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71 Fashion Logo Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Fashion logo

Last updated on January 24th, 2024

Fashion is what you buy, but style defines you. When it comes to fashion logo ideas, creativity knows no bounds. The industry is a hotbed for letting your imagination go wild. From vintage to modern, sleek to intricate, there are many examples of fashion logo designs becoming the parameters for quality. In this blog, we have shared some creative logo design ideas to help you take inspiration from. 

When you are ‘fashionable’, it usually means that you sync with the current fashion trends. This implies that you watch out for the latest trends when shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories.

It must also be admitted that trends do not last long. They come and stay for a few years and gradually fade away, making way for some emerging trends.

This is evident because people do not dress themselves the way they used to do ten years ago or so. That is also true for graphic design trends in terms of fashion logo designs.

When you design your fashion brand logo, depending solely on trends is not advisable. Since you want to create a timeless identity, choose something that people can easily relate to. After all, people build relationships with brands for years to come. They live those relations whenever they encounter your company’s logo. 

Key Characteristics Of Fashion Logos

Look around, you’ll find that there are many fashion logos that stood the test of time. Such clothing brand logos have two common characteristics — simplicity and uniqueness. They look simple but memorable and help the business stand out from the crowd.

Those clothing brand logo ideas have become a part of modern-day fashion cultures. Their design remains the same even after so many years. Moreover, these logos symbolize high-quality, trust, value, and a robust brand image.

If you’re looking to get a fashion logo design for your startup, you can have it two ways. Either you can hire a fashion logo designer or use a DIY logo maker tool. The latter one is ideal when you don’t want to splurge on logo design. An online logo generator can give you new logo ideas that you can use to create your logo for the startup.

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Here Are The Top Fashion Logo Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Fashion Logo Ideas

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01. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss logo is undoubtedly one of the most admired and recognized fashion logos globally. This logo gains its dominating personality from its formal serif typeface.

Hugo Boss

Since the company’s name is Boss, the designer used a formal lettering style typically used by government institutions. The customized logotype in black and white conveys integrity and elegance, and the fashion house dominates the industry.

Ideas to take:

  • Use simple but bold, contemporary, and impactful font 
  • Stick to timeless color palette
  • Use clean lines and geometric elements
  • Play with negative and positive space

02. Chanel

Chanel, a well-known French fashion house, is famous for its ready-to-wear apparel and accessories. Its fashion logo has two interlocked ‘Cs’ that stand for the company name Coco Chanel.


The interlocked Cs dominate the logo while the company name is underneath. The typeface is sans serif, which conveys the message of an informal fashion environment.

All in all, the creative logo design is a testament of its fashionable clothes and accessories. 

Ideas to take:

  • Interlocking letters for an iconic logo
  • Monochromatic elegance is timeless
  • Minimalism goes a long way
  • Simplicity of fonts
  • Sometimes, asymmetrical elements create strong brand identity

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03. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, a British luxury fashion brand, is one of the great logo design ideas. The designer set the logo font in Times New Roman, the typeface known for its formal style and legibility.

Alexander McQueen

You can notice that the designer cleverly inserted the ‘c’ into the ‘Q’ to make it look like a seed, indicating the fashion brand’s future growth. This feature helps it stand out amongst impressive clothing brand logos.

Ideas to take:

  • Company name can be turned into a memorable logo
  • Timeless font selection is key to visual identity
  • Simplicity stands out and infuses a sense of luxury

04. Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is a globally established sunglasses and eyeglasses brand. Its logotype is in a classic handwritten style of letters, conveying that the brand is about casual sunglasses, reflecting a laid-back lifestyle. The classic letter style makes this stand out amongst other fashion logo designs.


Ideas to take:

  • Iconic, clean, and simple style is easy to remember 
  • Reflect your brand’s core product through clever designing
  • Utilize timeless black and white color palette

05. Nike

Nike is in making fashionable footwear, apparel, accessories, and equipment. The company’s “Swoosh” logo is a symbol that conveys the company’s brand message focused on quality and trust. This is one of the iconic fashion logos admired for its unique design.


Ideas to take:

  • Use a symbol that conveys speed, movement, and dynamism
  • Simplicity is the key to convey core brand messaging
  • Choose colors based on psychological impact
  • Use elements that resonate culturally on an emotional level

06. Bvlgari

An Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand, Bvlgari, produces watches, jewelry, fragrances, and accessories. The creative fashion logo is in the Latin alphabet with a classic touch.


