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Top 10 Tips For Designing A Personal Logo

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Personal Logo

Last updated on November 8th, 2019

Usually, creative professionals need a personal logo to give an identity to their work. It projects a good perception of the professionals amongst the target audience. We can say that such logos help them create their brand. But such a logo should have the right design using colors, and other elements to make it look unique and simple.

An effective logo design is not only important for businesses but individuals. Like businesses, individuals who are working from home also want to draw people’s attention. They understand that visuals like these are so crucial to make people turn their head.

Remember that the attention span of the modern audience is minimal. The success of a logo is in catching the eye instantly at first glance. For both, businesses and individuals, a logo works similarly to draw people’s attention and build a brand.

An individual professional can benefit from a nicely designed logo in many ways. It helps build recognition in a niche market or amid clients. With an outstanding logo, you can hope that people can recall what you do and build up a relationship with your profession. You can expect the logo will engage your potential clients with your freelance works by making a good impression on them.

For a freelance professional, visual identity matters a lot. A logo is the most seen visual as it appears everywhere on websites, social platforms, advertisements, etc. However, in creating such design, you should be extra careful not to have a clichéd logo. Therefore, first, visit many design ideas that work like personal logos inspiration for you. They can provide you some food for thought so that they can come out with something new and unique.

Here Are Some Basics To Follow When Designing A Personal Logo

01. Consider Your Profession And Personality

Your logo should be a reflection of what you are and what you do. Therefore, first, decide what strong reputation you want to project amongst your target audience. Ask questions regarding your main characteristics and strengths. What aspirations drive you in life? What products or services you offer to people? How people should perceive your brand.

Personality Logo

Overall, evaluate your personality before you set out to create your personal logo. While you may be aware of some of your aspects of personality, still make a short list of them. This will help you in picking the right elements to create a logo.

02. Know Your Competitors And Customers

One of the critical tips to create a logo is to know your competitors well. Even if you are working as a freelancer, there is a lot of competition in the market. You may be selling your services as an individual, but thousands of others are offering the same services. Therefore, know who your immediate competitors are. They may be right in the colony you live in or at the other corner of the city. Research their work and have a look at their logos.

Know Your Competitors

Make it sure that your personal logo does not look similar to your competitors’ logos. Such a design will help you stand out. It will give signals that you are offering something unique and useful to the customers.

In addition to knowing the competitors, it is essential to have some crucial details of your target customer to create personal logos. Who exactly will be buying your services or products? Once you know who the customer you want to target, do some research in this regard. Study the cultural, educational, financial, and social backgrounds of the audience.

03. Avoid Clichés

If you want to ensure that your personal logo design builds up a good perception of what you do, and then make it look unique. This means that it should appear as different in its shape, use of colors, typefaces, etc. to the viewers. If that happens, they will have this perception that you are a creative individual. That is where you score over your competitors.

Avoid cliches

To create a unique logo, avoid all those clichéd design elements. For example, if you are a doctor and need a creative personal logo for your services, stay away from some conventional designs. Create something without a stethoscope, white cote, the Red Cross sign, etc. People do not emotionally respond to clichéd designs as they have seen them everywhere.

Check out the other logos from your niche. Do not use any of the elements that others have used in their logos. You should give the impression that your work is original. So, avoid all those clichés used by others in their logos.

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04. Use Negative Space

When designing your personal logo, be smart. One of the most used tricks by designers is to create some illusion to attract viewers. They employ a tactic known as negative space, which is the space between two design elements.

Negative Space

Take the FedEx logo for an example. It has an arrow hidden in white space or negative space between the letters E and x. Can you create something like this? There are, in fact, many iconic logos known for their clever use of the space. You can learn from them to come out with your own ideas.

If you can design something surprising for the viewers using this element, then your logo will be a great help in establishing your brand identity. But make sure that the use of the space looks natural and not orchestrated.

05. Keep It Simple

Whichever may be the idea behind your logo, it should be a simple design. People do not like to be told what the symbol of your company really means. If they do not get its message right away, they will simply ignore it. That is the disadvantage of having a complicated graphic design like a logo.

Keep It Simple

In case you failed to establish a one-to-one connection with the viewers, they may not recall your personal brand. Simplicity is undoubtedly one amongst the chief characteristics of a logo.

So, when you create personal logos, consider the minimalist principles. This implies that you should keep only those elements that are just enough to convey your brand message.

