Top 5 Handy Tips on Using Symbols in Logo Design

Symbols are perhaps the most dynamic tools required to craft a creatively inspiring logo design. In fact, most expert designers believe that symbols actually define the brand value and identity of a particular business. It would not be an exaggeration to say that symbols can easily make or break the identity and value of a particular brand or business. Quite expectedly, it remains one of the most important aspects to mull over when designing a logo for a particular business or organization.

Following below are few vital tips on using symbols in a logo design.

1. Symbol must tell a story

It is important to choose a symbol that tells the story of your organization or business and makes your customers connect with your brand. Remember, not all symbols have the same power and therefore, it is vital to make a thorough research to ensure that symbols you use in your logo are not just pretty pictures but also convey clear and concise representations of your services and/or products.

2. Symbol must share a global perspective

It is interesting to know that what is relevant for one culture or community may not be so relevant for another. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to choose a symbol that offers a global perspective to establish international identities and brand. A symbol that goes beyond the normal social and cultural contexts can give global persona to a brand or a company.

3. Symbols must offer a unified message

Symbols are medium to convey the message that you have unified visions and ideas that you wish to pass on to the consumers. It has been widely noticed that logos with symbols that represent conflicting ideas are not appreciated by consumers. So, it makes sense to be careful of not overloading your logo with conflicting symbols for it may baffle the onlookers and confuse your customers. To instantly connect with the target audience, it is smart to use a symbol that offers unified message in a logo.

4. Symbols must offer concise communication

Symbols make for a powerful communication device when used wisely in a logo design. One smart symbolic element in a logo design can express almost everything. However, it is important for designers to be careful of expressing just one thing well and not represent too many ideas poorly in a logo design.  Therefore, always try to keep the symbolic effect succinct in a logo.

5. Symbols must speak about expertise and speciality

Someone has rightly said, ‘Pictures speak a thousand words.’ And this statement holds nowhere truer than in a logo design. Symbols used in a logo must make people understand the finer nuances of the company details, its expertise and specialities. As a graphic designer, it makes sense to understand and learn to recognize how a powerful symbol can affect the overall impact of the logo and the brand.


Equipped with these handy tips, you may now use the right symbol that exudes the true persona, expertise and specialities of a particular brand or organization. But it’s not just symbols that make a professional logo, it is equally important to ensure right fonts. So, if you wish to understand how to select right fonts to make your logo all the more interesting and professional, please read our blog on handpicked tips to select fonts as per your design requirements.

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By John Kash

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