Top 15 Freelance Beer Label Designers For Hire In 2022

Freelance Beer Label Designers

The beer industry is very large with numerous small to big manufacturers competing hard to keep their customer-base growing. Therefore, they need beer label designers to create unique labels that stand out. The designers know how to create the right perception for a beer brand through a catchy label of a beer brand.

If you own a smaller beer refinery and starting new in this industry, it is important to make a lasting impression on the potential customers.

While your beer production is up to the industry standards, you still need to devise a marketing strategy. Its main aim is to enhance your beer brand’s reach amid consumers.

But none of your marketing plans for beer business will yield the desired results if your beer label design is not perfect.

A beer label is the first thing a customer sees when picking a beer bottle. The label contains all the essential information that a company has to legally provide the consumers.

But more than that, a nicely designed label makes a great impact on the customers. For companies starting new in the business, the design introduces a brand to the consumers.

If the label looks great and leaves a lasting impression, chances are that it will help grab the consumers’ attention. Often, this is the starting of a great business.

In the US, the beer industry is growing fast with the demand from domestic consumers and overseas being robust as usual.

According to a report, the U.S beer industry sells above $ 119.3 billion worth of beer and malt-based beverages in the domestic market each year.

These stats indicate that there is a growing demand in beer and related beverages and your new beer refinery can steadily make its mark in the industry.

Key Features Of Beer Label Designs

Make sure that your beer label design is no less than perfect. The elements of colors, fonts, icons, images, etc make it look great to create the desired impact.

i. It Should Be A Simple Design

Make it sure that whatever theme you adopt to create your beer label design, it looks simple and uncomplicated. It is better to follow minimalistic principles of design that ensures the conveying of a brand message in a few elements of colors, fonts, etc.

ii. Incorporate Colors Wisely

Colors are known for their ability to evoke the right set of emotions. Use only those colors that speak favorably for a brand, keeping its message for consumers in mind.

iii. Pick The Right Font

If you use the right fonts, you give a personality to your beer label. People can relate with your label easily by seeing when they read the text in a certain typeface.

iv. Choose The Right Shape

Beer bottles come in a variety of shapes. You need to consider that when designing your beer label. You can follow a standard shape, rectangle or circular shape as is the requirement of the container or bottle.

v. Think Of Brand Consistency

Whichever colors, fonts, icons, images, etc you use, it should be in line with the elements of a brand in its logo, website, etc marketing materials.

vi. Give Your Contact Information

A beer label must have contact details such as your refinery’s website address, locality, etc. Remember that the contact information also creates new sales opportunities.

Here Are The Top 15 Freelance Beer Label Designers for Hire In 2022

01. Vectorsoup

Vectorsoup is a Thailand based label designer whom you can hire confidently to work on your project to create unique labels.

The designer regularly works for different clients and has won 2 design contests, which speaks well for his set of skills and experience. The professional is active in creating a host of designs in different categories.

02. Jossart

Jossart is one of the most experienced beer label designers from Indonesia. He has 10 design contests to his name so far. The designer is your perfect choice to work on the one-to-one basis to design your beer brewery’s label.

03. Avitn

Avitn works as a freelancer label designer who has also created unique design pieces for other industries. She has won 27 design contests. Based in the Indonesia, she is also a vector artist with interest in other categories of designs.

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04. Vladislav Popov

Vladislav Popov is a Russia Federation based professional designer who has worked for many clients to give their brand identity.

He has so far won 4 design contests in different categories. The designer can be an excellent choice when you want to hire a freelance graphic designer for giving your craft beer company a distinct identity.

05. Greenappledesign

Greenappledesign is one of the most skillful professionals at Designhill whom you would like to have in your beer label designers’ team.

06. Rgraphic@design

Rgraphic@design is a India based designer who has worked successfully with many clients.

You can depend on the skills and many years of experience of the designer to create the best beer labels that stand out. The creative professional has so far participated in many competitive design contests and won 42 of them.

07. Christine Demissy

Christine Demissy is an Indonesian based graphic designer who is interested in creating memorable labels for beer companies. The designer has the right skills for making beer labels look impressive and effective. You can benefit from graphic design services of the professional.

08. Chicken

Chicken is a Serbia-based designer who carries the right skills to create labels as per the clients’ requirements. This designer can be your worthy candidate when you are looking for a professional to work on your label creation project.

09. Urban Creative

Urban Creative is one of the creative beer label designers whom you can hire with confidence to work on your label design project.

10. Arquimedia

Arquimedia is amid impressive creative beer label designers from Venezuela. You can depend on this designer to create a visual identity for your beer brewery unit for its promotion amid customers.

11. Se_design

Se_design is an Indonesia-based freelance label designer having interest in other categories of graphic designs. You can hire this designer for your label design project keeping in view his rich experience and skills. The designer has won 8 contests so far.

12. Lee Design

Lee Design has his own unique design style of creating label designs for the beer industry. He specializes in designing corporate identity elements.

13. Kabut Lazuardi

Kabut Lazuardi is one of the trustworthy beer label designers you can hire for your project with confidence. The designer possesses the right set of skills for designing different types of labels.

14. Mattu

Mattu is an India-based graphic designer working as a freelancer. He has worked on several clients. The designer is worthy of your attention when hiring a professional to design your beer label.

15. Nimendra

Nimendra is a versatile product label design creator from Sri Lanka with a wide range of dedicated label design work for different clients. The designer has 5 design contests under his belt, which is the evidence that he can work confidently on your beer company’s label designing project.

So, these are the select beer label designers from our list. You can go through their portfolio to decide which one of them is more suitable to work on one to one basis with your team.

Designhill has many such professionals who work on a freelance basis to create unique pieces of design works. But if you are a business owner and need several unique design ideas, then you can choose also to launch a design contest.

Soon, you will have dozens of new concepts from as many designers. You can pick one design that represents your company well in your niche market.

Wrapping Up

Freelance beer label designers are best to create unique labels that stand out from your competitors. You should pick the right designers who have the right set of skills and experience. These designers are worthy of finding a place in your team of designers. You can pick them to work on the one to one basis on your design projects of the beer company.

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