Top 20 Highly Creative And Clickable Banner Advertisements


You are likely to come across varied banner ads on a day to day basis as they are perhaps the commonest and easiest forms of advertising in today’s digital age. You may easily prevent yourself from being carried away by such banner advertisements but the fact remains you just cannot ignore them!

Embellished with newer and enticing design concepts, banner ads make for an integral part of almost every other website these days. However, most banner ads do not feature striking designs to tempt the online visitors crowd or are replete with the over usage of design elements.

No wonder, most online users tend to ignore such monotonous advertisements that replicate same things over and over again.

So, is it the end of the world for innovative and creative banner advertisements? At least, till the time designers have a creative instinct intact in them, the era of banner advertisements are not going to end. However, it is time for creatives to experiment with existing designs standards and come up with something really innovative and catchy.

So, if you too are planning to design banner advertisements for one of your high value clients, then simply skim through this blog for an extravagant dose of creativity and inspiration.

Top 20 Highly Creative And Clickable Banner Advertisements

01. FedEx

02. GlaxoSmithKline

03. Itau Insurance

04. Gatorade

05. Volkswagen Golf

06. Nivea

07. Brastemp

08. Volkswagen EOS

09. Zafarelli

10. Adidas

11. Nissan

12. Kellog’s

13. McDonald’s

14. Ikea

15. Volkswagen

16. Poliflor

17. Lipton Ice Tea

18. Fiat

19. Volkswagen Jetta

20. Bacardi

Hope you have enjoyed going through each of these banner ad designs. You may also visit the respective company websites for an elaborate viewing experience of these ad designs.Don’t forget to check our blog for a daily dose of exciting information on graphic designs, banner ad designs, creative web designs and professional logo designs.

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Do any of these banner ads inspire you? Please don’t forget to leave your comments and let us know what that element in your favorite banner ad design that inspires you.

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