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Top 15 Brochure Design Trends For 2024

by Anonymous Beel Tweet - in Brochure Design

Brochure Design

Last updated on April 24th, 2024

Brochures are effective marketing tools in the hands of marketers and companies. They can put details of products or services in an attractive brochure for clients or customers. A unique brochure design can thus provide essential information as well as make a brand statement. This way, you can use brochures to build a trustworthy brand identity of your small business.

Like other graphic designs such as logos, websites, business cards etc., brochure design trends also emerge and fade away each year. There’s always a pressure on the marketers to draw the attention of potential clients and general customers.

This compels them to design brochures as well as other promotional items in such a way that they stand out. Consequently, new design trends come up every year to create memorable brochure designs.

A design trend is essentially an exercise to bring people’s attention to a design. But that is a basic function behind picking a particular trend. A core purpose of following a specific way to create new designs is to make a business or company stand out.

There are thousands of brochures out there in any given market. How would your brochure glue your viewers to its design? That is the purpose of the whole exercise behind creating a brochure with the help of a brochure template available online.

Since a design trend comes with some new ways of using colors and other elements, it helps in creating some remarkable designs, including brochures.

Here Are Some Key Changes That We May Witness In Brochure Designs

01. A Wide Variety Of Typography

The designers may be experimenting a lot when it comes to incorporating different typefaces. It is to be noted that more and more brands are customizing their own typography.

Most of the designers are not going to stick to a set pattern of typography in 2024. So far, bold typefaces were mostly followed to catch the customers’ attention.


But now the designers are likely to follow a mix of typefaces. They can bring different qualities of typefaces into a brochure. This means that the front cover of various brochure sizes may incorporate bold typefaces.

It may be that there are more than one typeface on the cover. In the inner folds of a brochure, you will find a different font for the headings, sub-headings, and body text.

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02. Use Of Vibrant Colors

So far, the designers were depended on the colors that were not bold and bright. They thought that a dim hue of colors will convey some message of sophistication of a brand.

But that is changing now. It is possible that brochure designers will be using bright and vibrant colors. They can use gradients and patterns of colors.

Font Colors

Many brochure designs may be recreated as part of rebranding exercise of the companies. So, chances are that brochures will have a wide range of bright colors. The purpose here is to attract the potential colors with something new.

We can see color gradients coming back to replace the use of solid monotone colors. The designers will be using juxtapose vibrant and saturated colors, with dusty pastels and muted colors here and there.

03. Avoiding Use Of The Grid

More and more brochure designers would like to break the rules. So, they may not be following the advice of using the design grids. They seem to be interested more in breaking the grid.

The rule of making a good use of the grids is strictly followed by many designers to create logo design and other graphic designs.

logo design

But in their quest for unique looking brochure designs, the graphic designers would like to get rid of the grids. This will give them freedom to experiment when they want to set a layout for the inner pages and cover of brochures. As consequence, you should expect even strange looking brochures that you have perhaps never seen before.

04. Different Geometrical Shapes

As part of experiments, brochure designers will come out with different geometrical shapes. You will come across with unusual shapes for brochures, such as triangular brochures.

Rectangular and square shapes will be seen around frequently. Do not be surprised if you get some circular brochures. But these are still the primary shapes.

brochure designers

Brochure designs may also come in octagon and hexagon shapes, which have eight and six sides respectively. All these experiments are part of surprising a target audience graphic design services. Such unusual shapes will help make brochure designs stand out.

05. Use Of Illustration

Illustrations are always unique that catch the attention immediately. A designer can ensure creative pieces of work when using illustration as a tool to convey a brand message. There is some element of raw creativity when incorporating some illustrations.

In 2024, brochure designs will have the use of a variety of illustrations. A purpose behind using this element for creating a brochure will be to have a better interaction with the audience.


The designers think that illustration is a good replacement for images. So far, images of products or services in a brochure were a great way to provide information. But for a change and to surprise the clients, illustration will be used to describe a company’s business.

06. Minimalist Brochures

Minimalist design trend is favorite of most designers. Under this design principle, the designers use minimum amount of design elements to convey a brand message. This is because the emphasis is more on creating a simple design that people can understand instantly.

social media

So, when creating a brochure, many designers will come out with the design concepts that involve the use of fewer elements.

