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The companies delivering architectural services are many in a given market. Almost any type of construction requires these services. But tough competition in this field compels the businesses to market their services in a planned way. They have to formulate different strategies that work for driving their potential customers. However, first, they all need a memorable logo design that is worthy of representing their business.

An architectural company’s logo is not merely an identity mark. A logo is, in fact, a visual representation of your company’s services. But it is not just any other visual only. More than that, your logo becomes a tool to convince your potential customers about the quality of your services.

A logo sends some signals to the viewers through its use of colors, typeface, and other elements. These elements signal the strength of a company. For example, a logo having red color may convey the message of passion and energy to the viewers. The message will evoke some response from the viewers towards the company’s business.

Architecture business is witnessing a robust growth. In the U.S, according to the reports, the architecture industry and business generated a revenue of over $43 billions with an annual growth of 5.3%. There are over 72,339 businesses in architecture sector in the country. These stats show the amount of competition your startup is going to face from the new and established players.

Therefore, you need to come out with something unique to market your architectural services. However, your company’s message to your target customers must be unique and useful.

What is your architectural businesses’ message to your customers? Before setting out to create your logo design of the company, know your brand message precisely. You should write the message in a sentence or two so that your designer can get a clear idea of what you want from your logo.

To build a nice brand identity using your logo created by using an online logo maker tool or designed by professional designer, it is important that the logo is a simple design. Remove all the additional elements and keep only those that are enough to draw the attention of your customers to your message.

Any additional color, line, shape, symbol, fonts, etc. will complicate the design. Such complex logos are usually a hindrance to engaging your audience with your business.

Here Are The Top 10 Logo Designs For Architectural Business

01. Ferguson Works

The Ferguson Works logo has strings which are typically used in making a bridge. In the logo, these strings represent the construction business of the company. You can describe these strings as lines showing a road also. The strings make the logo memorable.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The company’s initials F and W are designed in a unique way to depict the strength of the architectural services. The logo design is in white and grey colors to send the message of high-end sophisticated services the company provides.

02. Distinctive Design Studio

This logo looks like an abstract design. There are some vertical lines that stand for construction. These lines also represent the architectural drawings. The company’s name is below the abstract figure.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Green color used in the architecture logo conveys that the company offers environment-friendly architectural solutions. This logo is also a good example of the minimalistic design that conveys its message in a few elements. Such logos gel well with other graphic designs such as a business card design.

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03. Cruz

This logo evokes the feelings of passion, professionalism, and sophistication. The viewers get the message that the company delivers some high-end architectural drafting services.

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The graphic designer has deliberately used gray and white colors for creating a brand identity of the company. Even when creating other designs such as a website design for your architectural design business, make sure that each such design builds your brand identity.

04. Foutch

The blue square in the Foutch logo stands for the field of architecture and construction, which is the core business of this company. This logo is another shining example of how a memorable logo can be designed using the letters only.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

This text-based logo uses the power of sans-serif fonts to build an image of an easily accessible company. Such simple but inimitable designs help a lot in building unique logo & brand identity.

05. A.C. Gentry Inc.

This logo design of an architectural sheet metal company conveys its brand message by using the lion figure. The lion figure stands here for strength and durability of the sheet metal. The logo has a dark color and a contrasting white at the forefront of the design.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

06. Philadelphia Metal Art

The Philadelphia Metal Art logo has an instrument commonly used for geographical surveys and architecture. Because the company was established way back in 1987, the logo gives some retro feeling.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

There are some classic elements of curvy designs and words such as Est that indicate towards the faithful brand of the company. The logo is in a round shape which also is a classic shape used in many old graphic designs.

07. Design House LA

Design House LA logo is a remarkable logo. The designer used only lines as a main element to create this logo. The company’s initials D and House are the basis of the logo design.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

A line-based logo is always memorable and it fits well with other graphic design products of a company. For example, the logo will enhance the impression your architectural company’s advertisement design. The logo design along with the ad design will build a combined great impact on the viewers.

08. Priest Drafting

Priest Drafting provides services for prebid drawings, planning assistance, and layout design. This logo has some thick vertical lines that are a symbolic representation of skyscrapers. These lines dominate the design.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

But there are other elements also. You can notice some dim lines which signify a design at a drafting stage. This conveys that the company is in the field of architectural designs and drafting.

Make sure that your company’s brochure design also has the same elements. Your client’s’ confidence in your company will increase if your brochure and other marketing materials have the elements of your logo.

09. Metro Deck

Metro Deck architectural design company deals with eco friendly hardwood decking. Because this company delivers eco-friendly decking services, its logo has decks in green. The tree shape logo is symbolic of the services that help the natural environment.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

10. Withee Malcolm Architects

The Withee Malcolm architects logo design is a text-based logo. Such logos mostly rely on turning the letters into a unique design. In this logo also, the initial letters of the company’s name are used to create a unique logo.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The letters W and M are combined to give a bit deceptive look. So, both the letter can spell out the company’s initials. Both give the logo a memorable feature.

So, these are the inspirational architectural logo designs from our collection. You must have noticed that all the design elements in these logos point out to a core brand message of the company. Most of the logos intend to draw the attention of the audience towards the quality of professionalism in delivering the architectural services.

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Architectural logos such as these are inspirational designs from professional graphic designers. Each color, line, typeface, and other element has a purpose in the design. A company’s core message and strength finds representation in the logo.

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