Ideas to take:

  • Minimalism combined with sleek, bold, and unique font is unforgettable
  • Balancing a traditional and modern look creates something memorable 
  • Black and white color palette is the key to sophistication

07. Hollister

Hollister is an American lifestyle brand for casual wear, with the first shop established in the summer 2000 in Ohio. It has a seagull logo, which has remained almost the same since its inception.

The clothing brand logos such as this use minimalistic design principles. Its typeface is a minimalistic sans-serif typeface for the Hollister inscription, but the word California is designed in a serif font, making it one of the legendary fashion logos.


When you design a logo, pick some symbolic images, which is a surefire way to give your brandmark a unique look and feel. But choose a symbol that best suits your fashion business.

Ideas to take:

  • Choose elements that evoke your brand spirit
  • Calming color tones and shades drive attention
  • Clean and simple fonts look timeless
  • Symbolism is the key to depict your brand’s personality

08. Superdry

A British international brand, SuperGroup, owns the Superdry clothing label. Its logo is among the unique fashion logos as it has Japanese characters that read “kyokudo kanso (shinasai),” loosely translated as ‘maximum dry’. The letters in Japanese make this apparel logo stand out from other brands’ fashion logo ideas.


Ideas to take:

Adding eastern and western characters creates a fusion Symmetrical and asymmetrical.

09. Levi’s

Levi Strauss & Co. is a global American clothing company known for its Levi’s brand of jeans. The ‘batwing’ logo of the company has a bright hue of red for excellent visibility and to evoke passion. It uses a legible sans-serif font, which the company has retained.


Ideas to take:

  • Iconic tag can also work as a memorable logo
  • Minimalism is powerful
  • Vintage aesthetics never goes out of style
  • Right typography selection can make your logo timeless

10. Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a British brand known for its stylish menswear, womenswear, and accessories with a quirky fashion. A key feature of its logo idea is that the letters are placed at a distance from each other, which helps it stand out.

Black is a color for power and authority, indicating that the brand dominates its niche. Distinctive use of formal typeface helps this logo become one of the iconic fashion logos.

Ted Baker

Ideas to take:

  • Clean and elegant typography is timeless 
  • Subtle design changes transform the look and core messaging
  • Sometimes, less is more

11. ZARA

Zara is a Spanish brand having its clothing stores across the globe. Being one of the iconic fashion logos, the Zara logo is a minimalistic black-and-white color palette. The capital letters stand for the brand’s authority in the fashion world.


Ideas to take:

  • Use negative space to build authority
  • Monochromatic color scheme is key to sophistication
  • Balanced and symmetrical layout sticks to the mind
  • Distinctive letter shape tells your unique brand story

12. Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch, an American company that manufactures luxury casual clothes for rich and successful young people, has a unique fashion logo idea. It has the moose, a forest animal to symbolize pride, strength, confidence, and grace.

Abercrombie & Fitch

The company makes excursion goods that include tents and shotguns. The moose symbol expresses the brand personality. Such symbol-based clothing brand logos make a lasting impact on the audience.

Ideas to take:

  • Nature-inspired elements evoke the brand’s personality
  • Motifs can be used to showcase a brand’s heritage and identity
  • Experimenting with asymmetrical elements can engage the viewers 
  • Contemporary design elements with traditional aesthetics create a solid identity

13. Burberry

Burberry Group is known for its high-end clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, and accessories. The British company has a logo that depicts the equestrian carrying a shield, symbolizing knightly grace, honor, pride, nobleness, protection, and determination. Being amid creative fashion logos, it expresses power, elegance, and durability with ease.


Ideas to take:

  • Heritage integration can make a logo timeless
  • Black, red, and white tones are timeless 
  • A logo can appeal globally and transcend cultural boundaries
  • Minimalism is a core brand identity for logos

14. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a global fashion label from the US. One of the well-known fashion logos, CK’s logo is an example of minimalistic design, and it has more or less remained unchanged since its inception in the early 1970s.

Calvin Klein

The logo is an acronym for the full name of the company. The black version of the logo is common, while the white version appears on sportswear and the gray one on regular clothes. The colors express purity, perseverance, grace, and elegance.

