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Top 100 Free Fonts For Designers For 2023

by Designhill Tweet - in Logo Design

Free Fonts

Last updated on December 15th, 2022

Fonts play a vital role in bringing any design to life, be it web design, logo design or a business card. Each design demands for an appropriate font for it to be effective. A font can vary in design and change the entire tone of your design. Some fonts provide a stylish and artistic look, while some fonts are flamboyant. Some standard fonts and their variations are ideal for corporate styles while some are designed to be eye-catching. At the same time, you would find many free fonts that are simple and elegant and fulfill their purpose of blending in with the design without stealing the light from the focal element.

This list of 100 free fonts has been compiled keeping in mind the various effects a font brings to the table.

Fonts can be categorized based on their basic structural design. These categories also considered as themes help designers make an informed decision about the effect a font would add.

  • Sans-Serif: Sans serif is one of the most simple and easily readable font categories. It is most suited for short text settings such as web content, credits or captions.
  • Serif: Serif is an entirely neutral font design family. The text is not too fancy or alarming and hence is repeatedly used for long texts such as in magazines or newspapers.
  • Display: Display fonts are great for bringing attention to titles and highlighting images making them a popular choice for any graphic designer.
  • Rounded: These fonts have a rounded shape distinguishing them from the others while remaining neutral in design.
  • Graffiti: The fonts that fall in this category are inspired by hip-hop culture and street art making them great for specific niche requirements.
  • Vintage: Inspired by the retro themes, Vintage fonts can be used in posters both print and digital.
  • Script Calligraphy: Script Calligraphy is one of the most popular typeface categories which are ideal for poetry, invitations and letters.
  • Unusual: Certain aesthetic and unique font styles cannot be categorized in the conventional font categories. These are the unusual fonts and are often preferred to create a logo since they stand out from the rest.

Let’s Have A Look At Top 100 Free Fonts For Designers

01. Adam.CG Pro

Designed by Shrenik Ganatra, this font falls under the sans serif category and has all capital symbols with an exciting yet elegant design.

Adam.CG Pro

02. Aileron

Aileron is a free typeface font with 16 weights. The font is designed by TipoType Foundry and is great for book covers and magazines.


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03. Alcubierre

It’s one of the minimalistic fonts which are popular among graphic designers. The simple geometric design created a powerful impact and can be used in various projects.


04. Aleo

Designed by Alessio Laiso, Aleo is one of the best free fonts. The font family consists of all greek symbols and has six styles which include three weights and three italics for versatile use.


05. Alina

Available in bold and regular, this font is a condensed script font. This laid-back font was designed by Mika Melvas and is one of the handwritten fonts which add a lively touch to designs.



06. Ambarella

A gorgeous calligraphy font which is great for the purposes which require a handwritten font.


07. Antiophie

Antiophie is one of the unusual fonts which gas a distinctive look. Its unique style makes it ideal for branding and marketing materials, book covers, posters, etc.


08. Archive

The archive is an excellent sans-serif font created by Slava Kirilenko. The simple geometric font can be used for digital as well as the print platform.


09. Arenq

Ideal for graphic design jobs where the title has to be highlighted.


10. Arkhip

A straight typeface form with a Russian inspiration.


11. Aroly

A heading or title font with a unique polygonal pattern.


12. Arvo

Arvo is a geometric slab-serif typeface family suited for screen and print.


13. Athena

A modern-day font with extremes of thick strokes and whisper-thin curves.


14. Audrey

Designed by Cristina Pagnotta, Audrey exudes elegance.


15. Badriyah

One of the free logo fonts in the script category, this font can also be used for email signature, graphics and e-commerce website in the fashion industry.


16. Bakersfield

Bakersfield is an elegant sans-serif typeface which was inspired by the 1920s.


17. Barque

Designed by Matthias De Vylder, this unusual font is great for highlighting an image and titles.


18. Bebas-Tam

It is a free italic font that symbolizes drunk people.


19. Berlin

A classic and simple font inspired by the 60s. This font would have looked as good then as it seems today.


20. Besom

This free-hand brush font is great for a simple yet distinctive look.


21. Big John / Slim Joe

A modern and aesthetic design with a variety of heavy and slim style.

Big John / Slim Joe

22. Bitter

Designed by Otto Lerma, this font is a calligraphy font ideal for banding and packaging designs.


23. Bizon

An awesome handmade typeface font based on the old American cinema style.


24. BlowBrush

A handwritten marker typeface font with natural lines and edges.


25. Borg

Borg is a bright and stylish font with a geometric typeface and curved incision.


