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Top 15 Freelance Wine Label Designers For Hire In 2024

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Label Design


Last updated on November 13th, 2023

Wine industry comprises hundreds of brands that people choose to enjoy life or to gift wine bottles to peers. But picking the right brand of wine becomes difficult due to plenty of wine brands available in a shop. Therefore, marketers depend a lot on making the labels attractive and unique to catch the buyer’s eye. Wine label designers know how to create unique designs of labels that can compete with other brand labels to drive potential customers’ attention.

When a buyer shops for a bottle of wine, making a buying decision becomes difficult due to an overwhelming number of brands available in a local grocery store.

Generally, a customer checks through some samples and makes a thoughtful decision of buying either red or white wine or indigenously grown or imported wine.

Similarly, the price also plays a crucial role in making the right buying choice. But there is no denying fact that most buyers shop with their eyes. They randomly look at the bottles and make a purchasing decision.

But some studies have revealed that most customers pick a wine bottle having a label design that catches their attention. So, if you are a winemaker, you should pay attention to creating a label using a label maker that has a unique design so that it competes well with other brands.

However, creating a wine label is not easy as it requires professional design skills with accurate label size and rich experience of understanding the design needs of a brand.

Therefore, make sure that you hire only an experienced designer who can work closely with you as per your guidelines.

Here Are Top 15 Freelance Wine Label Designers For Hire In 2024

01. Masa

Masa is a wine label designer from Serbia who has worked for many clients from various industries. The designer has an impressive portfolio that shows her range of skills and styles. Masa has won 21 design contests in different categories, including wine labels.

Label Designers

02. David Ifeanyi

David Ifeanyi is a Nigeria-based label designer who has worked with many clients and industries. This passionate designer has won 4 design contests.

Label Designer

03. Strezout7z

Strezout7z is amongst the wine label designers you can trust to design a label for your wine bottles. The designer has a simple and minimalist design style that has helped him won a whopping 103 design contests.

Wine Label Designer

04. Vectorsoup

Vectorsoup is a label designer from Thailand. He carries a rich experience of working with several clients. The designer has won 2 contests so far.

Wine Label Designers

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05. Vladislav Popov

Vladislav Popov is a Russia Federation based designer who can be an excellent choice to work with you on one to one basis. He is one of the best wine label designers you can hire to have the right design solutions. The designer has won 4 contests in different categories, including label designs.

Vladislav Popov

06. Greenappledesign

Greenappledesign is a Canada-based professional who has won 6 design contests so far in a variety of categories including label designs. The designer’s portfolio has some outstanding design samples which are a source of product label design inspiration.


07. Rgraphic@design

Rgraphic@design is an India-based designer who has worked for different industries to give them unique design solutions. The professional has won 42 design contests. Going by the portfolio, we can say that this designer has the skills that go into creating unique labels.

Unique Label Design

08. Chicken

Chicken is one of the best label designers who can create remarkable wine labels for your brand. The designer carries the experience and the right set of skills to come up with the desired labels that can entice customers to pick your bottles to buy.

Wine Label Design

09. Urban Creative

Urban Creative is amongst the designers you can hire to work on your wine label design project. Take a look at the portfolio to compare the design style.

Wine Label Designs

10. Jossart

Jossart is one of the label designers you can work with to come out with unique design solutions. This Indonesian designer has won 10 design contests, which shows his high design skills and ability to understand a design brief correctly to create a unique product label.

Product Label Design

11. Arquimedia

Arquimedia is a dependable label designer who is worthy of being in your team of professionals to create wine labels that stand out. This designer from Venezuela has won 7 design contests.

Label Design

12. Teo405

Teo405 is a Serbia-based graphic designer having many years of rich experience. The designer has also worked as a visual artist, business illustrator, and caligraphy artist. These skills add value to creating wine labels that stand out. Teo405 has won 2 design contests.


13. Nimendra

Nimendra is from Sri Lanka and has been working as a designer for over 4 years. He is one of the label designers you can trust to create perfect labels for your wine brand.

The designer has 6 contest wins in different design categories, including wine labels. You should consider his portfolio when you need to hire a freelance graphic designer to create unique labels for your wine brand.

Unique Wine Label Design

14. Matuu

Matuu is an India-based graphic designer who has the passion for creating something unique that drives viewers’ attention. The designer has also acted as an illustrator and digital painting artist.


15. Christine Demissy

Christine Demissy has the right set of design skills to create wine labels for your brand. This designer from Indonesia carries many years of experience in working with clients from different industries.

Christine Demissy

These are the top wine label designers from our compilation. You can confidently hire one of them to work on your label design project; but first, compare them for their design styles. This will help you in picking the right designer whose style suits the identity of your brand.

At Designhill, a prominent creative marketplace, besides hiring a designer to work with you on a one to one basis, you can also launch your design contest.

An attractive contest with an enticing prize is the key to have dozens of unique design solutions from as many designers. You can then pick a winning design for your brand.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of wine brands available in any wine shop. Therefore, to catch the attention of buyers, your wine label should be unique and impressive. This is why wine label designers are essential as they help catch customers’ eyes instantly. But when hiring a designer, you should compare their portfolios for skills and style. These designers have the right set of skills.

Find a Wine Label Designer

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