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Top 13 Tips To Create And Print Sticker Designs That Stand Out

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Sticker Design

Sticker Designs

Last updated on February 27th, 2023

For many, stickers are just silly things that teenagers / kids put on their phones and laptops. Why to use them in advertising? Because Gen Z kids are growing up and are becoming active consumers of sticker design. Not only that, but it’s a form of viral word-of-mouth marketing that most people under 35 would be susceptible to.

You give stickers as gifts, people start wearing them on their custom phone cases, and their friends see this badge of honor and get interested in your brand. It can be local as well. One of the most clever offline micro-moment marketing stunts was a sticker of a guitar store on the scene of a local pub.

Are you ready to stick out? Let’s find out what do you have to consider while designing a great sticker.

Here Are The Top 13 Tips To Create And Print Sticker Designs That Stand Out

01. Make Your Idea Simple

If you think that you can tell the world everything about your brand in a sticker, forget it! You can create a brochure for that. Stickers can’t be visually complicated, even the big ones. You don’t have time to read the bumper sticker that you see it only for a couple of seconds.

Make Your Idea Simple

Whether you’re designing your stickers on your own or going to hire a professional graphic designer, keep the idea you want to put on it as simple as it could be. The two most straightforward ideas you can come up with are borrowed from social networks.

You can either copy the WhatsApp sticker style and come up with a mascot or Snapchat style and create funny flashy arts.

02. Play With The Shape

Square or a circle is the most common choices when it comes to design stickers. In many cases, it works just fine. These stickers, for instance, are both funky and business-looking.

Sticker Design Online

[Source: Cynthia Zhu / Behance ]

Do you want your brand to attract even more eyeballs? Go for a non-orthodox form! It won’t cost you anything, and may help the design. This is helpful particularly if your brand colors aren’t that bright.

We have to keep in mind that every single sticker should not be harmful for the nature. So, you can go for the biodegradable stickers as well. Stickerit can help you in this regard.

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03. Less Detail

You want your sticker to stand out but adding more details to it might not help you anymore. It can worsen your sticker’s ability to stick out, and your main idea is often left out behind the details. It further deteriorated if people are to see it just for a few seconds.

This sticker may be great for a band, or a tattoo artist, but not for your business.

Custom Sticker Design

[Source: Pinterest ]

This sticker doesn’t have that much detail, but its message is clear, and it works.

Sticker Design Ideas

[Source: Pinterest ]

04. Match Colors With Your Brand

Sticker designs that are made for fun can be any color of the palette. On the other hand, those made for business have to match your brand. The thing is that not all stickers are going to have your brand name on them, so they have to create a strong association at least.

Online Stickers

[Source: Radik Z / Behance ]

These stickers may look funny, but they tie together three key elements required for your success. They’re appealing to the audience, they reflect some of the brand’s identity, and they use the brand’s colors.

05. Make The Text Readable

Your best bet in sticker design is to avoid text altogether. Ideally, your sticker should express something without words. If you’ve already decided to include text in your stickers, make it super large. Making the whole sticker a capitalized text like in this Snapchat sticker pack can be a good idea.

Make The Text Readable

[Source: Scott Biersack / Behance ]

06. Give The Brand Some Space

From the standpoint of a marketer, you’d want all your stickers to mention your brand in some form. From the perspective of your audience, it defeats the purpose of stickers. Putting a company logo on your iPhone case isn’t that fun.

Give The Brand Some Space

This is why the only option you have is to compromise. Make some of the stickers mention your brand, and make the majority of them good stickers that anyone would want to have.

Don’t want to take that compromise? Design a logo to make it look so good that it’s a great decoration on somebody’s laptop.

07. Include A Way To Contact You

We’ve been talking a lot about how your sticker design has to be fun and appealing to the audience. Now, it’s the time to consider the reason you’re making this investment, marketing.

Some of your stickers need to have a way to contact you. A website address, a social media handle, or a QR code will be perfect for this format.


[Source: ProEssayWriter ]

The best place to put this information is on the stickers that feature your brand or product, but the decision is yours. The stickers with your contacts are perfect for placing them outdoors.

Most brand logos tend to be horizontal to fit the website. Rework your logo to be horizontal, and you already have a branded sticker. This worked for ProEssayWriter; and since their website address matches the brand name, it was a great marketing tool at student campuses.

08. Use CMYK

This is something that goes without saying when you’re getting online sticker design made by a professional graphic designer. If you’re doing it yourself, you need to know that you should change the color space from RGB to CMYK.


The thing is that printing uses these four colors to create an image, and RGB files may not print correctly. Most printing companies will straight up refuse to print in RGB. So, switch to the CMYK from the beginning to save your time.

09. Design In Big Resolution Or Vector

Don’t know how big do you want your stickers? It’s better to design them in a high resolution beforehand. If you create a sticker design in raster for a 2” x 2” print and later you want it 3” x 3”, it’s going to look awful.

Design In Big Resolution Or Vector

Create your designs in a high resolution before you make stickers online, so any print format is going to look great.

If you need that image for other printable materials like custom mugs, company T-shirts, or company van wrap, create the design in vector. You’ll have zero problems scaling it, and it will look good in all media.

10. Talk Standards To Manufacturer

After making online custom sticker design, you’ll have to print it. Quality of the image that you have to submit may differ, depending on the manufacturer. You have to take it into account because matching the specifications of a particular manufacturer is easier than looking for a manufacturer who’d take the images you’ve already paid for.

Talk Standards To Manufacturer

Talking to them early will also help you understand more about the cost and quality. So it’s definitely worth it.

11. Set The Bleed

Some stickers may look well in digital form but will come out all rugged after print; why? It’s just because you didn’t set the bleed right.

Set The Bleed

Bleed is the area around your sticker that goes a bit beyond the trim edges. This makes sure the entire image is on the sticker when it’s cut. If you don’t set it correctly, the manufacturer may cut a part of the image in the process.

Leave a ⅛” bleed area in the US and 5mm in most other countries. If you’re in doubt, talk to your manufacturer.

12. Stickier Doesn’t Mean Better

A good sticker is the one that sticks well, right? Not really, if we’re talking about stickers that are designed to put them on your belongings. Nobody would like a sticker that won’t come off from their car or their phone.

Stickier Doesn’t Mean Better

Sure, your audience won’t know that before they put it on. Their friends won’t know about it when they see it either. But stickers are an extension of your brand, and customer experience is essential.

You don’t want to lose a customer because the sticker you gave them is so good it won’t come off. Look for adhesives that are medium in power and your audience will be grateful.

13. Test The Vinyl First

There are only two components in a great sticker – the artwork, and the vinyl sticker. You probably put a lot of effort into creating a sticker design. The same should go for the sticker quality.

Test The Vinyl First

If you have the opportunity, ask for samples of precisely the type of printing you’re going to order. Test the vinyl of the sticker on a tear and wear to make sure it’s going to last.

The most natural way to do that is to stick in on your phone case and carry it in your pocket for some time. However, if you’re pressed for time, rubbing it against a hard surface will work too.

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The Wrap-Up

Whether you’re designing a sticker on your own or delegating it to a professional, these 13 tips are crucial for your success. Work on the idea behind the stickers, look for a great eye-grabbing style and make sure the print is perfect. This will make your stickers not just a fun gift to the customers, but a potent word-of-mouth marketing tool.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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