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Top 15 Freelance Brand Designers For Hire In 2023

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Brand Identity

Brand Designers

Last updated on January 27th, 2023

The competition to grab the potential customers’ attention has only increased over the years. Businesses are competing hard to create their unique identities so that they stand out to get noticed. A company may perish if people fail to recognize a brand. This is where brand designers come in the picture. They are the professionals responsible for building up a set image and identity of a brand. This helps in driving customers to a company’s business.

The job of brand designers is to create visual identities of businesses. These identities include logos, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc. The designers create personalized graphic design solutions for brands to convey a message that connects business with their target audience.

How To Create Unique Brand Designs?

Those companies which have just started their business, they can rely on design contests. Many design marketplaces, such as the leading creative marketplace Designhill, allow you to launch your design contest.

All you need to do is to start a contest for your design needs such as logo, business card, etc. with the site and announce an attractive prize for the contest winner.

In this way, you get dozens of new design ideas from as many designers. You can then pick one design that suits your brand personality and message at one price.

The route of contests is generally for brands that are starting new in a market and want to establish an initial identity. Such companies are in the phase of introducing their products or services in their niche markets.

But if your brand is already an established one and you want to have some additional designs or a brand style guide to get all your ideas together, think of hiring a professional graphic designer for your brand design firm. You can work with the designer on a one-to-one basis.

It is an excellent option as you can directly work with the freelancer. You can control the design by personally guiding the designer to include or exclude the branding elements. They can give you their professional input as well as part of the mutual exchange of ideas for the project.

Consider These Tips When Hiring A Brand Designer

If you want to hire a brand designer to give your brand identity a new look and life, then pick a designer that best suits your need and not just anyone. So, what should you see in the designer to find out who is best suited to work on your branding project? Here are some points:

i. Evaluate The Portfolio For Diversity

A client will first have a look at the designer’s portfolio. But make sure that you note the variety of designs, which indicates to the skills and versatility of the designer.

Such a professional can work well to give your logo or other designs a new look according to your brief. So, if you are looking for a designer to create a logo, then hire a designer whose portfolio has plenty of logo varieties.

ii. Pay Attention To The Style

Your visual identities must be in line with your brand’s personality and message. It happens when the design of all of your branding visuals are in the similar style for the sake of consistency. Therefore, hire a designer whose style suits your brand style and personality.

iii. Know Your Design Needs

Every brand wants to stand out in terms of its personality and message for the audience. Hence, it is inevitable for you to first be clear in mind about your precise design requirements in terms of colors, typefaces, images, icons, symbols, etc.

Moreover, make sure that you know about the type of visuals such as logos, menus, brochures, business cards, etc. that you need. You will then be hiring a designer according to the requirements.

This means that you will not be hiring a logo designer when you need to create a unique brochure or mobile app design. So, know your brand’s precise needs.

Now that you know what to look for in a designer, you should be scouting for a professional who can give your brand a much-needed identity.

These Top Freelance Brand Designers Should Be Paid Attention To When Looking For The Professionals To Create Different Visuals

01. Blue Day

Blue Day is a prolific graphic designer from Philippines. The designer has won an amazing number of 271 design contests, providing unique branding visuals to clients and is capable of working even with top designer brands. The professional specializes in branding and storytelling through designs.

Blue Day

02. Strezout7z

Strezout7z believes in the simplicity of design as a powerful tool to convey brand identity. With this basic firmly in place, the Ghana-based professional has so far registered 101 design contest wins in his name.


03. Gates26

Gates26 amongst the brand designers you should pick for your new graphic design project confidently. This India based designer has provided unique brand design tips and solutions to a wide range of clients and industries and has won 102 design contests.


04. Zaforiqbal

Zaforiqbal is a freelance brand designer from Bangladesh with a rich experience of working for a host of clients in different design categories. His 94 contest wins so far speaks for his exceptional skills.


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05. Carol Young

Carol Young is not only a graphic designer but also a drawing artist, doodle artist, and illustrator. All such skills help the designer in giving an impressive look to design for a lasting impact on viewers. The designer has won 77 design contests.

06. Johsua

Johsua is a Brazil-based brand designer who has worked on numerous projects and won appreciation from clients. She has won 36 design contests in different categories. You can rely on her to create unique logos and other visual identities such as packaging, label and merchandise designing.


07. Abdul Hidayat

Abdul Hidayat specializes in illustrations, and he uses this skill in creating unique brand designs such as logos. He has so far won 41 design contests based on his skills and ability to work closely with clients.

Abdul Hidayat

08. Thunder98

Thunder98 is another promising designer who has won 19 contests so far at the platform. The ace designer has won clients’ hearts by creating unique logos and such other designs for their brands. You can confidently hire this designer to work on your design project to have a unique logo design ideas and other design ideas.


09. The Design Shark

The Design Shark is a US-based freelance graphic designer who has interest in creating logos, illustrations, and packaging designs. The designer has won 17 contests so far.

The Design Shark

10. Nia

Nia is yet another professional brand designer you can depend on to build your brand identity and recognition through visuals. The designer has 39 design contest wins to her name, which speaks about her skills and understanding the design requirements of clients.


11. Ena

Ena is a versatile graphic designer with extensive experience in creating visual identities for brands. This Croatia based professional is one of the brand designers who can efficiently read your design needs to provide you customized solutions.

The designer has won 19 contests. The skills possessed by the professional include digital painting and illustration. With such skills, a design is enriched further for impact.


12. Create Design & Marketing

Create Design & Marketing is Brazil-based freelance brand designer who carries 20 years of experience in graphic designing and business illustrations. The designer has worked with a plethora of clients and has won 38 design contests to this date. Clients can entirely depend on this designer to create unique logos and many other design solutions.

Create Design & Marketing

13. Smuda960

Smuda960 is one of the brand designers who possess many years of experience of working with clients as per their specific design needs. The Indonesia-based designer has won 38 design contests that speak a lot about the skills and professional approach you can depend on to create logo design or such identities.


14. Ritzdesign

Ritzdesign is perhaps the most deserving candidate to be included in your team of brand designers. The professional has won a whopping 61 design contests, which speaks volumes of his skills.


15. Raphis

Raphis is an apt designer to hire for your brand building exercise if you are looking for a clean and minimalist style. The designer has 19 contest wins to his name.


So, these are the major freelance brand designers from our list. You should compare them for their skills, styles, and other parameters. Hire the one whose style of design matches with your brand personality.

Designhill, a leading creative marketplace, offers design solutions to clients from all industries. As a business owner, besides working on a one-to-one basis with the designers, you can source your logo, etc. visuals also through design contests. This is your way to acquire dozens of unique design ideas at one price for your brand.

Wrapping Up

Brand designers help businesses in creating their visual identities to make a lasting impact on the target audience. These top designers are the professionals who can be in your design team. They carry many years of rich experience in working with different clients. You can confidently hire them for their skills and ability to understand the specific design requirements of clients.

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