Ideas to take:

  • Clean and minimalist design with a focus on essential elements is a game-changer
  • Letters can be turned into symbolic elements
  • Again, black and white color palette is timeless 
  • Harmonizing text and visual elements for a solid brand identity

15. Cartier

The Cartier logo is one of the most creative fashion logos that conveys elegance, grandeur, and luxury. This iconic typographical logo has become a symbol of luxury and a fashion statement.


The black color represents prestige, elegance, and excellence, while the white background is for dignity and purity. An italic and handwritten typeface gives the logo its distinct look amongst other fashion brand logos.

Ideas to take:

  • Simplistic font is key to sophistication
  • No fancy element is needed for timelessness
  • Black and white color palette is timeless
  • Simplicity is the best design element

16. Gucci

The House of Gucci, known as ‘Gucci,’ produces high-quality leather goods. It is a globally recognized fashion brand. The logo has two interlocking ‘Gs,’ which are designed in an aesthetical way to convey the luxury and style of the brand.


Ideas to take:

  • Interlocking letters can make a great emblem 
  • Simple letter can be used as a logo design
  • Simplicity is the ultimate brand key
  • Minimal color palette can stand out

17. Prada

Prada is a global Italian fashion brand known for its stylish shoes, handbags, luggage, hats, and leather accessories. You can notice jewelry shaped like a necklace with a crown in its creative logo design. The company’s name gets a prominent center place in the design.


Ideas to take:

  • Bold and uppercase lettering can be turned into a great logo 
  • Minimalism and simplicity is memorable
  • Use abstract element to convey brand value

18. Fendi

Fendi is an Italian fashion house producing apparel, wallets, handbags, sunglasses, and perfumes. Its fashion logo ideas consist of two Fs- one upright and another upside down.


The font used for the design is Helvetica, symbolizing supremacy and elegance. It surely is one of those fashion logos that stand out for their simplicity.

Ideas to take:

  • Initials can be turned into a unique monogram
  • Negative use is key to visual identity 
  • Experiment with different fonts to create a distinct identity
  • Minimalism never goes out of style  

19. Coach

Coach is a luxury brand based in New York. It has one of the best fashion logos in the leather industry. The logo features a horse and carriage, symbolizing elegance, social status, and royalty.


Ideas to take:

  • The right font selection is key to a unique logo
  • Abstract symbol and typography can make your logo memorable
  • The right logo can exude a luxurious feel

20. GAP

The GAP logo most certainly finds a place in the list of great fashion logos. It has the letters designed at a gap from each other, expressing the company name. It uses a bespoke typeface and a serif font with a thickness.

Black and white color schemes are conventionally adopted in most famous logos to show the brand’s strength and authority. Simplicity makes it one of the most famous fashion logos of all time.


When you design your own logo, pay attention to the personality of the fonts you choose. Ensure that the fonts convey your brand image and message. So, pick them carefully.

Ideas to take:

  • A clean design with a simple color palette becomes memorable
  • Negative space can be used creatively to covey the hidden meaning
  • Simplicity is timeless

21. Hermes

Hermès International S.A. is a fashion house selling ready-to-wear, jewelry, leather, accessories, and perfumes. The clothing brand’s logo has a design of a horse-drawn carriage, which also goes back to the days when the company used to manufacture horse saddlery items. The brand has the French version of its name in the logo to show the country of its origin.


Ideas to take: 

  • A minimalist approach on essential elements is timeless
  • Monogram or initials work great as logo 
  • A classic font selection is key to memorability

22. Lacoste

Lacoste is a high-end clothing brand founded by a tennis star René Lacoste. It started as a T-shirt manufacturer and now makes a diverse range of apparel and footwear, leather products, watches, and glasses.


The Lacoste garments logo uses a slightly rounded customized typeface. The crocodile is green, with white dots and red mouth. This unique logo is undoubtedly among the most iconic fashion logos in the world.

23. Louis Vuitton

The “L” and “V” characters in the Louis Vuitton are interlocked in style, and still, they are legible. The company name also appears in the monogram logo.

Louis Vuitton

Its identity is essentially based on the choice of a legible serif font. This is an example of the classic elegance and simplicity of a logo with a simple color palette. 

