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Top 15 Freelance App Icon Designers For Hire In 2023

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in App Icon Design

App Icon Designers

Last updated on January 27th, 2023

In today’s highly competitive world of business, even your mobile icon should stand out to make an impact on viewers. It should be an attractive design to create a great first impression so that it conveys your brand values at a glance. It is your tiny piece of branding that must look unique and different from hundreds of apps. Therefore, the services of app icon designers are essential to creating icons with a personality.

Why Businesses Need Mobile Apps

Earlier, most businesses heavily depended on handing out leaflets, printing advertisements, and billboards etc. for brand promotion. Now, mobile apps have replaced these means to a larger extent. Almost every business now intends to create mobile apps for its target customers.

Mobile apps can provide more value to your target audience. Smart marketers are looking for different ways to engage customers and increase interaction with them. App with unique icon design is considered one of the best ways to provide value to your audience so that they can stay at your site to make purchasing.

To ensure that, businesses create loyalty programs within their apps. For example, they give incentives in the form of the points to get their products or services. These points can be used to get good deals on products or services the customers are looking for.

Another use of mobile apps for businesses is to build a trustworthy brand. The apps help you communicate well with your customers, which, in turn, results in your audience having trust in your products. You can use your app to show what your brand values are and why they should trust you.

A mobile app is a better means of connecting well with customers. Remember that customer service is not just about communicating with customers face-to-face with a smile. Since most of us have a high powered mobile device today, a majority of businesses are now seeing mobile apps as a tool to provide customer service.

Why Are Mobile App Icons So Important?

An icon of your mobile app is the face of your business on a potential customer’s mobile phone. When a user takes the first look at the icon, its design signals a message that creates the first impression, which is often the last impression of your brand on the customers.

To create that impact of the first look, your icon design must be no less than perfect. The icon is an excellent pictorial representation of your brand on the phone screen. In this way, an app icon becomes the first point of interaction for your potential customers. So, having an experience app icon designer is as important as hiring app developers.

Your app icon also states the purpose of your app and business. A carefully designed app icon lets users know what your business is all about, nicely and subtly. For example, a food app icon will instantly let customers know that it is about delivering food. So, they come to know the nature of the app and business.

A beautiful icon is also useful in making your mobile app recognizable. This is because such an icon helps in establishing an emotional and functional bond with users. So, a mobile app icon can help you build a strong presence of your business in your industry.

But your mobile app icon design should be an impressive design to attract potential customers and engage them with your brand. Therefore, you should hire a professional graphic designer who has the skills and experience of creating unique app icons.

Here Is A Selective List Of Freelance App Icon Designers To Help You Pick One Of Them To Design The Icon For Your Brand

01. Faleksandar

Faleksandar is a dedicated app icon designer from Serbia with a great portfolio. Compare the designer’s many icon design samples for style and skills to find out if it suits your brand personality.

App Icon Designers

02. Good Graphica

Good Graphica is a creative app designer from India. The designer is a good pick when you want to hire a designer to create an app icon to give your brand great visibility and recognition. This professional has won 6 design contests so far.

App Icon Designer

03. Elena Dumitru

Elena Dumitru is a Romania-based designer who has created many app icons for clients as per their brands’ message. She is equipped with a host of design skills and knows how to read a brief to understand a client’s design requirements better. Due to this ability, she has won 48 design contests in different categories, including app icons.

Icon Design

04. Ridwan Fadilah

Ridwan Fadilah of Indonesia is amongst the promising designers whom you can pick confidently for your mobile app icon designing work. He has 12 contest wins in his name in different design categories that include creating an app icon design online for a client.

app icon design online

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05. Lbdesigns

Lbdesigns is one of the most prominent app icon designers at Designhill who have many years of experience of working with clients. Besides being well versed in creating unique designs of app icons, the designer has been actively creating logos, illustrations, labels, and such other graphic designs. So far, the designer has won a whopping 66 design contests.

App Icon Design

06. Emerald

Emerald has been actively creating a wide range of graphic designs, including app icon designs for clients, and has won 10 contests so far. The designer is undoubtedly the right professional to work with you on a one-to-one basis for designing icons that stand out.

Icon Design

Remember that when hiring app developers, think of hiring the designers as well so that the icon can be an attractive design as well as a user-friendly app.

07. Newtone

Newtone has an experience of over 9 years in creating a host of designs. This professional from the Russian Federation is one of the app icon designers you can rely on to have unique app design ideas for your app icon.

unique mobile app design

08. Wahyulogos

Wahyulogos comes from Indonesia with expertise in many design categories such as logos, packaging and mobile app designs. She is amongst the app icon designers you can confidently hire to work with your brand on a 1 to 1 basis.

Icon Design Online

09. Wall Flower

Wall Flower is a graphic designer from Texas who loves solving design issues through research. The designer has so far won 3 contests, including one in an app icon design.

Wall Flower

10. Blue Day

Blue Day is amongst prominent graphic designers and app designers at Designhill. This ace designer from the Philippines has won a massive 275 design contests to date in a wide range of categories, including app icon design.

He surely deserves to be as part of your brand promotion through the icon designs. Think of access to graphic design services of experienced app designers such as Blue Day.

Blue Day

11. Wilfred

Wilfred is a graphic art designer who has a particular interest in creating app icon designs that stand out. This skillful designer from the Philippines has won 15 contests in various design categories that include app icons.


12. Dream Pif

Dream Pif is an upcoming and promising graphic designer who can bring in some fresh ideas to create your app icon design to give your brand a recognition.

Dream Pif

13. Henry.maire

Henry.maire is another app icon designer you can rely on for creating a unique icon for your business. The designer has won 2 contests, including app icon design.


14. Strezout7z

Strezout7z is amongst prominent graphic designers. This professional from Ghana has, so far, won 103 design contests. He has rich experience for working with plenty of clients to provide them with unique design solutions, including app icon designs.


15. Ana Devic

Ana Devic is an upcoming designer with fresh ideas for giving the right design solutions, including app icon designs to clients. Going by the samples in the designer’s portfolio, this professional surely deserves a chance to be picked to work on your icon design.

Ana Devic

These are the top freelance app icon designers whom you can think of hiring in 2023. Make sure that you go through their design portfolios to compare their skills and styles.

Designhill, a leading creative marketplace, is also a place to launch your design contest to get your app icon design ideas from many designers. You can have dozens of significant design solutions at one price.

Wrapping Up

Mobile app icons are the face of your company on the screens of mobile phones. Therefore, you should hire only professional app icon designers who have the right skills and experience in this field. These top designers should be compared for their styles and set of skills when you are thinking of picking a designer to create the icons for brand recognition.

Find an App Icon Designer

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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