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Top 4 Logo Design Tips To Create a Timeless & Creative Logo

Henny Kel by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design - 3 min read


Last updated on December 8th, 2017

If you always thought that logo designing is not that difficult, then today you’ll realise that it is no mean feat! May be the designing part is not that complex but when it comes to brainstorming then things can get a little tough. Don’t assume that a logo is just a near perfect combination of shapes, designs and colors that inspire awe. Actually, it is a signature of a company’s unique brand value.

Here’s a little smattering on top 4 logo design tips for creating a timeless logo that can go a long way in creating a unique brand.

4 Logo Design Tips for a Timeless and Creative Logo

Tip 1 : Simplicity of design

Irrespective of whatever design pattern or shape you choose for your logo, the core essence of the design has to be simple. Don’t make your design frame a testing ground where experiment with illustrations and typographic designs. Basically, logo is a test of your design acumen and presentation skills, so it makes sense to focus on those aspects. A thumb rule here is to craft your logo without thinking of a caption or a company. This may help you enrich your logo with a timeless appeal while simplifying the overall design.

Logo Design Tips
Therefore, the crux of the matter is that even if your logo design is not a masterpiece, it should be simpleton in design with ability to represent a brand irrespective of its name or a catchy slogan.

[Source: fortysevenmedia.com]

Tip 2: Dynamic In Nature

In this world of dynamic websites, logos must be dynamic if they have to withstand the walls of time. Nothing here is static, then why should a design be rigid and less flexible. However, this does not necessarily mean that you keep on changing your logo design, every now and then. But yes, your design must be flexible enough to adapt to different scenarios and perspectives.

Pictured below is the popular Coca Cola logos that are the best examples of dynamic cool logos.

Logo Design Tips from Coca Cola Logo

[Source: pivotallabs.com]

Tip 3: Make It Versatile

To create your own logo design that is versatile enough to look equally stunning on business cards, letterheads, banner ads, brochures or business websites can go a long way in making it a timeless artwork. Remember, colors are used to enhance the appeal of your cool logos and should not in any way affect its basic design structure or aesthetics. Therefore, there is strict need to understand how to design a logo that looks stunning and sublime irrespective of the color scheme.
Logo Design Tips
Logo Design Tips

[Source: pivotallabs.com]

Tip 4: Inimitable Logo Design

Though much is said about the uniqueness of a logos, it is often ignored by designers and design seekers. It is important to ensure that your logo is unique design that cannot be simulated or imitated. Aiming for a unique logo can help designers craft a design that exudes the brand entity and equity of a company. In addition, an inimitable logo designs can help your customers distinguish your company from others.

 [Source: pivotallabs.com]

It is vital for designers to get acquainted with 4 logo design tips such as simplicity, flexibility, inimitability etc. in order to create a timeless logos.

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  • Vasyl Holiney

    Hi Henny,

    Thanks for these tips.

    Would love to hear what you think. Can user using online logo makers like Logaster or Logogarden create own logo that suits your rules?

  • Many thanks Vasyl …for your kind words of appreciation! You can create one, but to get a professional, attractive and appealing logo with great visuals, texture can be done by a professional designer or a design agency like ours.