Ideas to take 

  • Brand’s initials can be transformed into a memorable monogram 
  • Custom font renders a unique look to your logo
  • Color palette doesn’t have to be expansive but minimalistic 
  • A simple logo is a versatile logo

24. Pandora

Pandora is amidst the famous global jewelry businesses. The Danish company’s logo is a simple design that effectively conveys its brand message of luxury, class, and trust.


The logo becomes memorable because of the specially designed letter ‘O’, which has a crown. This feature makes the creative fashion logo stand out.

Ideas to take:

  • Custom fonts are key to reflect your brand’s personality
  • Use a key letter to signify what you offer
  • Use minimalism for legibility and memorability 
  • Use an abstract item to boost your brand’s uniqueness

25. Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren logotype has an image of a polo player on a horse, holding the club in the pose of playing a stroke. The company name is in a customized Roman-style serif font, with thick and thin strokes in the garment logo.

Ralph Lauren

This is because the brand wants to project an image of a company that respects traditions. Black is the core color, emphasizing elegance, authority, and power. Overall, the clothing brand’s logo ideas stand out among others. 

Ideas to take:

  • Brands valuing tradition and sophistication are timeless 
  • Initials can be turned into unique monogram 
  • Subtle imagery makes the logo timeless
  • Simplicity is irreplaceable

26. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is in the shape of ‘H’, which stands for Hilfiger. The company runs the apparel and accessories business and has a presence across the globe. The logo appears a little narrower type in new versions, but the elements remain the same.

Tommy Hilfiger

The company used the color scheme of the US flag, reflecting the American heritage of the brand. The letters are in blue in the current version while in white in the first version.

  • A straightforward sans serif font is key to simplicity and sophistication 
  • The small American flag resemblance makes it timeless
  • Clean and uncluttered logo is memorable 
  • Minimal design stands the test of time

27. Versace

The Versace logo is easily one of the iconic fashion logos contributing a lot toward projecting a great brand image. The company sells clothing and accessories. Its creative fashion logo is simplistic, having no specific color scheme.


Because the logo has an ancient Greek design, the company wishes to convey that its clothing line is timeless and classic.

Ideas to take:

  • Greek mythology and nature can be used as a great symbol
  • Cultural fusion makes the logo timeless
  • Simplicity is key to minimalism
  • Asymmetrical design is key to uniqueness

28. River Island

River Island is a well-known UK fashion brand with over 350 stores and many others abroad. The clothing brand’s logo is in the stylized title font in black and is an excellent example of minimalistic design with excessive elements.

River Island

Ideas to take:

  • A minimalist color palette is key to reflect brand identity
  • You don’t need fancy elements to be memorable
  • The right font selection is key to reflect the brand’s personality

29. Celine

Celine is a French luxury brand that has had a global presence since the Second World War. The company created a custom typeface, especially for its logo. The wordmark logo is in black serif and uppercase.


Ideas to take:

  • Clean line and shapes make an unforgettable logo
  • Classic and modern fonts give a minimalist look
  • Neutral color palette is minimalist but impressive

30. Aldo Brue

Aldo Brue is an Italian fashion brand that manufactures footwear, bags, belts, and jackets. The logotype is modern and has inspirational shapes. It is also a highly-legible font with a slight handwriting effect. This is a sleek wordmark having an elliptical emblem.

Aldo Brue

Ideas to take:

  • A simple logo is enough to reflect the brand’s commitment to quality
  • An abstract element is enough to capture the brand’s unique personality
  • Subtle Italian color and symbol represent the brand’s heritage

31. Kookai

Kookai is a Paris-based women’s fashion label established in 1983 by Jean-Lou Tepper, Jacques Nataf, and Philippe de Hesdin. The Kookai logo is a simple logotype that uses a customized typeface.


This clothing brand’s logo idea stands out because the last letter, ‘I’ has two dots over it, making the design memorable.

Ideas to take:

  • Minimalism is something that sticks into the minds of people 
  • Distinctive font is the key to unique brand identity 
  • Experiment with abstract symbols for brand visibility 
  • Subtle details add distinctiveness

32. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is a famous American fashion designer known for his immense contribution to the fashion world. He won the Women’s Designer of the Year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. His logo is a great example of simplicity, with only the beautifully designed typeface giving it a distinctive look.

Marc Jacobs

At first look, such logos seem to be easy to create. But the fact is that they need the services of a professional graphic designer who knows which fonts and colors will best convey a message.

