Top 5 Bookmark Maker Tools To Look Out In 2022

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Whether you’re fond of reading books or newspapers, keeping tabs on chapter or trendy news is quite effortless with bookmark makers. There is one thing every bibliophile requires. A beautifully created bookmark can make your reading interesting. If you are a book lover and have a creative bookmark, it can improve your reading habits.

Though getting a beautiful bookmark for books is a bit daunting task, you can do it seamlessly with an online bookmark maker. It enables you to put your designing skills and creativity into making custom bookmarks.

Here Are The Top 5 Bookmark Maker Tools That You Can Use To Create Your Own Bookmark

01. Designhill Bookmark Maker

Designhill bookmark maker is an excellent DIY tool that lets you create a bookmark that helps showcase your style. It is an AI-powered tool that makes bookmark designing fun.

You just need to choose your desired bookmark template and customize it as per your needs by entering data like text, images, and color. It can guide you on the right type of bookmark, creative ideas, and inspiration.

Process of Creating A Bookmark Design

  • Choose a bookmark template from the thousands of creative options.
  • Upload your images or choose from Designhill’s library with millions of beautifully made pictures.
  • Customize the Font Style, Color, and Size.
  • Save and download the print-ready designs.

02. Canva

Use Canva for creating your bookmark with the best graphics. It is the ultimate tool for creating your desired bookmark. The best part of creating a bookmark with Canva is that you don’t need any designing skills; you can start from a blank page or choose the template for easy designing. You can customize with the choice of color, text, images, and quotes.

Create A Bookmark with Canva

  • Launch the Canva application.
  • Choose a template that best suits your needs.
  • Explore the features of the Canva bookmark maker.
  • Customize as per your need.
  • Save and download for print.

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03. PicMonkey

Create a fantastic bookmark with PicMonkey. You will be surprised by what you can create-you don’t need to be a pro designer.

How to create a bookmark with PicMonkey?

  • Choose a stunning template design.
  • Edit the text details.
  • Tweak the bookmark size, color, and graphics to create more attractive bookmarks.
  • Download or share on social channels.

04. Adobe Bookmark Maker

Use your creativity in the bookmark creation with Adobe by giving a personal touch. Adobe spark post helps you create stunning designs, which you can resize to share on any social networking sites or printed format.

How to create a custom bookmark using Adobe Bookmark maker?

  • Select a suitable template.
  • Personalize the template by adding the brand details like logo, color, and images.
  • Use your creative graphics with animated visuals.
  • Resize the bookmark.
  • Save and share the bookmark.

05. Graphics Spring

If you like to read an actual book, then you must love the idea of a bookmark. With Graphics Spring, you can make a beautiful bookmark in just a few steps. Start your bookmark design today with Graphics Springs.

How to create a custom bookmark with Graphic Spring?

  • Start creating by clicking on the “Bookmark Create” button.
  • Complete onboarding process and choose a design template.
  • Customize the bookmark by editing the image, color, text.
  • Download the print-ready design.

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A bookmark is used to keep track of a reader’s progress in a book that allows the reader to quickly return to the page where the previous reading session ended. The bookmark generators mentioned above can help you get the best bookmark.

Create Your Own Bookmark Online

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