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Last updated on November 21st, 2018

Design templates are cost-effective solutions to startups when they think of creating a nice graphic design such as brochures. Companies can use brochure design templates to create customized brochures whenever they need. There is no need to pay the expensive fee of professional designers. But clever use of templates is a must to design unique brochures.

Brochures are one of the most potent marketing materials. Many marketing strategists place brochures higher in their list of design priorities. This is because clients first seek brochures to get major details about a company. A typical brochure has a lot of text and images of products or services. The purpose here is to deliver the information concisely.

According to a survey by Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 48% of the consumers who received brochures, known also as leaflets, responded to the leaflet advertisements. These consumers actually visited the shop and bought products after receiving a leaflet through their doors. The survey also revealed that the consumers kept 38% of the flyers, another form of brochure, with them for a few week and 13% kept it for over a week.

If a brochure is capable of delivering a brand message, its design has done its job very well. A sign of successful brochure design is that people want to read it from start to end. Such an engagement with the content of brochure is important to drive customers.

Unfortunately, many brochures design simply go against the basics of creating a graphic design. Therefore, the efforts and money of small businesses in attracting their potential customers go in vain.

Consider Basic Design Principles

One of the key design principles is to keep it simple. This implies that overall look of your brochure should be clearly understandable to an ordinary viewer. People do not have time to solve the riddle of a complex design.

A complex design typically has too many elements of colors, symbols, typeface, etc. in a limited space. There is no evidence of any planning in creating such a brochure. So, keep it simple.

Then, keep the number of colors and typefaces limited to a maximum of two. Only a gifted graphic designer can create a brochure with too many colors and fonts. So, you should better use one of two of these design elements, unless you are an exceptional designer.

When picking a color scheme, use those colors that evoke an intended set of emotion from your target customers. For example, if you are selling something energetic, you can use red, which evokes passion, aggressiveness and love too.

Similarly, use one typeface for the heading and subheading in your brochure and the other one for the rest of the text body.

Images are an integral part of a brochure design. Make sure that you combine your product or service images along with the text. There should be enough space left between text and images so that viewers’ eyes are not stressed upon reading the material.

Design templates also can be used for creating impressive designs. Even when using brochure design templates, you have some flexibility to change the features and customize the design to create a design as per your clients’ business needs.

Brochure designers can also make good use of such brochure design templates, especially when many of them are readily available free of charge. A well designed and impressive brochure can communicate with the target audience in a professional manner. And templates prove to be a good means of exploring creative extremes for creatively inspiring brochure designs.

Here Are 5 Top Free Brochure Design Templates

01. Brochure Design Template For Social Media

If you own an online site and use its social media page to promote your business, then think of using this brochure template. This CS3 compatible template offers you a trifold style brochure design. You will find this brochure design well organized and awe-inspiring. It is layered wisely at the right places. Editable text and layout make for other amazing features that make this contemporary and professional template stand out from the crowd.

Social Media

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02. Travel, Lifestyle, Hospitality Brochure Template

This is another useful brochure template that you can download for free. You will find this design template highly useful for creating lifestyle, hospitality and travel industry brochures. This bi-fold brochure template works great in building corporate identities with brand colors and easy to use format. You can design attractive brochures with this bi-fold brochure template.

Hospitality Brochure Template

03. Brochure Template For Fashion Industry

This is a unique brochure design template for those of you looking to create a unique brochure design with big pictures. This template is particularly useful for those in fashion design business which uses big pictures of models. You can easily insert large imagery into your brochure with the help of this inspiring template. The template comprises of print dimensions of 8.25×11.6 and CMYK color. Also, you can have a large space for logo design at the front of the brochure.

Fashion Industry

04. Trend Setter Brochure

This amazing brochure template allows you to customize your design easily. The template has 16 pages and uses only free fonts. It is Design CS3 compatible. Since it is very easy to customize as per your clients’ business needs, it makes for one of your best bets.


05. A5 Brochure Template

Yet another brochure template that allows designers to incorporate larger images relatively easily. So, the template is a great help in attracting the target audiences with large and striking images. Such larger images are a nice and welcome break from the usually text-stuffed brochure templates we see around.

Now, designers on Designhill platform have created some amazing brochure designs based on the latest trend and client’s demand. Let’s take a look at these designs and the meaning they carry-

01. Brochure For Yoga Hub-

The client needed a brochure design for her yoga studio. When one looks at the winning design following are the elements that make it impactful-

a. The front part contains an image of a woman in the yoga pose, name and logo of the yoga studio. There are minimum elements on the front page and thus it gives a soothing look to the design.

Real Estate Project

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b. Only 2 colors have been used in the design process which helps in maintaining consistency in the design process.

c. Balance in image and text used is another factor that makes the design looks good. Neither text nor image has been too much as it causes people to lose interest in the brochure.

02. Brochure For Real Estate Project-

The client was launching a new housing project and needed a brochure design to promote the same. Let’s take a look at the winning brochure design-

a. A large size image along with space to give some brief about the housing project. The best part is that there is space to represent types of houses available with the features they have.

b. The color blue was beautifully used in the design keeping in mind the company’s logo and website color theme.

Yoga Hub

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c. The contact info was covered on an entire page of a brochure with bold font, thus catching viewers attention.

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Brochure design templates allow for creating customized and unique brochures. Startups can use the templates as a cost-effective way to create brochures whenever they need without spending additional money.

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