Ideas to take:

  • Clean and simple graphic is memorable
  • A clean font is a great design in itself
  • Sometimes, font work as great brand identity

33. Mimco

Mimco is a Melbourne-based fashion house that designs bags, jewelry, shoes, and accessories for women. A unique feature of its logo is that it has an inverted ‘i’ that stands for something new and creative, which is so important in a fashion brand logo design. The letters are big and bold in black, evoking the authority and strength of the brand.


Ideas to take:

  • Choose a simple logo that focuses on essential elements
  • A little turn and twist in font can create a memorable logo
  • Utilize negative space for visual clarity

34. Guess

Guess is a global American clothing brand that manufactures high-quality clothes and accessories such as jewelry, handbags, watches, and perfumes.

A key feature of its logo is that it is in a triangular shape that becomes instantly visible due to the red color. This prompts us to list it as one of the memorable fashion logos.


A question mark inside of the logo stands for the company’s name Guess. The colors black, red, and white evoke the emotions of authority, purity, and passion that we associate with fashion.

Ideas to take:

  • Be quirky to create a logo where people have to take a clue
  • Focus on simplicity for visual identity 
  • Simple typography is irreplaceable

35. Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander is a well-known Australian fashion designer. The label is famous for its unique sleepwear such as pajamas, loungewear, and giftware. Since the target audience is mainly females, its clothing logo is in pink color. The typeface is sans-serif. The sleek font reflects feminine touch. 

Peter Alexander

Ideas to take:

  • Successful logos are simple 
  • Sometimes, simple fonts are good at reflecting brand identity 
  • The right color can capture and convey the core brand messaging

36. Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta was the Dominican designer who once dressed Jacqueline Kennedy. He built up his brand and worked for high-end fashion brands like Lanvin and Balmain.

He loved to combine old craftsmanship with modern fashion. So, it is no surprise that his fashion brand logo was a simple calligraphy signature.

fashion brand logo

Ideas to take:

  • Using sophisticated font gives a sense of luxury
  • Integrate your initials into a unique logo design
  • Choose a refined color palette

37. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is the creator of high heels and red soles. Therefore, his fashion brand’s logo is also in a high heel shape. The logo has his first name added at the top, and the rest of the brand name is in a handwritten style. The letter L of the surname makes the high heel shape.

brand's logo

Ideas to take:

  • Experiment with a simplified silhouette of a stiletto shoe in brandmark
  • High-contrast colors are key to visual identity
  • A flowy font is memorable
  • Simple logo stands out

38. Stüssy

A street-wear fashion brand, Stussy represents, adopts hop and skateboarding cultures. Its brand logo is also in handwriting style, though it looks messy, and the logo appears on custom t-shirts, sneakers, and hoodies.


Ideas to take:

  • Develop a custom script to stand out
  • Experiment with layering and overlapping 
  • Combine minimalist design principles with elements

39. Givenchy

Givenchy is a French luxury fashion brand that is also in perfume making. The brand’s logo is in the shape of a square, which comprises four ‘’Gs’’ s and has been its identity since 1952. Later on, the logo had the brand name GIVENCHY underneath the square shape in sans serif.

luxury fashion brand

Ideas to take:

  • Embracing simplicity is the best fashion logo idea
  • Subtle symbolism takes the brand identity to the next level
  • Initial can be turned into a memorable logo
  • Limited color palette is key to uniqueness

40. Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli, an Italian fashion-wear brand, sells men’s and women’s wear and accessories.

The brand conveys its message through a conventional logo representing the town of Solomeo, to which the designer is emotionally attached. There is the Gryphon tower in the creative fashion logo, which symbolizes perfection and power in Greek mythology.

Brunello Cucinelli

Ideas to take:

  • Simplicity and elegance is key to a memorable logo
  • Subtle symbol signifies craftsmanship and quality
  • An abstract logo and typography can be combined in a cohesive way

41. Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti, a footwear designer from Italy, is known for cool and unapologetic shoes. Its creative fashion logo is in bold handwriting style and looks a bit unconventional. But there is the full brand name also underneath the signature.

Fashion Logo

Ideas to take:

  • Clean and modern typography is memorable
  • A minimal design approach makes the logo unique 
  • Asymmetrical design is key to unforgettable brand identity 
  • Play with arrangement of letters

42. The Vampire’s Wife

The Vampire’s Wife is a fashion brand that the designer Susie Cave started and turned it into a global phenomenon. This brand is known for modest clothes with feminine values and great details.

