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Top 15 Freelance Signage Designers For Hire In 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Signage Design

Signage Designers

Last updated on January 4th, 2023

Signages are everywhere. These visuals have become part of our daily life to get directions and precautions quickly. Since everyone glances at signages, these are now also a brand promotion tool for companies. But signage designers create these visuals carefully to keep the design simple, clean, and precise with the use of relevant elements.

Signages are a brief graphic display to convey information to viewers. We see signages as road signs when driving down the street, telling not to exceed the speed limit. Or, you see signages to get directions to any nearby place. You will find signages in workplaces, grocery stores, health centers, etc.

Purpose Of Signages

What exactly is the purpose of signage? Well, we can say that they are commonly used to identify a place and give directions. But they are also increasingly used for brand promotion.

Here Are The Major Uses Of Signages:

i. Advertising

In advertising and marketing, most companies and organizations use outdoor signages are being used to generate awareness for a brand.

ii. Lure Customers

Signages are also frequently used to direct customers toward a place for specific products in a shopping mall or retail store. Such stores have the signages outside by the side of a road to identify the shopping place. These business signages are designed to make an excellent first impression on potential customers.

iii. Build Recognition

Marketers are interested in creating signages to help customers recognize or identify a brand. They put these as high street signs. Franchises and chains also put them on their shop fronts for brand recognition.

iv. Show Direction

Signages also show directions and locations in hospitals, corporations, shopping malls, etc. Customers and visitors are less likely to lose their directions with these signs around. You can also find large scale directional signs during festivals.

v. Communicate Safety And Health Information

Signages are also a way to provide information about health issues. Then, there are signs in places such as schools, offices, workplaces, nurseries, etc. to indicate some hazards and ask you to consider your safety.

vi. Enhance Appearance

Sometimes, there is no specific purpose to hang a sign. Many such signages are there just to beautify a place. The mural is one of such signages.

However, you need the services of a professional graphic designer to create remarkable signages that stand out. They know their craft well.

These Top Signage Designers Are Worthy Of Your Attention When Picking The Right Professional To Design The Directional Signs

01. Creative Hornet

Creative Hornet is a passionate graphic designer who loves to take on challenges in creating unique visuals, including signage designs. The designer’s portfolio has really some exciting designs that hint at the high skill levels he enjoys.

02. Mhl Design

Mhl Design is from Bangladesh and carries high design skills that are essential to creating your impressive signages. The designer, with 9 design contest wins, can be confidently picked to work on your signage design project.

Signage Design

03. Dusan011

Dusan011 holds experience in working with different clients. You can hire this designer from Serbia for creating your impressive signage. The designer’s portfolio has some remarkable design sample that you should visit.

Signage Designs

04. Jek

Jek is amongst the freelance signage designers who are worthy of working on your project to build your brand recognition through the signs. The designer comes from the Philippines and has won 13 design contests, which reflects the professional’s ability to understand a design brief correctly.

Signage Designer

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05. Nilber Allan Santarin

Nilber Allan Santarin is one of the signage designers you can hire with confidence to give your signages a unique look and identity. The designer is also an illustrator and visual artists, the two skills that come handy in designing adequate signages.

Signage Designers

06. Orange Logo

Orange Logo carries 17 years of experience in providing a wide range of design solutions to clients from different industry. The designer has a variety of skills that help turn a unique signage design idea into an impressive design.

Design a Signage

With 10 contest wins, this designer from Bangladesh is undoubtedly a great choice to work on your signage project.

07. Warren

Warren is a typography and visual artist who carries the right set of skills to create the best signage design. You can use the designer’s additional skills to realize a great idea as your signage for brand recognition.


08. Atdhe Gashi

Atdhe Gashi is amongst the experienced signage designers you would like to hire to design unique signages. The designer from Serbia has won 5 design contests and has many impressive design samples in the portfolio.

Atdhe Gashi

09. Mario

Mario is a Bosnia and Herzegovina-based and is amongst the experienced sign designers who have 10 years of working on different projects to provide design solutions to clients. You can depend on this professional graphic designer for signage idea inspiration when it comes to creating unique designs.


10. Rbm Creation

Rbm Creation is amongst the experienced signage designers and has won 21 design contests in different categories. This designer from the Philippines is an ideal choice to give your signage a unique identity.

Rbm Creation

11. Cream Design Studio

Cream Design Studio is from the US and carries a vast experience in working with different clients. The designer can give you perfect signage design solutions that give your brand recognition.

Cream Design Studio

12. Amincgd

Amincgd is amongst outstanding designer whom you can hire when you are looking for signage designers to create signages that stand out.


13. Ak Graphics Solutions

Ak Graphics Solutions has a rich 6 years of experience to create unique designs in different categories, including signage. The designer is a good pick when you are looking for designers to give your signages a unique look.

Ak Graphics Solutions

14. Anak Jawa

Anak Jawa is a dependable professional to give you the right signage design solutions that stand out from your competition. The designer has won 42 design contests, reflecting a wide range of skills.

Anak Jawa

15. Avimiajee

Avimiajee is another designer who has a good experience of working with different clients. The designer can be an excellent choice to create unique signage ideas for your brand.


These are the top freelance signage designers from our list. You should compare them well for their different skills. Visit their portfolio to find out the potential of a designer to create unique signage for your brand.

Designhill is a leading creative marketplace where clients hire designers to work on their design projects on a one-to-one basis. But the marketplace is ideal also to have many designers working on your design brief at the same time.

This a client can ensure by starting a design contest for signage, logos, brochures, business cards, etc. designs to get many new design ideas at one price.

Wrapping Up

Signages guide people towards a particular place. That is the reason that signages are found everywhere, including roadsides, markets, shopping malls, workplaces, etc. Today, marketers use signages to promote brands as well. This is where signage designers come into the picture. These professionals create attractive visuals for direction etc. to make a lasting impression on viewers and help build recognition for a brand. These designers can help in building your brand recognition.

Find a Signage Designer

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