Rest elements are undesirable as they will clutter the space, creating confusion for viewers. For this reason, global companies have simple logos. They have a diversified audience which can understand the message of a simple logo.

06. Evoke The Right Emotion Using Colors

Another critical thing when pondering how to create a logo is the use of colors. When a logo successfully stirs up the right emotions of viewers, it helps connect its company’s business with the audience.

Emotion Using Colors

It is true also for a personal logo. Every color and each of its shades are capable of stimulating our emotions. But which set of them do you want to invoke? That will depend on the type of freelance work you do.

Choosing the right colors is, therefore, a key to creating successful logos. You should have some inkling of color psychology and then use it in your design process. Start by using the primary colors and their meanings. Remember that you have more than 33 shades of red, 29 shades of blue, and 20 shades of yellow to choose from.

Remember that some colors have a universal meaning. For example, red is generally taken as the color of passion, aggression, and love; while, Blue is now widely considered as the color of socialization and intelligence.

Most social media logos have blue in them. Similarly, black is the color of power, luxury, high quality, and authority. So, pick a color that can evoke the right emotions associated with your profession.

07. Use Custom Typography

Custom typography is the one that you create, especially for your logo or other design work. One of its advantages is that it helps the design stand out. There are already hundreds of competitors vying for customers’ attention. With custom typography, you can ascertain their attention quickly. When thinking about how to design logo, think on having a specially designed typeface.

Custom Typography

Another advantage is that fonts give a personality to a logo. For example, the classic style of lettering in the Coca-Cola logo gives it a distinctive identity. Many rock band logos have big and bold letters, giving them a strong personality. Similarly, a company in the toy manufacturing business will have handwritten letters in its logo.

Also, pick from serif and sans serif categories of fonts carefully. Sans serif is usually known for creating a more friendly and informal environment in design. These are contemporary fonts. Serif fonts should be used for formal professions. Get some personal logos inspiration by visiting some iconic logos to get new ideas.

If you cannot have a custom typeface, you still have dozens of lesser used typefaces from the web. When you use a free logo maker, it gives access to many of them. But choose the one that looks unique to viewers.

08. Think Of A Timeless Logo

Would you like to redesign your personal logo every two years? Well, you will do that if the design follows some trendy styles. But when the trends gradually fade away in a few years, people will take your logo as old-fashioned. In that case, you will need a new design. In order to avoid this, make sure that your logo design is not strictly following the design trends of the day.

Timeless Logo Design

Therefore, keep the design straightforward. It should be based on some design basics, which help you create something that people can admire even after decades. Note that most global majors have their logos unchanged for many decades. This is the reason that generations after generations of consumers can relate to those brands easily. So, try to come out with a timeless logo to build a better personal brand.

09. Create A Balanced Design

A personal logo design will look more appealing if it is a symmetrical design. A balanced image in the form of your logo will have a desirable impact on your potential customers. It makes a logo aesthetically pleasing.

Balanced Design

But you can create one such a logo even with asymmetrical elements. For example, the LG logo has a winking face. This design has asymmetrical elements upon which there is an asymmetrical motif. Both these elements are well balanced in the logo.

10. Make It Versatile And Scalable

Another critical characteristic of an impressive personal logo is that it is a versatile and scalable design. This aspect is worth considering when thinking about how to design a logo. Remember that like all other logos, your logo for personal works also will be used across all platforms.

Versatile And Scalable

You will use it on your website, blog site, different social media channels, etc. So, the logo should look equally great everywhere. If it looks good on your website, but makes no impact when appearing on your Twitter or Facebook account, then redesign it.

Similarly, make sure that the logo looks as good as it appears in colors. You may use the logo in newspaper advertisements, stationery, fax documents, etc. There, it will mostly be in its colorless version.

When we talk about scalability, it means that it must keep its sense of balance when blown up to the size of a billboard. But when printed in a small size of a postcard, it should be able to retain its details precisely. When you hire a freelance graphic designer, tell clearly that the logo must scale up or down nicely without being disproportionate or blurry.

So, these are the essential basics you should never ignore while designing your personal logo. Pay utmost attention to each point and check that you have taken care of them.

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Wrapping Up

A nicely designed personal logo becomes a tool for promoting your freelance career. But the logo must be a powerful symbol that can represent your profession very well. It should address your target audience with a brand message. Consider a simple logo that has a unique use of color and typeface. Prefer a design that is versatile and scalable.

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