The Vampire’s Wife

The logo is in the form of a crest with a lot of fine floral work, and it also has a two-headed eagle. In this way, the brand takes inspiration from mythology and expresses the message of trust.

Ideas to take:

  • Highlight a strong, recognizable silhouette in your logo design
  • Cursive typography adds a touch of femininity and elegance
  • Use symbolic elements that reflect the brand identity 
  • Black and gold color palette exudes a sense of luxuriousness

43. Supreme

The world-renowned streetwear brand Supreme is known for regularly coming up with a new collection. Kids and young people are fans of the fashion brand’s clothing and passionately look for the latest releases.

That is why its logo is in red with a white wordmark, and it spells out authority.

Clothing Logo

Ideas to take:

  • Using italicized typography gives the logo a unique appeal
  • A monochromatic design is unforgettable 
  • Even the simplest font displayed with the right color palette can create visual appeal

44. H&M

H&M is an affordable fashion clothing brand, and its logo is the initial of the brand name, which is Hennes and Mauritz. Their logo is bright red with a handwritten texture, making the logo and brand stand out.

Clothing Brand logo

Ideas to take:

  • Initials can be turned into a timeless logo
  • Handwritten scripts work well for logos
  • Monochromatic color gives the logo a remarkable appeal
  • Simplicity is timeless

45. Swatch

Swatch makes fashionable watches. Its logo has a Swiss flag, which gives it an identity, and the name itself speaks about where the brand comes from.


Ideas to take:

  • Adding a little clue as a flag can boost your brand identity
  • Simple design is timeless
  • Minimalist font is key to visual appeal
  • Contrasting color makes the logo timeless

46. Desigual

A Spanish fashion brand, Desigual, is known for its colorful clothing designs for young people. To stand out, the brand created a strange-looking logo, and it presented the logo in the mirrored letters and added a big dot in the end.

fashion brand

Ideas to take:

  • Breaking the literal pattern is key to a strong visual identity
  • Simplicity is irreplaceable
  • Simple font can be made unique

47. Tissot

Tissot is a fashionable and luxurious watches brand from Switzerland. The company’s logo has its initial letter, the Swiss flag, and the full name underneath. This combination of a wordmark, symbol, and letter mark gives the logo a distinctive look.


Ideas to take:

  • A letter can be turned into a distinctive symbol
  • Simple font is memorable
  • The tiny Swiss flag resemblance gives a clue of its brand identity
  • Simplicity is the best design element

48. The North Face

The North Face is an outdoor clothing brand inspired by mountaineers. Its logo is a ‘Half Dome’ peak taken from the Yosemite National Park. The logo is in quarter circles, which represent the Half Dome. It also has a complete brand name in the Helvetica Bold typeface.

clothing brand logo

Ideas to take:

  • You can incorporate mountains into your logo in a unique way
  • Abstract logo shapes can convey strength of the brand
  • Minimalistic elements make memorable and unique designs

49. Quiksilver and Roxy

Quicksilver is a brand particularly famous amongst sportspeople and surfers. Therefore, this Australian brand features a cresting ocean wave and a snow-capped mountain. The inspiration behind the logo is ‘’The Wave of Kanagawa’’ which is a renowned Japanese woodcut.

Luxury Brand Logo

When they launched a new sportswear brand Roxy, they simply mirrored the Quiksilver logo and gave it a heart shape.


Ideas to take:

  • Connecting surfing and ocean can symbolize brand identity
  • Minimalist and bold elements are memorable 
  • Slight slanting font can represent movement
  • Symbolism is the best way to depict what you do as a business

50. Rolex

The Swiss luxury watchmaker Rolex logo has a five-pointed golden crown, representing the brand’s slogan, ‘’A Crown for Every Achievement’’. Then, there is the company’s full name under the crown.

Rolex logo

While the crown is in the golden color that stands for excellence in watchmaking, the company’s name is in the green shade, depicting prosperity.

