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Top 17 Infrastructure Logo Ideas You Must Consider

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Infrastructure Logos

Last updated on November 5th, 2019

Infrastructure companies build and deliver basic systems of communication, transportation, water, sewage, electricity, etc. to nations. These systems are operated and completed on a large scale involving high-cost investments. Due to fierce competition in the industry, new entrants struggle to survive and win clients. But with innovative marketing strategies and infrastructure logo ideas, they can start their business with great response.

Undoubtedly, the infrastructure is essential for the economic growth of a state. It also helps people come out from the traps of poverty. With roads, railways, ports, airports, power, and many others in place, a state can hope to build its bright future.

The significance of a logo to conduct business successfully is now well established. The infrastructure sector also needs impressive logos. With these symbols, they can build an identity in their niche market. If a logo is a unique design, then it not only drives people’s attention but also makes a desirable impact on them.

A casually drawn logo may not be able to make an impact on viewers and clients. Moreover, if the logo design is irrelevant, it may even leave a wrong impression of the company. So, it is always better to create a logo that looks an appealing design.

When designing a logo, inspiration is the key. You need unique design ideas that can stand out from the crowd of many such logos. Remember that a unique logo is a basis on which you can further move to get your first infrastructure deal with confidence.

Here Is A List Of Infrastructural Logo Ideas From Famous Brands For Your Inspiration

01. CK Hutchison Holdings Limited

CK Hutchison Holdings Limited is a multinational conglomerate based in Hong Kong. It deals in building ports, telecommunications, energy, and related infrastructure. This infra logo has a lettermark logo with the company’s name shortened in the design. The red color is the color of the region, including China.

infrastructure logo ideas

You can notice that there are elements of the pictorial language that is used in the region. Both the letters ‘K’ and ‘H’ are designed to give the impression of the pictorial alphabets in the language.

02. Fluor

Fluor Corporation is a construction and engineering firm of working at a global level. This Texas-based multinational firm deals in oil and gas, and other industrial infrastructure.

infrastructure logo idea

Its infrastructure logo design is in blue, which is a color for friendliness and intelligence. The sans serif font conveys the message that the corporation is professional and friendly in doing its business.

03. Turner

Turner Construction Company is a US-based company with massive construction volumes. Its wordmark infra logo has the company’s full name in sans serif fonts. The design style is straightforward and formal. At the same time, the logo seems to invite the client’s attention due to nicely designed fonts. Remember that simple logos influence purchase decisions.

infrastructure logo design

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04. Aecom

AECOM is an American multinational engineering firm providing services related to design, construction, consulting, and management services to a variety of fields. You can notice that the letter ‘E’ in this logo is to make it look unique and stand out. Bold letters show the company’s dominance in its field of business. You can create such a simple infrastructure logo design online using some design tools.

infrastructure logo designs

05. Kiewit

Kiewit Corporation is a Fortune 500 contractor company based in Omaha, Nebraska. It is one of North America’s largest construction and engineering organizations. Its logo has the company name and round shield-type design that helps make it stand out. Yellow in the background conveys hope and future growth to its target audience.

infrastructure logo

06. Skanska

Skanska AB is a Sweden based multinational construction and development organization. Like all other global companies, its logo is also a simple wordmark design. The company’s full name appears in sans serif fonts in blue. Blue is the color for intelligence and friendliness. It is one of the simplest infrastructure logos.

infrastructure logos

07. PCL

The PCL family of companies has many construction companies under the group. Its logo is in an anal shape with the company’s initial letters. Yellow and green colors stand for hope and growth.


It is a simple design, but it looks straightforward with no unnecessary design elements. If you are not satisfied with your current logo, there are still many ways to improve your logo design. But make sure that you evaluate the logo work and redesign it if necessary.

08. The Whiting-Turner

Whiting-Turner is construction management and general constructing company. Also, it is active in integrated project delivery services. Being one of the infrastructure logos of its kind, it looks unique for two reasons.


First, it has an orange color, which is not the usual color for most logos. Secondly, the company’s initial letters WT have a line underneath it, which is also something that’s rarely found in most such designs.

09. Chicago Bridge & Iron Company

CB&I was an engineering and construction company that was merged with Macdermote in 2018. Its construction company logo was unique in its shape. It had a half globe shape logo which indicated its dominance in the world infrastructure building business. The blue color and the company’s initial letters in white offered a pleasant contrasting effect for the viewers.

Chicago Bridge & Iron Company

10. Tutor Perini

Tutor Perini Corporation is one of the biggest general contractors in the US. Based in Sylmar (California), the company rakes in billions of dollars in revenue. It carries one of the best infrastructure logo ideas, having two great colors — black and green. Black is the color of power, authenticity, and dominance. Green is the color for growth stands well for the earthy construction business.

Tutor Perini

11. Bechtel

Bechtel Corporation is an engineering and construction major headquartered in Reston, Virginia. It is the largest construction company in the US. Its construction company logo is one of the most recognized infrastructure logo ideas.


A lager black strip announcing the company’s name and the globe shape in the background makes this logo an outstanding design. While red is the color for passion, the black evokes the emotion of power and authority.

12. Interserve

Interserve is a multinational group of construction companies based in the UK. Its logo is a unique design with a tree-like figure and the company’s name in blue and black.


13. Laing O’ Rourke

Laing O’Rourke is a multinational construction company headquartered in Dartford, England. Its construction logo is primarily based on colors. It has black, yellow, and red colors that evoke authority, hope, and passion.

Laing O'Rourke

Two parallel lines sandwiching the company name makes this logo an outstanding design. When you design a logo, remember that even some simple use of lines can give a logo a unique look.

14. Kier Group

Kier Group plc is the UK building and civil engineering group offering a wide range of public and private house building services. Its logo looks different due to the use of red and dark green colors. But the triangular shape in red and some stair elements also make the logo eye-catching.

Kier Group

15. Galliford Try

Galliford Try plc is a British house-building company registered in Uxbridge, London. Its construction logo has a small patch of red color to catch the eye. This is in contrast to the dull colors used for letters of the company’s name.

Galliford Try

The designer has presented a contrasting effect here intending to make it look different. This is also an excellent example of how just a minor element can bring a significant change in the look of a design.

16. Mitie

Mitie Group PLC is a UK outsourcing and energy services company that delivers infrastructure property management, consultancy, facilities management, energy, and healthcare services. Its logo stands out because of the two half-circle design in orange, purple, and pink.


There is some movement in this design, which indicates the growth of the company’s business. When you hire a freelance graphic designer, make sure that you ask the designer to give an identity to your business through the design. So, emphasize having a unique but simple logo.

17. Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty plc is a UK-based multinational infrastructure group involved in various construction and support services. Its logo is a simple wordmark in blue. Like many other logos of this field, this one also uses sans serif font to establish a rapport with the viewers and target audience.

Balfour Beatty

If you are new in the market and need to hire graphic design services from a professional designer, ask for a wordmark. This is because people can know your company’s full name from the logo.

So, these are the key infrastructure logo ideas that you can rely on for inspiration. But do not copy them. Just have some inspiration on how your company’s logo should look like.

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Wrapping Up

When creating a logo for your infrastructure company, consider some inspirational works first. You should visit infrastructure logo ideas to find out how your own logo should look like. These are the key logos of globally active infrastructure organizations. Take a good look at them and observe their main features. You will notice that each one of them has two characteristics —uniqueness and simplicity.

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