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Top Mobile App Design Trends You Should Follow

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Mobile Apps Design

Mobile App Design

Last updated on February 1st, 2023

There is an overwhelming no. of people browsing internet through their mobile devices.
Here are some statistics supporting the same:
• Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone (smart insights)
• On average, users spend 69% of their media time on their smartphones.
• The search engine giant drives maximum traffic from the mobile search that is 96% followed by 2% and 1% by Yahoo and Bing respectively.

Businesses have recognized the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. As most of their target customers search and shop products or services using smartphones.

So, a mobile app design is essential to thriving in the business today. But your mobile app must have a trendy design that is fast loadable as well.

Let’s Dive Deep Into The Concept Of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are software applications that are run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These apps are typically accessible through app stores. The mobile operating system owners operate the stores. The app stores have become a huge source of revenue.

According, app stores are estimated to generate around 189 billion US dollars in revenues. Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World are key play stores to access mobile apps.

Businesses rely heavily on their mobile apps to drive customers. Most of people use smartphones to search and buy products or services. Your target customers can easily download your mobile app of business.

But they should have a pleasing experience in navigating through the app. A clean and user-friendly design of your business mobile apps will further make doing business a lot easier for your company.

Mobile Apps

Mobile app designs must comply with some basics. The designs must be goal-driven. The designers must know the specific business goals of the clients and tailor the app’s workflow as per the needs of users.

The audience must be able to navigate through the apps easily. The apps should not take much time to download.

Like all other graphic designs, mobile app design trends emerge and fade away. In 2018, it’s worth noting that the accessibility of mobile apps is continuing to grow and many new mobile app designs will come to the fore with the purpose of delivering an improved user experience.

Here Are Top Mobile App Design Trends You Should Follow

01. New And Interesting Gestures

The gestures used in mobile apps are animations that show emotion as per changing situations. This helps a lot in connecting and engaging visitors with the content.

Mobile apps will have new and interesting gestures to retain users and give them a pleasing search and shopping experience.

The success of a mobile app design in 2018 will largely depend on how efficiently the gestures create better UX.

The professional designers will add new gestures in order to create apps that are content-focused and interact with customers efficiently. These new gestures will also be designed with the intent of speeding up user action.

Mobile App Design

For example, more UX professionals are likely to implement Tamagotchi gestures as part of mobile app designs to give a human touch. Such gesture interactions enrich the user experience.

02. Wearable Technology

People are adopting fast to wearable devices. In the coming years, these devices will become part of our lives. Already, the adoption rate for wearable and smartwatch is much higher today than ever before.

Wearable Technology

For example, Apple watch is one of the wearable devices that have several compatible apps. Starting 2018, we will see the substantial evolution of the technology especially in the field of fitness sensors and sports oriented gadgets.

The increasing use of wearables will compel the designers to come out with competitive mobile app design ideas such as iPhone app development.

03. Typography Will Rule

So far, the role of typography in mobile app design has been miniscule. Instead, the designers focused more on issues like layouts, navigation and content type etc.

Typography was non-existent in the scheme of things. Now, the use of typography is gaining importance in the eyes of designers.

mobile app design

Most designers, evolved in mobile app development companies, are likely to use typography as a better way to enhance user experience. The focus will be on the space between letters and headlines, patterns and the type of font used.

The graphic designers will improve readability of the content by bringing typography in mobile app icon or button design as the main element.

04. Material Design

Material design is all about creating a visual language with basic design principles and synthesizing it with innovation and new technology. In 2018, the designers will make sure the users easily operate the applications on various mobile platforms.

The emphasis here is on creating improved user experience by enabling the app icons run smoothly on all mobile platforms. For example, the applications like Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube and many others are available for Android and iOS both.

Here is another example of good material design elements used to create mobile app.

Material Design

In fact, material design is increasingly being used in website design and many other graphic designs.

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These are the mobile app designs that are mostly likely to continue in 2018. But these are not the new trends. Many of them continue to be followed by the app icon designers already for past many months.

Your business may need a technology app icon or fashion app icon, make sure that it is loadable easily. It must also be user-friendly.

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Main focus of the designers will be to create better user experience and better interface. They will also try to bridge the gap between real and virtual world. The app icons will have interesting gestures and unique typography. Increasing use of the wearables will also force the designers to come out with new app design ideas.

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