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Top 12 Logo Redesigns Of 2018

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

Usually, the logo of a company is designed at the time of inception. But we all know that companies grow and evolve with time. Mergers and acquisitions take place. New products, services, missions get introduced. Changes are usually to be celebrated as they are the signs that the company is growing. But unfortunately, these changes end up making company’s original logo less relevant. A logo redesign can be just the thing to help them in giving a fresh look.

Have you ever wondered out loud —‘I just don’t get it’— by looking at a company’s logo? Creating a logo that can immediately get connected with your target audience is not easy. A well-designed logo can help entrepreneurs to launch their business at stratosphere level, while a poorly designed logo can lead to failure. It is because companies often invest a significant amount of money into redesigning their logos, not just to get connected with the right audience but also stay significant for years to come.

Logos are the most recognizable branding element that a business can have. It represents the brand, communicates its objectives while staying relevant and up to date with the new design trends. It is, therefore, important for brands to consider logo redesign at some point to highlight the key strengths and reflects core business values. 2018 was a massive year for rebranding. Some big brands have revealed their new logos. Let’ have a look at some of the well-known brands that have undergone logo redesigns in 2018:

Here Are Top 12 Logo Redesigns Of 2018

01. MailChimp

It is one of the leading marketing automation and email marketing platform that help companies to grow their businesses. In Sep 2018, the company reveals its new logo design. The company has replaced its scripted logo with a Freddie icon.

If you look into the company’s logo history, you will find that Freddie has been a part of their logos. But the friendly face gets evolved throughout the years. In the new logo, Freddie has been designed less furry in a single color, and with a cleaner ear. The letter ‘M’ has also been removed from the cap.


Cavendish Yellow color has been used in the design to give an energetic brand expression. Another reason for opting yellow color is that bananas are yellow and monkeys eat bananas. The color provides fun and sophisticated look, especially when paired with black color.

Talking about font style, Cooper Light typeface has been used in writing the brand name, which has been placed adjacent to the icon. The text has been changed from Title-Case to Lower-Case. With a new business logo design, the company manages to capture the essence what MailChimp has always been.

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02. Balmain Paris

In December, Balmain Paris, a French luxury house, has revealed its new brand identity. The creative director Oliver Rousteing has beautifully designed the logo by overlapping capital letters, P blending into the P, setting a perfect example for negative space. Both the letters are the reference to Company’s founder Pierre Balmain and Paris, home of its Maison.

Balmain Paris

Both the letters are in bold black color, placed inside a circle with white background. The idea of adding a monogram in the logo is to make it easily recognizable like Channel double C, F for Fendi. The designer chooses san-serif font style in the design. Overall, the company manages to keep the heritage of the original, making clear to all that it symbolizes a French luxury brand for the modern era.

03. Dunkin Donuts

The world’s largest baked goods and coffee chain had revealed its new brand identity in Sep’2018. Unlike its old logo, the new logo features only Dunkin with an apostrophe. The brand has eliminated coffee cup and ‘Donuts’ from the logo. Though ‘Donuts’ is no longer a part of its logo, it will continue to be a significant focus of the brand.

Dunkin Donuts

The interesting part of the current logo is the apostrophe sign. Technically, the sign indicates at something’s physical absence but essential presence. Here the apostrophe signifies the presence of ‘donuts’ in the logo. To imply this factor, the color of the apostrophe has been changed from orange to pink color. The company has retained its famous Frankfurter lettering. This logo design change will officially take place in January 2019.

04. The Guardian

Established in 1821, The Guardian is a British newspaper, which has recorded a daily circulation of 136,834 newspapers till Nov’18. The company launched its new logo on Jan’18. The redesign centers on the replacement of the paper’s white and blue masthead with black calligraphy. The new font is significantly taller and more pointed than the lowercase logotype it replaced. The new design and headline have been created by the in-house team and the Commercial Type design agency respectively. It is the same agency that generated the original ‘Guardian Egyptian’ font.

The Guardian

According to Katharine Viner— newspaper editor-in-chief, the new design is simple, confident, and impactful. Creating a monochrome wordmark doesn’t mean that the company is saying goodbye to its vibrant character. A variety of lively colors and the beloved Guardian visual style and spirit will remain at the heart of the look. Overall, the new tabloid format is giving a fresh look to the newspaper and drawing the attention of millions of readers.

05. Slate Magazine

It is an online magazine that covers political news, current affairs, and culture in the U.S.A. Since the time of its launch; the brand has come up with its third new business logo design. At the beginning of the year, the company discloses its new brand identity. The new logo features a bold, uppercase wordmark in deep plum color with a distinguishing mark of half-hidden ‘A’ in the middle. The brand has paired Serif (Register) and San-serif (Retina) fonts to symbolize different textures and piles of press clippings.

Slate Magazine

Jason Santa Maria, the in-house design director, in his statement explains that the company wanted to create a brand identity that reflects their storytelling process. Apart from the logo, the company has revamped its homepage and fonts as well. The overall objective of this whole transformation was to give a better user experience to new and existing readers.