Ideas to take:

  • Add simplicity to your logo for easy recognition
  • The right symbol is enough to represent your brand or product
  • Select the right color palette that aligns well with the brand’s personality

51. Valentino

Valentino’s creative fashion logo features a pictogram with a wordmark logo. The logo has the letter V enclosed inside of an elliptical shape. There is the company’s full name underneath it in an elegant serif font.

fashion brand

Ideas to take:

  • Clean line and minimalistic design convey a sense of sophistication
  • Use the first letter of the brand name as a monogram
  • Black and white color palette is timeless
  • Utilize negative space to add depth to your logo

52. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo makes British luxury shoes. Its fashion logo is a unique monogram featuring a custom typeface. The initials J and C overlap each other, which indicates movement. Also, the company name is shown in the tangled letters.

Luxury Fashion Logo

Ideas to take:

  • Use modern and simple fonts for text element 
  • Integrate an iconic symbol that reflects your brand’s personality
  • Choose a font that balances modernity and timelessness 
  • Use letters to create a monogram

53. Victoria’s Secret

The high-fashion brand Victoria’s Secret logo is an emblem with playful elements. This wordmark and emblem combination has the letter S wrapped around the letter V, making the fashion brand logo unique.

Unique fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Use cursive script to create a monogram
  • Simplicity is timeless 
  • The right font selection is the key to memorability 
  • Add a touch a fantasy with quirky imagery

54. Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink is a British shirt maker and has a global presence. Its clothing brand’s logo ideas consist of simple typography. It’s a typical example of how you can make a logo appear unique by doing something insignificant to the design. Here, the Pink logo stands out just by shading the company’s name with lines.

Thomas Pink

This logo is entirely in the simple text, but while the company name is broad sans serif fonts to show the brand’s authority, the address is in smaller fonts of capital letters. The pink color used in the logo is because of the company name.

Ideas to take:

  • Incorporate color same as the brand name
  • Insignificant changes can elevate the overall look
  • Simplicity is timeless and modern

55. Salvatore Ferragamo

The Salvatore Ferragamo logo has a signature style but in an elegant cursive typeface. The logo is based on the designer’s signature and is used in the red and white alternative.

Signature Fashion Logo

Ideas to take:

  • The interlocking SF is an interesting element in the logo design
  • A simple signature can be turned into a timeless logo
  • Stylized fonts give a sense of sophistication

56. Miu Miu

Miu Miu fashion logo is in thick and rounded lower case letters that give the brand a stimulating visual identity. This fashion logo ideas is unique because of the letters displayed in a breaking manner. 

unique logo

When such a logo is printed on a funny tshirt or any other product, it works as a quirky design.

Ideas to take:

  • Simple twist in logo can make it timeless
  • The right font selection is ideal for uniqueness
  • Simplicity is a great element in design

57. Chopard

Chopard, the Swiss jewelry manufacturer, has a unique fashion logo with a classical and elegant look. The extra swooshes and hoops in the letters C and h make this logo stand out.

elegant fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Incorporating simple but refined elements make your logo ooze high-end vibe
  • Consider adding meaningful icons and symbols
  • Choose simple but timeless font

58. Champion

Champion is an American athletic wear brand. The creative fashion logo looks unique due to the iconic C in red and black colors. The company name is in the custom cursive typeface.

brand’s fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Create a clean and straightforward logo design
  • Turn and twist a specific letter of the brand name to catch attention
  • Choose a color scheme that reflects your brand identity

59. Cacharel

Cacharel has a unique wordmark in serifs that stands out. The Persian women’s clothing and perfume brand uses a Didone font in the fashion logo. The font style creates a contrast of thin and thick lines.

Fashion Logo

Ideas to take:

  • Minimalism is the key to timelessness 
  • Choose a font that captures your brand’s personality
  • Focus on simplicity and clean lines

60. Converse

The converse is a world-renowned brand of Chuck Taylor All-Star retro shoes. The brand targets hip-subcultures, all-rock lovers, and skaters. After redesigning its fashion logo in 2017, it now has a star and a chevron that its shoes regularly display.


