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Top 15 Freelance Email Designers For Hire In 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Email Design

Email Designers

Last updated on January 5th, 2023

Email marketing is widely considered as one of the most effective tools that drive customers. A personalized email is a way to make rapport with your potential customers. Marketers use emails to immediately convey any new development in their company and brand to the many thousands of subscribers. Moreover, a perfectly designed email is also a key to convert readers into customers. But to achieve your marketing goals through this method, you need the services of expert email designers.

Marketers and businesses alike spend hefty amount of money and time to bring people to their websites from across different platforms. For this reason, email marketing has been in the center of all marketing strategies.

According to a study, one dollar spent on email marketing can generate 38 dollars for a company, which is enough to show how rewarding this medium is to reach out to the target audience.

The Importance Of Email Designs

In today’s digital marketing eco-space, emails hold great importance for B2B marketing. An impressive design of your email conveys the essential information with an impact on the readers.

Good email design is capable of catching the readers’ eye, and keeps them glued with the content. Such a carefully designed email message also entices your readers to visit your website for the offers or information.

Emails are also an excellent way to engage the readers personally with your brand. An email message is addressed by the name of the recipient, which starts the conversation on a personal level.

Then, you can add elements such as friendly language, one or two images or animation in the main body of content to convey your message. Readers who are well engaged are likely to visit your website after receiving your email message.

Reach out to thousands of people regularly and quickly with personalized emails. Your subscriber base may be huge as you have been building it over the years.

In this way, any new development happening in your company or new offerings of discounts, coupons, etc. you make, are available to the readers instantly.

The Crucial Elements Of An Email Design

Professional email designers uniquely create emails. But some basic elements must be taken as a design guideline.

i. Logo

Your company’s logo is the first thing that must be present at the top of the email message. The presence of the logo gives an assurance to the readers that the message comes from a genuine company. You can even design a logo that is modified specially for your emails.

ii. Images

The second most crucial element is an image. You should carefully select images that you want to incorporate in your email designs to the target audience. Avoid using clip art and stock photos as it may make your email look spammy.

People have little faith in a brand that uses these non-creative images. Instead, use high-quality images of your products or services. When you use email templates to create the design, pay attention to picking the right images.

iii. Text Format

Then, make sure that you format your text carefully so that it flows nicely and naturally down the page. As per the studies, you should keep the most critical information on the top. Do not forget to give the equally important information in the end as well.

iv. Colors

Use plenty of white space and choose the right colors. White space allows readers to read your content easily and quickly. When picking the colors, rely on your brand colors. You should also think of creating a mood as per your message when selecting a color even when you use an email template design.

v. Call To Action

Create a call to action button that compels readers to click on it to go to your landing pages or take any buying action. It is a button that takes only a tiny space at the end of your email. But it is also amongst the essential elements. Ensure that the CTA design is simple and clean.

vi. Animation And GIFS

Animations and GIFS are your way to make content reading an enjoyable experience. But these elements should deliver a message and show emotion. You can also use them to highlight your products in uniquely.

Note also that you should let only a professional graphic designer handle the job of designing your emails. This way, you can make a desired impact on the readers and target customers.

These Top Freelance Email Designers From Our List Should Be Compared To Their Skills

01. Emailhunts

Emailhunts has some amazing email designs in the portfolio, which reflects the high-end skill sets the designer possesses. This India-based designer loves to create an impression using a sophisticated combination of big images and texts in email designing.

Email Design

02. Paulinealvarado1007

Paulinealvarado1007 is one of the freelance email designers you can confidently hire to work for creating your brand identity by designing unique emails. The designer comes from the Philippines and has some exciting bunch of emails in the portfolio.

Email Designers

03. Jymunga19

Jymunga19 is a Kenya based graphic designer who holds a particular interest in designing emails for brand promotion. A glance at the designer’s portfolio is good enough to drive your attention to the set of skills and expertise required to create eye-catching emails.

Email Template

04. Lschafer16

Lschafer16 is amongst the promising email designers from the US. You can hire the designer and expect unique design solutions in terms of driving customers using email designs.

Email Template Design

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05. Marlon

Marlon has a mesmerizing collection of email designs in his portfolio, which you should look to know about how your email should look like. The Philippines-based designer has won 10 design contests.


06. Daniyalazam

Daniyalazam comes from the UAE and has an interest in creating email designs that stand out in the use of colors, text, and such elements as per a client’s requirements. This designer has won 2 design contests.


07. Milan Peulic

Milan Peulic is a Serbia-based graphic designer with many years of experience in creating a variety of design solutions, including email designs. So far, the professional has won 13 design contests.

Milan Peulic

08. Yogita Singh

Yogita Singh is one of the email designers who have the right skills and understanding for designing a mesmerizing email for your brand promotion. Her portfolio has some inspiring collection of email ideas inspiration.

Email Ideas

09. Dinesh Chauhan

Dinesh Chauhan is yet another email designer you can depend on to create outstanding emails for your promotional campaign. You can trust the designer for the professional set of skills and adhering to your brief.

Email Templates

10. Jake Gibbs

Jake Gibbs is the one professional who can meet your specific email design requirements perfectly due to the skills and experience. The designer has won 13 design contests.

Email Designer

11. Etalon

Etalon comes from Indonesia with a good experience of working on many design projects from different clients, including email designing. The designer has won 7 design contests.


12. M.shadow

M.shadow is yet another expert graphic designer you can rely on for creating unique designs of your email that would help drive more customers to your landing pages. The designer has more than 4 years of experience in creating different design solutions.


13. Skkoh

Skkoh is a Malaysia-based designer who has the experience and skills to create your email designs as per your brand requirements. The designer has so far won 4 contests and won appreciations of clients.


14. Tanvi Nuwal

Tanvi Nuwal is another designer you can trust when you want to design your emails with unique elements. She has won 3 design contests so far.

Tanvi Nuwal

15. Desiznstudio

Desiznstudio has more than 9 years of rich experience in creating a variety of graphic design works for clients from different industries. You can place your trust in this designer when designing your emails for the desired results.


These are the top email designers you can rely on to create your unique emails that can make the desired impact on readers.

You should hire a designer after comparing many others for their unique styles and skills. Visit their portfolios to find out which one suits the best to work on your email designing project.

Designhill is a leading creative marketplace where you cannot just hire a designer to work on a one-to-one basis but also launch a design contest.

You can outsource your design work to dozens of talented designers who will respond to the brief with unique ideas. Thus, you can pick a winning design out of many at one price.

Wrapping Up

Email designers are the professionals who can give a unique look to your emails for the maximum impact on the readers. They are responsible for designing your email message so that it stands out. A carefully designed email helps in driving customers to your landing pages. But you should pick the designers carefully to find out whose style and understanding of your business can help you convert people into customers.

Find an Email Designer

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