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Top 3 Popular Logo Symbols and Their Shocking Mythological Stories

by Umesh Kumar Tweet - in Logo Design - 3 min read

popular logo symbols

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018

Today, it has become all the more challenging for logo designers to incorporate company’s ideology, story and brand into a single graphic and yet be different. Quite expectedly, many logo designers resort to using mythological figures in their logos to stand out from the crowd. However, it makes sense to heed the story of the symbol to make sure that your popular logo offers the intended message. Here’s a little smattering on 3 popular logo symbol and their shocking mythological origins that are in complete contrast with the reputation of their respective brands.

Top 3 Popular Logo Symbols and Their Shocking Mythological Stories

1. Caduceus

popular logo


Recognized by people across the globe, Caduceus is the symbol used to represent medical services across the globe. This symbol is used by medical institutions worldwide and it is believed that the two snakes represent nervous system’s two halves. But, on contrary to the popular belief, this symbol actually stands for dishonesty, falsity and greed.  According to Roman mythology, Caduceus is carried by Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Mercury is touted to be the protector of gamblers, liars, and thieves. This symbol has long been mistaken with the Rod of Asclepius, which is the ancient symbol for the medicine and healing and is used by medical practitioners and institutions across the globe.

With Caduceus as its symbol, it’s no wonder why some practitioners believe medical service to be a lucrative business rather than a means to serve humanity!

popular logo

Rod of Asclepius

2. Medusa

popular logo

Ranking alongside some of the world’s top fashion brands, Versace uses the Greek symbol Medusa in its custom logo design. The company uses this mythological symbol to express the style quotient associated with its brand. However, this traditional symbol actually sends forth a strong message that vanity and conceit may ruin one’s life. In Greek mythology, Medusa is considered to be a monster. Legend has it that Medusa was a very beautiful woman, who was raped by Sea God – Poseidon raped in Athena’s temple. The furious Athena turned Medusa into an ugly monster with serpents as hair. Medusa was later beheaded by the Perseus.


With Medusa as its symbol, Versace makes it clear why this high-priced fashion brand is too attractive to avoid for a fair share of fashionistas across the globe!

popular logo


3. Twin Tale Siren

popular logo

Starbucks Siren

There’s a huge section of people across the globe who swear by Starbucks coffee. This popular café chain uses a Twin Tale Siren from Greek mythology as the symbol in their logo. The company endeavours to signify classy services it offers, denote its luxuriant brand and capture the spirit of coffee enthusiasts with its unique symbol. However, it is really amazing to know that the symbol used by Starbucks in their logo actually represents an entirely contrast message. This symbol stands for obsession, addiction and death.  Greek mythology has it that twin tale sirens were beautiful yet dangerous sea creatures who enticed sailors and seamen into death with their beguiling beauty and melodious music.

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So, now you can understand why so many people across the borders are lured by the Starbucks’ Siren into buying the expensive coffee, cup after cups.

popular logo

Twin Tale Siren

After an interesting tour through these 3 popular yet inappropriate popular logo symbols, it becomes evident that one must remain very careful when selecting a symbol for the logo. And if you have already finalized a symbol for your  custom logo design and are looking for some expert advice on the designing part, read our blog on 9 business logo design tips.

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