Ideas to take:

  • Use bold and uppercase lettering to convey your brand identity 
  • Add simple and meaningful symbols to stand out
  • Choose a timeless color palette

61. Arje

Arje, a renowned luxury fashion store, boasts a unique, minimalistic fashion logo idea. It has incomplete letters that make the logo modern and stand out.

minimalistic fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Sometimes, incomplete letters are great for logo
  • Simple elements make logos stand out
  • Clean and simple lines add to the visual clarity of the logo

62. Dior

Christian Dior SE logo stands out due to its big D in the company name. The French luxury fashion house’s logo is undoubtedly unique because it is a short company name and the first letter is overwhelmingly big.

luxury fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Simplicity is irreplaceable 
  • Symmetrical letters create a balanced layout for the logo
  • Add symbols from art and culture background

63. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana logo is another example of how traditional elements can express a brand’s story and message to the target audience. The Italian luxury fashion house has a creative fashion logo with Christian symbols in an elegant retro style that people relate to very well.

retro fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Create a monogram using your brand’s initials
  • Interlocking letters create a sense of unity and elegance
  • Use a classic typeface
  • Create contrast to stand out

64. Dansko

Dansko makes comfortable footwear, casual shoes, sandals, boots, and dresses. The company’s fashion logo stands out because it’s all red and has flowing strips at the top. The box-shaped letters also give the logo a unique look.

company’s fashion logo

Ideas to take

  • Incorporate elements that gives a sense of comfort
  • Simple lines can represent movement
  • Custom typography is timeless
  • Create a symbol that represents your brand

65. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani designs and manufactures haute couture, shoes, leather goods, watches, accessories, home interiors, cosmetics, and eyewear. Its creative fashion brand logo comprises an eagle which symbolizes the brand’s dominance, excellence,  and great quality.

Giorgio Armani

Ideas to take:

  • Use your initials to create a memorable monogram
  • Embrace simplicity as it’s timeless
  • A simple color palette is all you need to make a memorable logo
  • Use a design that stands the test of time

66. Yves Saint Laurent

A French luxury iconoclastic fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent, has a simple fashion logo idea in sans serif in all capital letters. But the city name Paris is in serifs that symbolize the city’s authority and trust in the fashion world.

simple fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Intertwined letters create a perfect monogram
  • Choose a font that conveys your brand’s personality
  • Simple design is the key to timelessness


Chloe is a French fashion house known for its bags, accessories, small leather goods, ready-to-wear, and perfumes. The fashion logo of the company spells out authority as it is a black wordmark serif typeface. The design is straightforward, simple, and clean, though it is just the company name.

Chloe fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Add relevant elements to your logo to target the right audience
  • Simplicity is the best way to design a logo
  • Black and white is a timeless color palette

68. Bershka

Bershka is a Spanish clothing retailer company well known for its new fashion concepts for young people. Its wordmark is an excellent, clean design that speaks well for the company. The sans serif typeface expresses the company’s friendly approach toward its audience.

Spanish clothing logo

Ideas to take:

  • Simplicity is key to memorability 
  • Sans serif font is timeless 
  • Simple design stands out

69. Etro

The Italian luxury products maker Etro is a global fashion brand. Its fashion logo ideas comprise an elegant winged horse, which indicates the brand’s free spirit. The company name is in a flattened minimalist sans serif font underneath the winged horse.

elegant fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Mythological creatures or symbols can be a part of your brand’s identity 
  • Embrace simplicity for visual clarity 
  • Use symbols that give a sense of tradition and heritage relevant to your brand

70. Uniqlo

Uniqlo Co., Ltd. is a clothing fashion designer, manufacturer, and retailer but got registered as “uni-clo’’. So, its fashion logo has the abbreviated form of the company name. At the same time, the logo designer got inspiration from a Japanese red seal that is the symbol of quality.

fashion logo

Ideas to take:

  • Choose a clean and minimalist design
  • Use a bold and uppercase font to reflect your brand identity
  • Add cultural symbolism for relevancy and meaning

71. Under Armour

Under Armour, Inc. is a famous American sports equipment company that makes casual clothing and footwear. The brand’s creative fashion logo design is unique because the initial letters of the company name, U and A, are entangled.

brand’s fashion logo design

So, that makes the logo recognizable and appealing as well. The logo uses a specially customized typeface that has sharp points and edges.

Ideas to take:

  • Use letters in special way to create symbolism
  • The black and white color palette is timeless
  • Twisting letters in geometric shapes is a powerful visual identity

These are the significant logos from the fashion industry. You can analyze them for ideas and inspiration for your next project as a designer, or a business owner looking for something new. 

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Wrapping Up

A fashion logo is a unique business symbol that speaks about the authority and authenticity of its brand in its niche market. These global fashion brand logos are inspirational pieces due to the clever use of design elements. You can drive attention from these fashion logo ideas and create something unique for your brand.

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