06. Diet Coke

We all are familiar with this most iconic brand. After 35 years, this famous sugar-free beverage brand has entered into the new era. According to a company statement, the new look and taste are aimed at re-energizing and modernizing Die Coke for new generations. The company gave a slight update to the logo design by keeping a few elements from its original logo. If you see the new logo, you will notice that the ‘k’ letter has been straightened out.

Diet Coke

The color of ‘Diet’ has been changed from black to white. In the previous logo, the text ‘Diet Coke’ used to take more space. In the new logo, ‘Diet’ has been placed below ‘Coke’ in a single strip, giving a slimmer look to the can. It is perfectly communicating the company’s purpose, which is to serve sugar-free beverage and help the audience in maintaining a slim physique.

07. Sky News

It is a British broadcasting news channel. In Jan’18, the brand reveals its new company logo design. The graphic designer has retained the distinctive ‘sky’ with a white background on the left side of the logo. The significant change has been made to the right side of the logo. In the old logo, the font of the word ‘news’ was crafted to echo the curves and shapes in the ‘sky’ logotype.

Sky News

But in the sleek and elegant new logo, the word ‘news’ has been given a little sharper look by changing the letter case from upper to lower. In terms of color, the brand has not made any changes in that. Overall, the current logo looks more sophisticated and elegant than the previous one.

08. 70th Emmy Awards

The 70th Primetime Emmy Award show took place on Sep 17’18. The show went live with a new logo design. In the starting of the year, this non-profit organization came up with its new logo. The logo features ‘Emmys’ in a sans-serif typeface. The numeric seven has been placed in the upper right and the globe in the hands of Emmy statuette making an impression of zero to form 70.

70th Emmy Awards

NBC broadcast Gotham typeface in two gold weights with a slight gradient effect. It seems like the designer, who has created this effect, is a fan of subtlty.

Another version of the design is sat on a blue-violet background with a glittery 70 number. The numeric is written in serif font style with a dramatized version of Emmy statue right in front of it. The Emmy typography has been kept in gold color to match it with the overall design.

09. Uber

In Sep’18, the taxi app Uber ditched its controversial symbol and revealed its new brand identity. In the old logo, the brand name was written as ‘UBER’ in square white capitals on a black background. In the new logo, the brand has represented itself as a friendlier brand by keeping ‘U’ in uppercase and the rest in curved lowercase format.


The company hired the graphic design services of global design consultancy Wolff Olins’ San Francisco studio. The agency has used custom Uber Move san-serif typeface in the logo design. The reason for choosing this font is that it is used for transportation signage worldwide. The new identity is rolling out across all advertising materials, their social media page, staff uniforms, etc.

10. Toys “R” Us

The year 2017 had been a tough year for the brand. The famous toy company filed for bankruptcy. In 2018, the brand planned to restart and came up with its current new logo. The “R” has become the symbol of hope that can set fire at the front of rebranding.

Toys “R” Us

It could modify in any context— initially in a pinewood block, then a furry cushion, and then getting splashed with bubbles, paint, or fluff. The logo was re-imagined with a playful childhood. The company has given a modern look to a brand by using a bold new color palette.

11. FC Barcelona

Futbol Club Barcelona is a professional football club based in Spain. The club established in 1899, and is well known for successful football teams in the world. In Oct’2018, the club reveals its new brand identity. In the new logo, the crest has been updated according to the modern era. The most evident change is the removal of ‘FCB’ lettering from the crest.

FC Barcelona

The other main features of the new crest are — the internal black lines have been removed, the ball has been given a bolder look, the ‘Blaugrana’ stripes have been cut down from three to two, and the shape of the bottom section has been changed to three spiky corners. The adjustment has been made in terms of color as well. The designer has given a crest a new yellow and blue color with a maroon combination.

Overall, the new design is more harmonious, maintaining the same essence and form. The club will introduce the new logo in 2019-20 season and fans will get to see it on their official website, social media pages and of course on their flag.

12. Burberry

The fashion house Burberry has redesigned its logo for the first time in 20 years. In Aug’2018, the brand reveals its new brand identity. The famous knight and horse illustration has been replaced with simple, uppercase lettering, all in a sans-serif typeface. The brand also unveiled its new monogram featuring interlocking pattern of ‘T’ and ‘B’ letterforms in striking orange color with white and classic Burberry beige.


The monogram has been designed to tribute to the brand’s founder Thomas Burberry. The new logo and monogram have been created in collaboration with iconic professional graphic designer and art director, Peter Saville. The redesigning may look like a small twist, but the changes indicate something big is coming under Tisci’s reign.

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Logo redesign is a great way to refresh or reinvent a brand. Moreover, things changes with time and so do companies. To survive in the industry, companies have to keep up with the time, not only by making amendments to policies and products but also by modernizing and improving their appearance. So, if it’s a time to give your business a new look then hire a freelance graphic designer from Designhill to get it done within your budget and timeframe.

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