Top 50 Funny Drinking Quotes For T-Shirts

Funny Drinking Quotes

Consuming alcohol is common in almost all societies today, and it is even part of many cultures. If you design t-shirts, create and print funny drinking quotes to sell these causal wears. But which quote will drive people’s attention? The netizens create hundreds of quotes using a quote generator that highlight alcohol drinking in a sarcastic tone.

T-shirts are no more plain and simple casual wear today. They have been turned into an attractive tool to catch people’s attention. Most funny t shirts, therefore, come printed with funny quotes that bring a smile on our face. These quotes range from the simple joke to straightforward advice for living life. T-shirts have the slogans on almost all aspects of life, including drinking.

In fact, funny drinking quotes about alcohol are the funniest and sarcastic. We all know that consumption of liquor regularly is injurious to health but still many people just love to take it. That makes drinking quotes funny and attractive too. For many, these quotes also are an expression of revolt against the people who preach against taking liquor.

Legendary American singer and actor Frank Sinatra once said, “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” That was a funny take on alcohol consumption. In fact, many celebrities, from the past as well as the present, have given us memorable quotes praising alcohol. Even philosopher Pluto quipped that he who invented beer was a wise man.

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But in today’s world, funny quotes about drinking are not restricted to what legendary figures said about alcohol. People also come forward with their own sarcastic and funny quotes.

If you are in a T-shirt selling business, funny drinking quotes can help increase sales. Using quote maker, you can create quotes in minutes. Most people like to wear T-shirts that have something funny printed on it. Such a shirt becomes part of your personality for the day and drives people’s attention towards you.

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Here Are 50 Quotes From Our Collection Of Funny Drinking Quotes For T-Shirts

01. Shut Up Liver You Are Fine

This quote sarcastically comments on the people who know that taking alcohol is harmful to their liver’s health; still they are heavy drinkers.

02. Chillin’ Like A Villain

Everyone who loves to take alcohol wishes to have a chilled beer for the pleasure of it.

03. Wine Is The Best Therapy

Wine is going to harm your health in so many ways, and you still want to consume it regularly. So, it is better to assume that wine is the best therapy, rather than accusing it of all evil things in your life. Such provocative T-shirt designs sometimes give birth to some entrepreneurship.

04. Step Aside Coffee, This Is A Job For Alcohol

Some people are so addicted to alcohol that coffee does not give them any pleasure anymore. This is amongst the funny drinking quotes that when printed on T-shirts will make them one of the greatest bad idea T-shirts that the onlookers will enjoy.

05. Drunk Wives Matter

This quote funnily compares wines and wives.

06. Bad & B**zy

So, if you consume alcohol, people call you a bad person but they also talk a lot about you. This makes you a buzz word around with those people.

07. Wine drinking team

Funny drinking quotes like this is how you describe your friends and make them as your team to sit together for enjoying the drinks.

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08. Getting Drunk, Please Wait

This funny quote says it all about alcohol being an addiction. Every work and person in the world is not that important as is taking a glass of wine. How about including this quote as a day drinking meme on your T-shirt to make the casual wear look unique?

09. Less Thinky, More Drinky

Drink more wine and think less in life seems to be the motto of this person who wears this slogan on T-shirt.

10. Wine Gets Better With Age, I Get Better With Wine

Those who are addicted to taking alcohol, they think they are doing well in life just as aged wine gets better with the time. Inevitably, one of the best funny drinking quotes you can enjoy.

11. Wish You Were Beer

An alcoholic person makes friends easily with fellow lovers of liquor.

12. Born To Booze

This quote reflects the addiction that alcohol lovers build over the years for the hard liquor. Print this and other such quotes on your T-shirts to create funny wine memes.

13. Alcohol Does Not Solve Any Problems, But Then Again, Neither Milk!

Milk is good for health, and it can’t be compared with alcohol. But such funny drinking quotes that sarcastically highlight alcohol, teasing the milk lovers.

14. May Contain Alcohol

It issues a warning that you may be messing with a wrong person. So, keep away.

15. Red Wine Before Bedtime

Red wine in moderate quantity is recommended for good heart health. But only in small quantity and don’t become addiction to it. Make sure that you use such witty quotes as part of your attention-grabbing shirt printing plan.

16. I Am Not An Alcoholic, Alcoholics Go To Meetings. I Am A Drunk, We Go To Parties!

That is true. Those who party a lot generally get drunk but those who have to attend meetings around the year are mostly not addicted to alcohol. This is an attention-grabbing bad idea tshirt slogan.

17. Trust Me You Can Dance – Alcohol

Alcohol frees you from your worries and hesitations. Take alcohol, and you will dance, though you never wanted to dance. Funny drinking quotes such as this will make your T-shirt look unique.

18. Alcohol You Later!

There is some wordplay here. Alcohol sounds like ‘I will call you.’

19. I Told Myself That I Should Stop Drinking Wine, But I Am Not About To Listen To A Drunk That Talks To Himself

This is how alcoholics excuse themselves for taking more wine. Include this quote as a part of your graphic design ideas for creating T-shirt that stands out.

20. I Am Not Alcoholic, I Drink Two Times A Year, On My Birthday And When It Is Not My Birthday

So, practically, the addict takes wine throughout the year. These funny drinking quotes take a dig at the alcoholics.

