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Top 15 Freelance Graphic Designers For Hire In 2023

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Graphic Designers

Freelance Graphic Designers

Last updated on January 3rd, 2023

Graphic designers have become crucial partners in building a brand. They create impressive visuals that drive the attention of people and convert them into customers. These professionals research clients’ businesses to know about target customers and create visuals such as logos to build a brand’s identity and personality.

The business has become extremely competitive these days due to the presence of a plethora of established and new brands. Therefore, businesses are competing hard to grab the attention of people through various compelling advertisements and aggressive marketing.

To stand out in the market, visual identities such as a logo, business cards, brochures, websites, and many others must be impressive. For example, a logo is the face of a company. It must make a lasting impression on viewers to make a brand recognizable.

The Importance Of Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are vital to branding a business well in a market. Here are some of the reasons why you need these professionals for your brand.

i. Build A First Impression

Graphic designers use relevant colors, typefaces, images, and such elements that make an impact on viewers. They know which element is suitable to create visuals that can engage viewers with your brand.

So, when you present your business card to a client, its design speaks a lot about your professionalism and business values. Similarly, when people visit your website, they should get the right impression of your business.

ii. Convey Your Message Efficiently

Every serious business has some specific message for its target customers, which is a key to be ahead of competitors. People get the message clearly, which drives them to that brand. When you pick best graphic designers to create your visual identities, you are creating your message for the audience.

iii. Engage Your Audience

Another major reason for hiring a professional graphic designer is that you must have visuals like logos, brochure, and infographics can engage your viewers for a long time. If a user comes to your website, it should keep the visitor glued to the site for a longer duration to engage with your content and brand.

iv. Convert Viewers Into Buyers

A visual such as a logo or a packaging design is not just to please the eyes of viewers. More than that, graphic designers create visuals to entice viewers to take a buying decision. A professionally designed visual sends the signal that the product or service is trustworthy, and a customer can buy it safely.

However, picking the right designers for promoting your brand is not easy. Many designers are available with different skills and backgrounds. It makes hiring a freelance graphic designer even more difficult. However, we can help.

These Are The Top Freelance Graphic Designers You Can Think Of Hiring For Your Brand Promotion Campaign

01. Blue Day

Blue Day is one of the prolific and great graphic designers who have worked with clients from all industries. The Philippines based designer has won a whopping 272 design contests to this date, reflecting the high standards of skills and the ability to understand a client’s design needs precisely. This professional is also a doodle artist, caricature artist, and illustrator.

Graphic Designers

02. Green20

Green20 has a fantastic portfolio that you should visit to know more about the design skills and style the professional enjoys. This Indonesia-based designer has participated in many design contests and has won 103 of them for clients from different industries.

Graphic Designer

03. Carol Young

Carol Young is the US-based graphic designer with a rich experience of working with many clients. The designer has won 77 design contests so far by winning the hearts and minds of those clients. The professional is also an illustrator, doodle artist, and drawing artists. These skills are essential to illustrate new graphic design ideas in impressive visuals.

best graphic designers

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04. Sara

Sara has been active in the field of graphic designing for over 20 years. She has, so far, won 73 design contests, providing unique design solutions to different business owners and industries. Her interest varies in the graphic design ecosphere, illustration being one of them.

best graphic designers

05. Lbdesigns

Lbdesigns is from the Philippines. This professional is amongst the best graphic designers you can hire to work on your brand promotion projects using visuals. Having a host of design skills, this designer has won 66 contests for various clients coming from a wide range of industries.


06. Duckon

Based in Indonesia, Duckon is amongst the experienced graphic designers you can depend on for giving your brand a distinctive identity. The designer has won 62 design contests to give unique design ideas to clients.


07. Aarif Chanchal

Aarif Chanchal is one of the top graphic designers from Bangladesh with 71 design contest wins in his name. The designer has worked with many brands and industries and has interests in different design fields.

Aarif Chanchal

08. Dragan Djordjevic

Dragan Djordjevic is a Serbia-based versatile graphic designer with years of experience working for varied industries and clients. So far, the professional has won 28 design contests.

Dragan Djordjevic

09. Inbe

Inbe is amongst the graphic designers who have the right set of skills to deal with any design requirement of a client efficiently. The designer from Greece has won 21 design contests in different categories.


10. Fgdesign

Fgdesign is a Serbia-based graphic designer who has a vast experience of working with different industries. The professional has won 20 design contests in a wide range of design categories.


11. Eastcoastgfx

Eastcoastgfx carries over 10 years of experience of dealing with various design projects and providing solutions to various brands for creating unique visual identities. This designer has 19 contest wins to his name, reflecting his skills.


12. Blackcat Studio

Blackcat Studio brings a unique flavor when it comes to delivering design solutions to clients as per their briefs. With 17 contest wins, this professional from Italy can confidently work on your project to create different visual identities.

Blackcat Studio

13. Daniela R

Daniela R comes from Romania. She brings with her a rich experience of working with many clients and industries on varied projects. She boasts of many design skills and won 15 design contests, delivering a range of solutions to the clients for their brands.

Daniela R

14. Keith Tamashiro

Keith Tamashiro is a professional graphic designer from the United States and ran a studio once. The designer worked with many clients and won 14 contests to give a wide range of design solutions to them.

Keith Tamashiro

15. Carrick Brice

Carrick Brice is amongst the best freelance designers who come with professional skills and experience required to work on your projects to create the visuals for brand promotion. The designer from the US has won 14 design contests.

Carrick Brice

So, these are the graphic designers you can confidently hire for working on your design projects. They can give you the right design ideas that can make your brand stand out. Compare their portfolio to find out which design style suits your brand personality and hire the designer.

Designhill is not only a leading creative marketplace to hire talented designers, but also a place for launching of design contests. You can get many design ideas from your contest, which dozens of designers from across the world may attend to give you unique design solutions.

Wrapping Up

Graphic designers are part of a team in a company to create visual identities like logos, business cards, brochures, websites, and packaging. With impressive visuals, a business can hope of taking its products or services to the masses by making a great impression on them. These designers have the skills and experience to create distinctive identities for brands.

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