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Top 15 Freelance Infographic Designers For Hire In 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Infographics

Freelance Infographic Designers

Last updated on November 26th, 2022

Infographics are one of the easiest ways to grab audiences’ attention instantly. Unlike blogs, infographics provide you the key details of an issue at a glance. They help viewers understand the core of an issue right away as there are only some key points to read. Considering that viewers can quickly digest the information in infographics, marketers are using them for brand promotion.

Infographics are proven marketing tools which you can use to build your brand. These are also engaging and interactive contents. When you have a look at an infographic, you are drawn to it because of its playful use of colors, animation figures, and an entertaining way to convey details. This helps in grasping information quickly without stress.

When we talk of infographic designs, we talk about combined use of graphic design, data, and content. Together, they become an effective communication medium for presenting complex and dry information in a story form. This is the reason that people like to share infographics on social media.

Why Infographics Are Important For Your Brand

Since the attention span of humans is fast decreasing, and it has now come down to merely eight seconds, grabbing people’s attention is a challenge. Marketers have been facing this challenge even more as their job is to drive a target audience’s attention.

They want to make an impact on the audience in quick time. So, here are some of the major reasons for the use of infographics for brand promotion.

i. Catch The Attention

Infographics have attractive visuals such as graphs, images, animated- figures and pathways that help people get the information quickly. Therefore, engaging with the information and brand becomes a fun activity.

ii. Show Your Expertise

As infographics comprise of graphs, charts, tables, and many others, they become a visual representation of the research you conduct on a subject. This is your way to project your company as an expert in the industry.

iii. Deliver Complex Information Easily

One of the key advantages of infographics is their ability to make a piece of complicated information easily understandable. This is because people can get a lot of information in a small space.

iv. Give Your Brand Value A Boost

Infographics are your way to tell a story about what your brand stands for. But more than that, you present your brand information in an engaging and meaningful manner. You can incorporate your company logo and website address on your infographics which boosts your brand value.

v. Make Your Content Go Viral

As infographics have a lot of information on a particular subject, people like to share it with their peers on social media. If your information is more engaging, attractively designed, and useful, chances are that it will become viral.

Some Useful Designing Tips

When designing an infographic, make sure that it presents the information in the simplest possible manner. That is the purpose of creating these visual contents. Whether you choose infographic design templates or hire a designer, make sure that it tells your brand story.

You need to explain your idea step-by-step by showing some relevant data. Do not forget to include your company’s logo and website url.

If you are thinking of hiring a freelance graphic designer to create your infographics, you should compare many of them. Compare their creative graphic designs portfolios to find out their design styles and pick the one that best suits your brand personality.

We can help you in this regard. Here, we’ll share a list of the designers who can work on your infographics project closely. They can design infographics as per your brief.

Here Is A List Of Freelance Infographic Designers From Our Compilation

01. Beatrix

Beatrix is a multimedia designer who has a special interest in creating infographics. As an illustration and infographic designer, this Philippines-based creative professional has worked with many clients. She has won 8 design contests so far.


02. Mabo Design

Mabo Design is a communication designer with eight years of experience. He has interests many other design fields including illustration design and infographic designs. This designer can be your ideal choice when you wish to hire a professional graphic designer to work on your infographic project.

Mabo Design

03. Rangga Adibirawan

Rangga Adibirawan is an Indonesian illustration and Photoshop expert who has worked with many clients to satisfactorily create infographics. She has won 11 contests in different design categories, and most of them are infographics.

Rangga Adibirawan

04. Grafix Quick Design

Grafix Quick Design is one of the best infographic designers you can rely on to create uniquely styled infographics with the right colors, animated images, and other elements. The designer has experience of working as an illustration designer which comes handy in designing infographics.

Grafix Quick Design

05. Zenexdesign

Zenexdesign is one of the most promising infographic designers whom you can solely depend for creating unique infographics for your brand promotion. The designer has 6 years of rich experience in creating designs in different categories.


Looking For an Infographic Designer?

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Hire an Infographic Designer

06. Bryony

Bryony comes with the right skills and experience to create your infographics to convey information interestingly and engagingly.


07. Creative Dzine

Creative Dzine is a U.S based illustration designer who has also created unique infographics for various clients.

Creative Dzine

08. Nurulismiati

Nurulismiati is one of the most promising infographic designers at Designhill. The ace designer has more than 7 years of experience working on a variety of design projects including infographics. She has the right skills to convey your brand message using creative infographics.


09. Smartdesign

Smartdesign carries a lot of experience in creating nice illustrations which comes handy in designing infographics. The designer has won 7 design contests so far.

Smart Design

10. Razionale Fantasia

Razionale Fantasia is an Italy-based experienced infographic designer for your brand promotion project. The designer has worked for many clients and created illustrations and infographics as per their design briefs.

Razionale Fantasia

11. Reena

Reena is a freelance graphic designer from India. She is an illustrator, Doodle artist, and typographic artists. All these skills help her design creative infographic content for brand promotion and awareness.


12. Alejandro May

Alejandro May is a Russian Federation based freelance infographic designer whose skills and expertise will be useful in creating unique infographics for your brand awareness. The designer has won one design contest so far. You can explore the skill set of professional to your advantage.

Alejandro May

13. cecil.leona

cecil.leona is one of the promising infographic designers who are equipped with the professional skills for delivering the right design solutions. The designer has won 2 design contests.


14. Marshel Tucunan

Marshel Tucunan has provided design remedies to many clients from different industries. The designer has the expertise for creating designs in many categories, including infographics. So far, the designer has won 11 design contests.

Marshel Tucunan

15. Luna Hyena

Luna Hyena is one of the dependable freelance infographic designers who can work on your project for using infographics to promote your brand. She is a Japan-based designer having a lot of design skills to convey your brand message.

Luna Hyena

So, these are the major freelance infographic designers you can hire to work on your infographics project on one to one basis. They have the required skills and experience to work on your design brief.

Designhill is also a platform to launch design contests, which are a source of getting access to many design concepts. You can start your infographics contest for the community of designers at this marketplace and access many uniquely created designs.

Wrapping Up

Infographics are one of the most used promotional contents to educate people and target audience about a product or service, or an issue. Freelance infographic designers are part of a project when it comes to using infographics to spread brand awareness and a message. The designers are equipped with the right set of skills. They know which colors, fonts, icons, and style will best convey a particular brand message.

Find an Infographic Designer

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