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Top 10 Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn From

by Designhill Tweet - in Social Media

Last updated on March 6th, 2023

Today, technology has become a bigger part of our life than it ever used to be. Companies, in order to retain their positions in the real world are taking the help of virtual world. Social media marketing has become the most powerful marketing tool. The rising influence of social media has given a solid boost to social media marketing. Companies are discovering new ways to endorse themselves on the most popular social media platforms.

What is the best way to make people talk about your brand? Well, there is no definite answer, but one significant way is through social media.

Being in the digital era, businesses can’t afford to neglect any social media channel to target their audience. Social media has totally modernized the way businesses communicate with customers.

In order to encourage customers to make a purchase, it’s important to win their trust. And to win that, providing social proof is important.

However, there are other factors like product quality, taste, packaging design, etc. that motivate them to make a purchase decision, but social proof acts as an influencer that promotes product or services in an effective way.

Social media marketing is not quick and easy as it might appear to be. For promoting your business on social networking sites, you need to find your target audience and build relationships with influencers.

Various surveys have revealed interesting social media statistics that can give an insight into how crucial social media is for business:

• 95% of the adults aged between 18 and 34 are more likely to follow brands through social media pages.
• 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend the same brand to others if they have great experience with a brand.
• 2.5 billion users use social media on mobile globally, which is equivalent to 34% penetration. It means that every day, one million users are added on social media.
• 96% of consumers do not follow brand’s profile but discuss them.
• In social media, customers are more likely to share visual content 40 times more than any other content type.

Most of the businesses find it difficult to find new ways to promote their products or services on their social media pages.

So instead of scratching your head, it’s good to learn or study how other brands have used social media platforms to engage audience with their products or services. You can include the links of your social media handles on your website.

In case your business doesn’t have a website; you can consult a web development agency or take help from free website builder tools. But a site also needs hosting, where web hosting providing companies come to best assistance.

Social media marketing is done all around and by many. This gives you access to all kinds of information to learn from, so why not take this into an advantage.

The best way to learn what not to do is to learn what others did and failed by doing it. Thankfully, so many people use social media and make mistakes on it!” – as Souvik Banerjee, the Business Development Manager at RS Web Solutions mentioned in one of his articles.

Here Are Top 10 Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn From

01. Dominos ‘Dom The Pizza Bot’ Campaign

In 2017, Chatbots were one of the major game changers in social media marketing. But the only company that has taken the advantage of the innovation was Dominos Pizza.

They used chatbot as a social media tool to for their promotion. The brand officially launched its Facebook Messenger chatbot that allows customers to order pizza by doing nothing more than pressing a buttom— either online or on their Apple watch.

The objective was to offer customers a simple and entertaining way to order pizza.

Although they started the campaign through a particular Facebook page design for testing purpose to cut the phone calls and to slow down rate of their site, interestingly, it worked for them.

They tapped into the platform where their customers usually hang out. All in all, the Dom simplified their pizza ordering process.

But a messenger ChatBot is also a tool to acquire new customers and send automated messages, besides replying to chats 24/7.

02. Airbnb #WeAccept Campaign

At the end of 2016, Airbnb was dealing with some serious issues. There were widely accused of turning guests away for discriminatory reasons. The brand set new guidelines to ensure equal treatment in the community.

But the message had to be spread. So in 2017, the brand updated its social media page design and came up with an inspirational video with #WeAccept.

The video had photos of people from different places and backgrounds. Each picture had a story and an acceptance message.

The campaign was such a big hit that it accumulated 87 million impressions – the 3rd largest driver of earned commissions. It received over 500k Facebook and Instagram likes.

It was shared over 90,000 times. By acknowledging the issues of customers, they succeed in retaining the trust of the community. The brand also noticed a 13% increase in the number of visitors to their official website.

03. Kellog’s Eggo Stranger Things Campaign

When Eleven, the famous character in Stranger Things, showed her love for Eggos, the world was both puzzled and could relate. And for Kellogg’s, it was a golden opportunity to endorse their waffles.

The brand saw a successful return by making use of free plug from one of Netflix’s most profitable web series, thanks to their social media team that quickly took the advantage of the opportunity and created hype with #StrangerThings.

The hashtag dominated the season two airing. The team posted the images and Gifs of Eleven with her favorite snack on all their social media platforms. A video on Youtube had been uploaded that covered the scenes from the show.

A nine-course menu had also been published so that viewers can pair with an Eggo recipe. The campaign undoubtedly helped the brand in increasing Eggo waffle sales.

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04. Coca Cola’s #ShareACoke Campaign

Share a Coke campaign has been with us from 2014, and it is considered as one of the best campaigns in Coca-Cola’s history. In 2018, the brand came up with the new version of the campaign.

The new version had a new logo design and spread a new message that the chilled coke tastes best when shared with friends, family and even strangers. Consumers were encouraged to find bottles with the name meaningful to them and then share it with their families and friends.

