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5 Custom Logo Design Tips for Beginners

by Michael Crawford Tweet - in Logo Design - 3 min read


Last updated on January 2nd, 2018

“Where do I start from?” This is perhaps the most obvious question that haunts a novice logo designer. Custom logo design is indeed a thought-provoking and a time-taking process that requires a lot of research and conceptualising. So, what are the elements that ensure that the logo designing conforms to a particular business type yet scores high on creativity ratings?

Brief Overview of 5 Custom Logo Design Tips for Beginners

1. Select a Theme for Your Logo – Based on the type of your client’s industry, you can select a logo design category so that your design is more focused allowing you to concentrate better. This is extremely important if you are using an online logo maker since here you have different logo design categories to choose from and making the right choice lays ground for a perfect and speedy design work.

2. Prepare a Rough Sketch – It is always a good idea to prepare an outline of your logo design prior to commencing the process. You might start by drawing different logo ideas on a sheet of paper. To keep things simple, don’t try filling in the colors on your sketches. This will help you get a more realistic overview of how your intended logo will look like. Present your client with this rough sketch and wait for a response. Once you get a proper feedback and a green signal from your client, expand and elaborate your design idea. another and very simple way of doing the same is to use an online logo maker, this will save your time and you can make your own logo by using your creativity.

Rough Sketch Custom Logo Design Tips

3. Choosing a Color Scheme- Now, when you are ready with an approved design concept, the next step is to select colors to embellish your logo. However, if you are not sure as to what colors would suit your design, it’s always better to carry out a thorough research, based on your client’s company and industry specifics. Explore the Internet to check out what colors and shades would perfectly complement your logo. Consult your client, colleagues or friends and don’t forget to make your own judgements to arrive at a color scheme that suits your logo design the most.

Custom Logo Design Tips

4. Complement It with a Tagline  – Now, it’s time to complement your logo design with your client’s business tagline so as to make it complete in all aspects. For this, you can seek help of your client or create a nice tagline basis the design brief you have. However, do ensure that the tagline typography blends perfectly with the overall design specifics and conforms to your client’s brand value and industry type.

Custom Logo Design Tips

5. Making Size Adjustments- This is another design tip that is crucial to ensure creative, unique and professional logo design. Therefore, it is smart to consider your logo carefully using different size variations. This will help you ensure that your logo appears equally good when it’s exhibited in full display or scaled down to miniature size to appear on different business accessories.

Ensure these 5 custom logo design tips, if you are all set to kick start your logo designing career and wish to unleash your mojo.

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