tools has been specially developed for entrepreneurs and startup owners.

10. Long Tail Pro – This tool helps you search up to 10 keywords and multiple links at a time. This is perhaps one of the best tools you can use for keywords research.

Additional Resources:

SEO Audit Tool – With this tool you can check a total of 44 issues automatically and track the website progress  with weekly and monthly updates.

Linkio – This tool helps SEOs teams manage their link building workflow. It understands the individual needs of the campaign strategist and the day-to-day link builder and provides an intuitive interface for both.

These are the best SEO tools that will surely help you to manage and optimize your website on the search result pages of Google and other search engines.

Did we miss out on any important SEO tool for startups? Please let us know in the comments box below.

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