Additionally, consumers were asked to share their stories on social media with #ShareACoke. The campaign was a big hit.

More than 500,000 photos got shared on social media, 6 million virtual bottles were created by consumers, and there was an increase in the number of Facebook followers by 25 million.

The brand connected with consumers on a personal level and a powerful call-to-action was created with the slogan ‘Share a Coke’.

05. Taco Bell’s SnapChat Filter Campaign

In 2016, Taco Bell lets its Snapchat users live out their Cinco de Mayo fantasies by creating a filter that changed their heads into giant taco shells. The filter also featured the ‘bong’ sound that was previously used for brand identity.

Though the campaign lasted for a day, it succeeded in acquiring 224 million views in a single day. The main objective of the campaign was to make people use a Snapchat filter and create a desire to eat something from Taco Bell.

According to Adweek, an American advertising trade publication, in order to create the Snapchat Lens, Taco Bell’s social media team worked closely with the Snapchat creative team. The company had spent a lot of money on the campaign, and they got their money’s worth.

06. Old Spice “Smell Like a Man Man” Campaign

Before the launch of this campaign, Old Spice was usually associated with old men. Soon after the launch of the video campaign, it quickly generated word-of-mouth buzz both online and offline.

Within two days, the producers and developers responded to their fans’ questions (picked from their social media channels) by creating another video which was posted on YouTube.

The reach of the campaign was impressive. Within a day, it received 6 million views. On the second day, the brand had 8 popular online videos.

And after a week, it had 40 million views; created a record of the most viewed channel of the time. Followers on their Twitter page increased by 2700%, interaction on their Facebook page increased by 800% and the traffic on their website increased by 300%.

The company had set a target of increasing 15% of product sales, but the sales went up to 60%.

07. The #HolySheetMask Challenge By Sephora

If you want your customers to talk about your product, then challenge them to use it in situations that are not obvious. This is what Sephora (a multinational chain of beauty stores and personal care) did with #HolySheetMask.

The brand challenged its customers to wear a sheet mask in publicand post their pictures and funny stories on their Instagram page.

The brand received 500 photos from both the small and large accounts. The brand also reposted many of the submissions on daily basis, supporting their ongoing mask challenge.

The takeaway of the campaign is, first, to make your customers share their love for your product with a unique hashtag in an entertaining way, and second, tie-up with the influencers to increase the reach of the challenge.

08. Nike React Campaign

Nike – I bet you know what it is. It needs no introduction. However, it is also one of the most popular brands on Instagram, which never failed to deliver unique and creative posts.

In 2018, the brand came up with some unique product shots and content. There were two posts for Nike react. The first post was a creative shot that was made to attract the audience for the upcoming product.

The picture showcases a mannequin’s feet on several cushion surfaces and springs fixed together to create a shoe’s illusion.

Without mentioning any product specification, the post showed that the upcoming product will be as comfortable as shown in the picture. In order to continue promotion, after a few days, the brand released a video.

The video featured shoes made-up of springy material and cushion-like with different soles. The video was as interactive as the image post.

The campaign attracted a lot of views on their Instagram page. The brand also announced an increase by 7% in the share value. It’s really wonderful to see a campaign promoting a new product with nothing else but a simple image and video.


09. Adidas #Originalis Campaign

2017 was a great year for Adidas, and it has a lot to do with the success of their Adidas Originals line, which they strongly promoted with a number of Instagram campaigns.

The brand follows the approach of influential marketing i.e. people will pay attention to the brand message if they get influential people to talk about their brand.

Adidas created #Orginalsis and collaborated with influential personalities like Stormzy, Snoop Dogg, and Desiigner. These big names were featured in the video with a message ‘I did it my way’.

By teaming up with these famous people of the hip-hop world and creating a unique hashtag proved to be a winning combination for a brand.

The strategy helped Adidas in building their Originals brand as a totem of hip-hop culture. They also managed to reach to the audience they had not influenced yet.

10. Wix ‘Melt The Ice’ Campaign

Wix is a cloud-based web development platform that allows its users to create a user-friendly website without any technical know-how. In 2017, the brand came up with amazing ‘Melt The Ice’ campaign.

They ran a big game by fixing a football helmet in a giant ice block. A fire had been pointed at it to melt the ice. If the helmet fell down, the participant would win $10, 000.

This continued all the way to the day when someone could win $50,000. There was only one rule. Participants had to change their profile picture to Chez Felix.

They would then tune-in to live stream to see if the ice has melted (which is when the winner would be announced). The stream racked up 232 million live views.

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Social media is just one platform for marketing. Considering it as a part of your overall marketing strategy can help you in yielding benefits that are beyond what you can predict. Now that you have learned how big brands have made their campaigns successful, it’s time to start brainstorming your next campaign. There is one advice that I would like to give to all my readers -engage your users in a natural way. They should not have the feeling that you are selling something that they don’t need. Make them feel that you are selling something that they have longed for for long.

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