26. Brela Regular

A font that looks in the smallest letter sizes as well as large designs.

Brela Regular

27. Butler

Butler is a free serif typeface designed in an attempt to add a modern touch to the serif fonts.


28. Carioca

Carioca is a cool and refreshing experimental typeface free fonts.


29. Chelsea

An original font style based on the Bodoni, this font works excellent for packaging design and branding tools.


30. Choplin

Choplin is a sturdy and modern font which was inspired by the Campton Family. The geometric design makes it great to be used in corporate designs, titles, web design and much more.


31. Coda

A slick and elegant font which can work great for professional purposes such as catalogs, business cards design, etc.


32. Coves

A modern typeface designed by Jack Harvatt, this font is available in two light and bold weights.


33. Cutepunk

Cutepunk is a unique and aesthetically pleasing font which can be used in a variety of designs and layouts.


34. Didactic

Didactic is a sans serif font designed by Tyler Finck. One of the most elegant, this simple yet distinctive design can be used on web designs and corporate designs.


35. Donau

Donau is a sans and slab serif typeface font inspired by art nouveau. The font has some unique characteristics and works best in large areas as well as small text spaces.


36. Dual

A full-width sans-serif an experimental and attractive design created by Charles Daoud.


37. Fabfelt

Fabfelt is a simple and soft calligraphy font design. This script calligraphy adds a retro touch to the design while keeping it simple.


38. Flomic

Flomic is a futuristic font style designed by Sergey Melnikov which is perfect for web design and titles.


39. Fonarto

A rounded font with simple and strong strokes, Fonarto is an exemplary font to be used in titles, images, and posters.


40. Frinco

Frinco is a simple and elegant design which can be used for adding an old and attractive touch to the design.


41. Furgatorio

Furgatorio is a unique font with a 3D aspect which helps the text stand out.


42. Gagalin

A fun font, Gagalin is a comic style font, perfect for posters and memes.


43. Geomanist

Geomanist is a contemporary sans font created by Atipo. Designed using a combination of geometric shapes with a human touch, Geomanist is a clean and simple font.


44. Gogoia

A rounded form, this font can be used in large as well as small text spaces.


45. Grandhotel

A simple and elegant handwritten typeface which can be used for packaging design, signage design, and web designs.


46. Hamster

Brush lettering is the current trend for graphic designs. Hamster is a brush lettering typeface which is perfect for packaging design, logos, and signage.


47. Helv Children

A retro font style inspired by the 1930’s gangsters designed by Matthias Guggisberg.

Helv Children

48. Hensa

Another beautiful and bold brush lettering font ideal for eye-catching and pleasing designs such as design greeting cards, social media posts, book covers, and other designs.


49. High Life Typeface

A quintessential font inspired by the art deco movement, High Life typeface is an elegant and sophisticated font.

High Life Typeface

50. Highlander Marker Script

Highlander Marker Script is a minimalistic handwritten typeface. This fresh font style can be used in banners, web page design or posters.

Highlander Marker Script

51. Kelson Sans

A new take on the original Kelson type family by Bruno Mello.

Kelson Sans

52. Kino 40

Kino 40 has been inspired by the 1940’s movie styles. This can be a spectacular addition for a designer’s collection for all kinds of graphic design services.

Kino 40

53. Labyrinth

One of the unusual fonts which add a retro and beautiful touch.


54. Landscape

Landscape is an experimental font which gets a distinctive look with the simple yet elegant lines.


55. Libre Baskerville

A great font style for body text, Libre Bakersville is a modern take on the American Type Founder’s Baskerville from 1941.

Libre Baskerville

56. Linotte

Linotte is a rounded and gentle font which is readable, making it best suited for long texts with small symbol size.


57. Lovato

The Lovato font family consists of 5 styles: Light, Regular, Demi, Bold and Black. A great font for all your marketing needs such as book covers, brochure designs, business cards, banners or web design.


58. Macbeth

A free SVG font which is styled with brush style strokes. Macbeth is perfect for creating eye-catching designs and highlighting titles.


59. Madariaga

Madariaga is a semi-serif font by Krill studio. The font is available in uppercase, and the unique look makes it perfect for social media posts and web banners.


60. Maddac

Created using some unusual shapes, this font looks amazing in pastel colors. The bold yet classic font style is excellent for highlighting titles.


61. Maxwell

Maxwell is one of the best logo fonts which can also be used in watermark designs. It is a space-efficient logo which adds an elegant touch to the complete design.


62. Minna Drop

Minna drop is a simple and charming font style. The drop shape endings, curved foot, and contrasting edges make it a unique and pleasing font.