21. If You Can’t Be Happy, At Least You Can Be Drunk

Yes, that is true again. When you are drunk, you forget everything including your daily worries of life. This is undoubtedly a funny idea to print on beer shirts.

22. Alcohol [n.] A Drink That Makes Bad Decisions Look Good

One of the definitions of Alcohol those who are addicted to the beverage.

23. This Alcohol Tastes Like I Am Not Going Work Tomorrow

Alcohol makes you stay away from work. Print such funny drinking quotes on your T-shirts to attract sales and viewers.

24. Alcohol My Favorite Solution

When you are drunk, you do not remember problems of life, and that seems to be the best solution for the time being.

25. Alcohol Because No Great Story Starts With Salad

After taking alcohol, your mind becomes uncontrollable, and that gives way for saying whatever you like. Indeed, funny drinking quotes such as this one printed on T-shirts are an attraction for the viewers.

26. Alcohol, The Cause Of And Solution To All Of Life’s Problems

Surely, the addiction to alcohol causes many family and other issues. But the irony is that the alcoholic resolves those problems by taking wine and forgetting them. Admittedly, it is amongst those funny wine quotes that we love to see on T-shirts.

27. Technically, According To Chemistry, Alcohol Is A Solution

Yes, technically that is correct — what a clever excuse to get drunk. To enhance T-shirt sales, funny drinking quotes are a must to catch people’s eye toward the shirt instantly.

28. Alcohol Is Not The Answer. Alcohol Is The Question. Yes Is The Answer

The question is how can you solve your problems, and the answer is by taking your favorite brand of alcohol.

29. Save Water Drink Wine

Another sarcastic excuse to drink wine.

30. Beer!

That is how alcoholics greet each other.

31. If You Do Not Remember, It Never Happened

That’s right, drink wine and then fight, abuse, or do anything and you do not remember it when waking up the next morning. So, no guilty consciousness here! Funny drinking quotes like this are a good choice for beer T-shirts.

32. That’s What I Do. I Drink And I Know Things

An alcoholic thinks he knows everything.

33. Dear Liver Today Will Be A Rough One, Stay Strong

Liver does not like wine, but it has to tackle it anyway.

34. Tonight’s Forecast, 99% Chance Of Wine

It is raining wine for an alcoholic. Print funny drinking quotes like this one on your T-shirt to drive attention and sales.

35. Alcohol Answer, Makes You Forget The Question

An alcoholic will give the same answer to all of your questions.

36. When I Have Read About The Evils Of Alcohol, I Gave Up Reading

An alcoholic just does not want to read or listen to anything against the favorite beverage. When you create your own T-shirt with such funny drinking quotes, it drives people’s attention quickly.

37. My Life Is 50% Wondering It Is Too Late To Drink Coffee, And 50% Wondering If It Is Too Late To Drink Alcohol

What a life!

38. Will Work For Alcohol

That is a typical characteristic of an addict to the beverage. You can even force him to do anything for it. Get funny drinking quotes such as this for your T-shirt that have alcohol as a core theme.

39. Powered By Alcohol

No doubt that alcohol inspires the boozer.

40. Sometimes When I’m Bored, I Drink Water Just To Shock My Liver!

This quote takes a dig at people who simply can’t live without their daily heavy dose of liquor. For their liver, water is indeed a surprising liquid.

41. But First Alcohol

All the priorities are secondary, first, give him his favorite booze.

42. Today’s Good Mood Sponsored By Alcohol

For the addicted, alcohol is a mood enhancer. When people read funny drinking quotes on T-shirt, they find them amusing and are drawn to these attractive slogans easily.

43. Alcohol Is The Answer, Sorry Can’t Remember The Question

Surely, alcohol is the sole answer to all the problems the addict faces in life.

44. Don’t Abuse Alcohol…Just Drink It!

Come on, have some respect for the booze, says the addict.

45. Nobody Understands Me Like Alcohol

Yes that is true. Alcohol and alcoholic are friends. With such quotes, your custom T-shirt will stand out. Draw people’s sympathy from funny drinking quotes like this one in a sarcastic way.

46. I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings

All feelings are the same for the beverage lover.

47. My Wife Has An Alcohol Problem, Me!

Not just the wife, the addicted one becomes a problem for the family.

48. You Can’t Drink All Day If You Don’t Start In The Morning

Now that you do not start drinking in the morning, it is incorrect to say that you drink all day, right? This and other such quotes make great T-shirt design ideas that will catch viewers’ eye.

49. You And Alcohol Make Me Crazy

This is how the booze lover reacts to something exciting. This is a funny quote, but you need to design it in perfect lettering and with the right images. To do that, it is better to hire graphic design services of a professional who knows how to design an exciting t-shirt idea.

50. I Got 99 Problems, And Beer Solves All Of Them

Beer seems to be the only solutions to all the problems.

So, these are some of our favorite funny drinking quotes for T-shirts that you will find amusing and witty. If you want to design these quotes on your T-shirts, take help from Designhill, a leading marketplace for business owners and designers. You get the quotes designed in style on shirts especially for you.

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Funny drinking quotes are a surefire way to catch your potential customers’ attention to make them buy your T-shirts. Such quotes describe an alcoholic’s addition to a favorite wine or beer in a sarcastic tone. Because booze is part of most people’s life, they can relate to these quotes.

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