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Top 15 Freelance T-Shirt Designers For Hire In 2023

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Tshirt Design

T-Shirt Designers

Last updated on January 17th, 2023

T-shirts are not merely casual apparels that people wear at home or while strolling around in a city. For marketers, these are cheap and most effective ways to take businesses to more people. But this marketing method will only yield the results when the t-shirt design is unique and simple. The design must stand out in many ways. This brings us to the importance of t-shirt designers.

T-shirt designers are crucial to creating outstanding designs to catch the attention and drive people to a business. Their role in creating unique t-shirts is significant since they are the professionals who know their art and skills. In designing an image, icon, colors, fonts, and other elements on the apparel, the designers have to consider a lot of things.

They research a client’s business to know as much as they possibly can to find out the right elements of design. A brand message, brand colors, typefaces, etc are essential to come up with the right design idea. Therefore, for a designer, it is crucial to first find out a brand’s history as well as its competition.

T-Shirt Design: A Huge Industry

Creating tshirt designs is a massive industry. This is because this marketing strategy is not only cost-effective when it comes to reaching out to more people. One person wearing a t-shirt with your brand’s visuals becomes a walking advertisement. For this reason, marketers launch t-shirt campaigns and giveaway these apparels free to people.

Considering that, t-shirt designing has become a big industry. In the US, this sector generated 562 million dollars in 2019 with 181 businesses active in this field. This industry has been growing by 9.5% annually for the last five years. This implies that if you start your t-shirt designing business, chances are that it will run successfully.

Tips To Create A Unique T-Shirt Design

A professional tshirt designer will take into account many designing aspects to ensure that a t-shirt stands out. Only such a shirt design can drive people’s attention. Remember that the shirt should also be reflecting a brand personality if it is for brand promotion purpose.

Here Are Some Key Tips On How To Design T-Shirts Creatively

i. Make sure that the t-shirt design concept is unique. For that, look around for some inspirational ideas. You should go through a collection of great designs from masters.

Sometimes, merely a glance at them is enough to stimulate your brain for new ideas. Even when you make your own t-shirt, ensure that it is a unique concept.

ii. Pay attention to the details but keep the design simple. The design should send the message across in the simplest possible way. The details are essential elements of a design. Even minute details of the concept or theme you are working on are important.

But make sure that these do not come in the way of viewers in getting the design idea instantly. Create funny tshirts in such a way that they simply convey their message.

iii. Consider the target audience as well. Are you creating T-shirt designs for male or female? What is the age group of the audience and what are their backgrounds.

Knowing a client’s target audience is the key to creativity in graphic designing. So, ask the client specifically about the audience of the business.

Use Specific Colors & Fonts

iv. Pick the right colors and typefaces. Both colors and typefaces make a design of what it is in the eyes of viewers. Colors evoke our emotions. The designers use colors and emotions to convey a brand message.

When it comes to the use of typefaces, know that whichever fonts or typeface you use to create a custom shirt, it will add some personality to the design.

Therefore, ensure that the typeface you use is perfect to reflect the brand personality. Most shirt designers use broad and appealing typography to catch attention.

v. Know about the current design trends. Graphic design trends are attractive as they are in line with the current thinking and taste of the new generation of people.

So, find out what colors, typefaces, icons, design style, etc, are in use in the design world. But do not be a slave to the trends. Use your own creative instinct to come out with something unique and simple.

vi. Consider screen t-shirt printing standards as well. Know that screen printing is generally used for T-shirts to print custom designs. The designer should keep this in mind that this is not an ideal method to print gradients of colors. So, colors used in programs like Photoshop usually do not print well.

Here Is A List Of Some Of The Skilled And Experienced T-Shirt Designers

01. 99degree

99degree is amongst the prolific T-shirt designers who have an interest in most of the design categories. The designer has won 21 contests. A key feature of the design produced in the portfolio is big elements to catch the attention.

99 Degree

02. Calypso Design J.d.o.o.

Calypso Design J.d.o.o. is a Croatia based freelance graphic designer who has a special interest in creating T-shirt designs. She has won 18 contests on Designhill under several categories to the satisfaction of clients.


03. Elisabetta Amerio

Elisabetta Amerio is an Italy based freelance designers. She has 5 design contest wins so far in her name that speak well about her understanding of the skills required to build visual identities for brands. As a t-shirt designer, she can do wonders to enhance your reach amongst the audience.

Elisabetta Amerio

04. X-arts™

X-arts™ is amongst the prolific freelance t-shirt designers who create plenty of satisfactory design products for clients. The designer’s skills and experience, as well as high-quality standards, are evident from the portfolio. So far, the designer has won a massive number of 148 design contests under different categories.


05. Zainny Azuar

Zainny Azuar is a suitable candidate when you are looking for a t-shirt designer to work on your project. The designer has won 19 contests in various categories.

Zainny Azuar

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06. Fgdesign

Fgdesign is another freelancer t-shirt designer you can rely on to handle your design project efficiently. With the right set of skills required to create specific T-shirt designs and experience, the designer has won 20 contests so far.


Another thing to note here is that although you can use a T-shirt maker tool to create a design on your own, but it is not an alternative to a professional designer. Designers like Fgdesign understand how to specially use colors, fonts and other elements specifically for your T-shirts.

07. Aslamsk1233216

Aslamsk1233216 is another prolific designer whose works have won the hearts and minds of clients. The designer has so far won 13 contests, which is good enough to convince you for hiring this professional as part of your team of T-shirt designers.


08. Joel Dolindo

Joel Dolindo has 4 contests win to his name that speaks well for the designer’s ability to judge the requirement of a client in creating a unique design. You can confidently hire him as a freelancer to work on your t-shirt design project.

Joel Dolindo

09. Paul Rojas

Paul Rojas is amongst the budding and promising t-shirt designers whom you can hire to deliver the desired results. The designer’s ability to read the brief and create unique work of art should help.

Paul Rojas

10. Doc Grafik

Doc Grafik is also a promising shirt designer whose ability to create remarkable visuals will come handy when you think of hiring a team of designers for your project.

Doc Grafik

11. Hossda00

Hossda00 is a worthy candidate to handle your T-shirt designing work efficiently. This promising designer can understand your specific design requirements.


12. Tr’d

Tr’d is another promising T-shirt designer who can give you unique tee shirt designs. The designer has worked with many clients and has won 6 contests.


13. Xpdesigner

Xpdesigner is a dependable freelance t-shirt designer. The designer has the right set of skills, and has won 5 design contests so far.


14. Aongkyw

Aongkyw is a promising graphic designer with the right skills. He will also be a useful hire when you want to consider a designer to create your T-shirts for brand promotion.


15. Aris Novan Sasongk

Aris Novan Sasongk is an efficient T-shirt designer whose experience and skills can help you build your brand recognition using T-shirts. The designer has won a design contest.

Aris Novan Sasongk

These are the t-shirt designers that you can hire to create t-shirts that stand out and help build your brand.

Designhill is not only a marketplace to hire designers to work on one-to-one basis but also a place to launch your design contest. You can hope to get dozens of new concepts from as many designers so that you can pick one winning concept for your brand.

To Wrap Up

T-shirts are a cost-effective but impressive way to enhance the reach of your brand amid your target audience. This is where the importance of freelance T-shirt designers come to the fore. They understand the techniques to design unique T-shirts that stand out. These freelance designers have the right set of skills and experience to work on your project.

Find A T-Shirt Designer

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