Minna Drop

63. Modeka

Modeka is a perfect fusion of straight and round shapes. A refreshing new font which is simple and clean.


64. Monitorica

The font has strong uppercase letters designed with strong main strokes and rounded edges.


65. Moon

Moon is a sans-serif font with rounded typeface style. The simple yet elegant design makes it an ultimate choice for professional looking graphics.


66. Nexa Rust

Nexa Rust is a free front from the Fontfabric Type Foundry is a multifaceted font system consisting of font sub-families Sans, Slab, Script, Handmade and Extras.

Nexa Rust

67. Nooa

Nooa is a snazzy fusion of serif and sans serif which adds a contemporary look.


68. Oduda

A rounded typeface font that works best with bright backgrounds, Oduda is an exceptional font for social media pages, web design, banners, etc.


69. Oldways

As the name suggests, Oldways is a combination of western typography with the modern design style.


70. Oranienbaum

Oranienbaum is a modern font with antique roots. This font was designed for titles but can also work wonders on business cards and letterheads or even as part of a logo.


71. Oxlade

Some things bring unparalleled satisfaction, such as creating something yourself. This is the reason more and more business owners are choosing to create designs on their own using tools like Designhill. One of the most elegant, sleek and minimalist free handwritten fonts available is Oxlade.


72. Palm Canyon Drive

A monoline calligraphy design inspired by California in the 40s and 50s.

Palm Canyon Drive

73. Parker

Another handmade contemporary font which can be used for a vintage touch.


74. Poniente

An unusual font which can be used with a 3D effect for a spectacular and powerful impact.


75. Porky’s

A tribute to the 1980s film Porky’s, this font is perfect for the fun and entertainment graphics.


76. Potra

Designed by Alejo Bergmann, Potra is a futuristic font with rounded lines.


77. Quartz

Quartz is a minimalistic sans-serif typeface with a literal twist. The shapes are slightly curved and appeared warped.


78. Raleway

Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface designed by Matt McInerney as a single thin weight font.


79. Regina

The shapes and letters in Regina font were designed with a 10X10 grid and end with a softer curve.


80. Retrospective

This display typeface is true to its name, and this decorative font is one of the best retro fonts.


81. Rocket Clouds

The disco trends of the 1980s inspired another retro font with a handwritten effect Rocket cloud.

Rocket Clouds

82. Salmela

A great brush stroke calligraphy font that can add a glamorous touch to wedding invitations, greeting cards, signatures, logo designs, letterheads, and custom T shirts.


83. Sanity

Sanity is an unusual and unique font designed by Anna Seslavinskaya.


84. Schneidler

An unusual font which stands out from others, Schneidler can be an excellent font for creating posters, t-shirts, book covers and more.


85. Shella

A bundle of three fonts, Shella is a hand brushed and clean font.


86. Sideboard


87. Signika

Signika is a sans-serif font with a broad symbol set. A clean and simple font which can be used in professional settings.


88. Slash

A special typeface font which is great for titles.


89. Slot

Slot is a rounded font which gets its unique and distinctive look with semicircle patterns.


90. Stiff Staff

A bold and robust font designed by Borislav Petrov.

Stiff Staff

91. Streetwear

Streetwear is a bold and stylish vintage script ideal for posters, logos, packaging and t-shirt designs.


92. Striped King Hand lettering Script

A vintage script font with a modern and elegant look.

Striped King Hand lettering Script

93. Sunset Signature

Sunset signature is a thin stroke handwritten signature style font which can be teamed up with other great elements for logo designs, labels, banners and more.

Sunset Signature

94. Sverige

Sverige is an aristocratic design style typeface with intricate ornamental elements.


95. Tahu

Tahu is a new brush lettering script with the modern script.


96. Trickster

This is a unique font is great for titles and web banners.



Ugo is an original typeface with a clean and modern look.


98. Underwhelmed

The family of Underwhelmed free font comes in regular and outline styles.


99. Vindica Rebel Typeface

A creative brush font for some best book cover designs, posters, and brochures.

Vindica Rebel

100. Willful Handwritten Brush

A stylish and robust brush letter font.

Willful Handwritten

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Small businesses are often looking at ways to maintain their limited budget. Some opt for free business tools, smaller workforce or even outsourcing certain jobs. One of the most common is when they hire a freelance graphic designer for specific projects. Using free fonts for these projects with limited funds can be a great way to achieve great designs at affordable prices. Now as you enter the new year of 2023, make sure to add these fonts to your list so that you have a free font for each purpose and occasion.

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