There are already brochures that have one color in background and just one small typeface in the foreground to spell out the company’s name and purpose.Minimalist design is already well accepted in a lot of graphic designs, even to create social media page.

07.3-D Brochures

Conventional brochures are two dimensional designs. But now brochure designers will also explore the third dimension. Such brochures will try to give some feeling of depth in the design.


[Source: Image]

To create such brochures, vibrant colors will be used to make an illusion of depth. Most of such brochures will look like an art object.

08. Use Of Artful Photography

Images matter a lot in the success of a brochure. Conventional non-artistic or non-professional images do not convey a message effectively. Such images look very static and formal. Instead, brochure designers are likely to use artful photography.

website design

Such images are created by professional photographers who know how a picture communicates with the viewers. Growing use of artful photography can be seen this year to create website design.

09. Animated Retro

You will also find some brochures designs in retro looks. But animated retro designs will be a favorite one of the designers. It will be a major trend in 2024. Animation is already making inroads in graphic designs.

graphic design

So, a touch of retro should not surprise you when talking of the brochure designs. These animation will provide depth to the flat illustration or subtle movements.

10. Use Of Colorful Light

Another brochure design trends will be the use of color-gel photography. The designers will use colorful light to create unique designs. There are endless possibilities for graphic designers in this technique.

graphic designer

They can create unique, engaging, and interesting colorful lighting situations when they want to give a new look to the photographs in brochures. The designers will use a mix of different color shades, color fadings, and contrasts.

11. Color Fonts

More and more brochures will have color fonts. Graphic designers are seeing color fonts as a next big thing. In 2024, this trend will pick up fast and will be incredibly popular. One of the reasons is that the software for use of color fonts has been released recently.

Color Fonts

So, you can expect the designers using the software aggressively. We can expect the use of color fonts in book cover designs as well.

12. Isometric Graphics

Responding and reacting to the overuse of plain visuals, the designers have started using isometric graphics in animated or static form. These graphics are useful in adding dimension to the design elements. This art is a way to turn otherwise flat objects into 3D objects.

Isometric Graphics

13. Use Of Line Art

In the previous year, line art was popular for designing icons and apps. In 2024, we can expect this trend to continue for branding purpose. Line art will make brochures attractive and unique due to its sable style. This art will help create boxes look especial in brochures.

flyer design

Also, line art allows you to provide lots of detail. However, the design will still look simple. The popularity of the line art is such that it is being used also to create flyer design as well to attract the potential customers’ attention.


14. Hand-Drawn Elements

To give personal touch to brochures, the use of hand-drawn elements – especially images – will increase. Handwritten letters and hand-drawn images etc. are a reaction to the overuse of technology and all things technical. There is a desire to bring back the artisan approach in graphic designs.

Brochure Designs

15. Detailed-Vintage

Vintage art has always been in the trend up to some extent. But in 2024, vintage elements with details will be adopted aggressively by the designers; and brochures will be no exception.

Vintage Brochure Design

Those brands that look for some aesthetics will particularly be interested in creating brochures with detailed-vintage elements. Brands in the field of beverage and food business and industries will especially choose vintage style of brochures.

These brochure design trends are most likely to dominate in 2024. But make sure your brochure design look unique and stands out when these trends are following. One of the ways to get unique brochure design is to crowdsource a good graphic design platform like Designhill.

Designhill is a leading platform involved in creating logos, brochures, business cards, and such work. Launch your brochure design contest at the site and get many new design entries with new brochure concept at an affordable price. Also, you can hire services from Graphic Design Agency London to create your designs. 

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Brochure design trends for 2024 include the use of a wide variety of typefaces, vibrant colors, avoiding the use of grid, geometrical shapes, animated retro, and colorful fonts etc. These design elements and styles will help in creating unique brochure that stand out.

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Anonymous Beel is a professional creative writer and blogger. He is passionate about writing about tech gadgets, printing, and designing. He loves to share the knowledge with the people so everyone gets benefit from it.



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