Top 4 Websites for Logo Design Inspiration

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Last updated on February 9th, 2019

Are you lacking creative energy and ideas while working on your logo project? A creative idea or concept is the basis of designing a great logo. But if that idea is missing, it becomes difficult to push yourself into creating the logo. So, here we present you some websites that you can explore to dive headfirst into the world of creative inspirations. These sites are full of visual information that is good enough to stimulate your creative brain.

Top Four Sites for Logo Design Inspiration

1. WebpageFX

Colors are of optimum importance when creating a logo. Each color conveys a certain set of emotions. Therefore, colors become important when a designer wants to incorporate a business message in a logo. There is a psychology of colors that you must be aware of before working on any logo project. The website WebpageFX creates infographics on different aspects of logo designing such as fonts and colors. Its psychology of colors infographics is especially popular for its usefulness and lets you know about the color that would best fit your logo. The infographics gives you an insight on how people make purchasing decision on the basis of colors incorporated on the marketing products including logos.

2. Pinterest


Pinterest can offer you a variety of images that may be useful in creation of logos. The website is an excellent place to explore a variety of visual inspirations for any logo design work. For example, if you search the site for vintage logos, you will get multiple pins with several Logo Design Inspiration and ideas. In addition, you can have many basic logo choices from the site. Browsing through this information-packed website can help you revamp their mental wardrobes and broaden you logo vision.

3. Logo of the Day


Logo of the Day is a great website with a large logo database. As you explore the database, you come across a wide range of ideas to create logos. You can also know about the latest trends in designing of logos. So, you become aware of the colors, fonts and other elements that are making rounds in the design world, these days. The designers can also take a plunge in the ocean of creativity on this site and find a comprehensive logo database that comes in handy whenever they lack fresh ideas. There are multiple choices of colors, fonts etc to make as you compare them to find out which one inspires you the most.

4. is an interesting site to explore when you are looking for ideas as to how your logo will appear on advertisements. The site has hundreds of advertisements from global brands such as Coco Cola, McDonald, Starbucks and many more. Each brand has a wide collection of its advertisements. These advts are especially useful to understand how you can place your logo on your advertisements. Since the ads are tiny in size, you can have an idea of how your logo will look on such ads and how to design the logos accordingly.

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For example, there are 1338 ads of IBM on the website in various shapes including rectangular and square of different sizes. You can compare them to notice how the IBM logo appears on each of them.


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