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Top 7 Marketing Ideas For Thriving In The Fashion Business

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Marketing Ideas

Fashion Business

Last updated on January 31st, 2023

One of the greatest apparel designers, Coco Chanel, famously quoted “Fashion lasts only for a period of time, whereas the style has the capacity to be timeless”.

Many young fashion designers set up businesses in a hurry. They are attracted by the fun and perceived glamour that is commonly associated with the fashion industry. While there are some fairytale stories of success, others fail miserably.

Many fashion businesses end their journey abruptly because they did not have a strategic marketing plan. New marketing ideas matter a lot for the success of your business.

Perhaps that is one of the most important things to learn from the fashion industry when it comes to marketing: while fashion always has to be reinvented the sense of style never changes as seen in the works of the greatest designers there are or have ever lived.

But from the business point of view, only passion and talent is not sufficient. Marketing is the minimal requirement for a fashion business brand to survive in this competitive field.

Note, that the following strategies and business ideas are meant for startups and SMEs since larger companies will have their marketing plans in place.

However, when you have to make crucial decisions for investments in your business, you might require a heads-up on the most prevalent and effective marketing strategies for your fashion business.

Here Are Top 7 Marketing Ideas For Thriving In The Fashion Business

01. Get A Kick-Ass Logo

One of the quickest and the most crucial channel for brand recognition for any fashion business is their logo.

The first brand recall that a fashion brand has is not their clothing line but the logo. Just think about it. When one says, ’Burberry,’ you see the check logo and when one says, ‘GAP,’ or ‘Nike,’ you still have a logo in mind, before anything else.

The logo is like the face of your product. Based on your audience, which will include demographics such as age, sex, and even geographical location, the logo has to be designed.

For example, sports fashion brands have the simplest but the most iconic logos in the market. On the other hand, if you think of high-end fashion brands or diamond brands such as ‘Gucci’, ‘Tiffany & Co.’ or ‘Louis Vuitton’ the logos are far more detailed and intricate.

fashion logo

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Many bespoke and boutique fashion brands get their logo done by professional logo designers.

You can get the best logo options through crowdsourcing websites like Designhill. It might seem that a logo can’t make much of a difference but you will be surprised at the impact it will have on your business!

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02. Create A Unique Look / Unique Selling Point

The biggest mistake new fashion entrepreneurs make, where the downfall is inevitable is being unable to market themselves as owning a style or tagline prevalent in their products and instead follow the current trends.

The truth is that if you follow people who create fashion trends temporarily, your significance will only last a season but if you have something different to offer, market it.

One of the biggest examples of style over fashion along with a very direct marketing style is, ‘Crocs.’

They are so unbelievably clumsy to look at with all the bright colors and confusing aesthetics and yet they are one of a kind since they dared to be different from other shoes and created a trend solely unique to themselves.

‘Converse’ canvas basketball shoes are another great example of such marketing.


03. Effective Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an important brand awareness channel for fashion brands. Use social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to your advantage.

There are so many social media channels today that people are hiring a team of social media managers and executives just to market their product in the top social media website such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Facebook campaigns that are paid are also useful for small businesses because they only target potential consumers and ads are hence displayed based on the user’s interests. These campaigns start from a few dollars, allowing you to enter the foray of recognition in social media.

Social Media

But simply running social media campaigns is not enough. It has to be done well with technical intricacy in things such as cover designs for Linkedin and Facebook pages. Also, Twitter requires header designs as well.

If you are a start-up or an SME, it is advisable to go for a social media package where the designs are based on your business model, trends and everything else crucial to your marketing campaign.

Designhill offers such packages for social media marketing that also help in making effective investments for your fashion business.

professional logo

04. Online Store

Today, having your own online store is as simple as baking a cake. A good quality website design can create all the difference. From customized corsets to lavish scarves that are in your clothing line can be sold online.

This is possible through an online store interface and a business deal with a courier company which is not difficult to get with such competition in the market.

All you need to do is to be able to handle the demand logistically. There are numerous online store designers out there along with ways to host your online fashion store at reasonable prices.

online store

05. Host Events

This is so crucial to your fashion business model that companies affiliated with the fashion industry also sponsor events. For example luxury car brands such as Mercedes and Mini Cooper sponsor and host events with other fashion brands.

But as a business start-up what could you possibly do? You could host a small fashion show locally and have it broadcasted LIVE on YouTube or simply go LIVE on Instagram.

While these are somewhat online channels of marketing, the base is to make people aware that you are hosting events.

Sometimes a charity event or sponsoring affiliated events will get you simple but effective brand recognition.For example, you can host events to promote your clothing line.

However, do not forget to first have impressive and enticing clothing brand name ideas to choose one for your brand. With a unique brand name in place, it will help the audience recognize your business.


06. Electronic And Print Media Marketing:

We often forget the 2 most basic channels of marketing. Fashion brands have always extensively used print and electronic media for marketing purposes. One should use advertising space in newspapers, magazines, television, outdoors hoardings and flyersetc.

This is a great channel to market on once your brand name is established and you are trying to create top of the mind brand recall. One of the main things to keep in mind is to make sure that the investment is clearly heading for the right audience.

Fashion brands

If your brand is aimed at housewives, then your ads should be featured during commercial breaks, in reality TV shows and primetime television.

However, if you are aiming at younger audiences such as young adults or college students, you would probably want to be featured on MTV or Teen Wolf.

07. Keeping The Consumers Hooked On Offers And Discounts:

Last but not the least, promotional offers and discounts are always welcome to consumers in the fashion industry.

From discounts for custom T-shirts in Walmart to a 15% end of season sale at Marc Jacobs are equally welcome to consumers. The best way to communicate these offers and discounts is through emailers.

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However, ensure that you do not send too many emailers as you may end up getting blocked on their email. You definitely do not want that from your consumers.

But you need an excuse for the promotional offers, and that should not be too difficult considering there is a day dedicated to someone or the other every month of the year. So, make the most out of these consumerism opportunities.

Offers And Discounts

The above-mentioned strategies are effective based on their execution as well. So, if you want any of the above ideas to really work for you, it is essential to make sure that you are making the investment in the right channel appropriate for marketing your fashion business.


A marketing plan for promotion of your fashion business is extremely important. Think of having a visually delightful business logo first for your brand identity. Then, promote your fashion products to your customers on social media. And also host fashion events to showcase your trendy products. Lastly, luring your customers with heavy discounts & exciting offers is a proven marketing hack.

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