5 Top Strategies To Retain Your Customers During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Retain Your Customers

Besides taking a huge toll on public health and claiming thousands of lives, the COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost every business around the world. From losing clients and money to facilitating remote working for the employees abruptly, businesses have changed overnight.

While social and physical distancing has been imposed for a good reason, a steep drop in footfall has proved to be bad for the businesses.

Still it’s possible to continue serving your customers. Want to know how?

Here Are 5 Effective Strategies To Engage And Retain Them Even During The Pandemic

01. Engage In Proactive Communication With Your Customers

In such times when nothing is sure what will happen the next day, it is important to be in constant communication with your customers. They will be able to understand and empathize with you only if you are proactive in your communication.

Whether you are closing down temporarily, changing your business hours, or still operating notify your customers using:

  • Text messages
  • Social media platforms
  • Emails
  • Your website

You can inform them about the steps you have adopted for mitigation and safety of environment and employees.

During these critical times, you can leverage social media by frequently posting valuable information about the virus or divert your customers using positive and light content.

02. Promote Gift Cards

Promoting gift cards preloaded with funds is a great way to ensure your customers come back to you for transacting. You can offer online or digital gift cards and encourage your customers to buy now or redeem later when this phase subsides.

Besides this, you can sell theme-based gifts cards for special occasions. It would be a good idea to email the cards to your buyers or scheduled them for a particular day, such as in case of anniversaries or birthdays.

03. Launch Online Events

The best and most impactful events are the ones that take place in the real world. However, following the outbreak after several event cancelations, virtual events seem to be more viable.

Moreover, people quarantined at home are looking for ways of entertainment. If you had any event planned, it’s time you stream them online using platforms like Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

First, it will help you build goodwill, second, it will keep your customers engaged, and last, you can also try selling your products or services. Additionally, you can incentivize people to drive maximum attendance for your online event.

04. Give Discounts

In order to increase sales and attract new customers during the quarantine period, you can offer them special discounts. If suitable for your company, entice the customers to buy a one-year membership at a reduced cost.

Because now it is a good time. From offers on products and services to discounts on shipping, etc., you can choose what is best for your business model.

05. Provide Digital Services Using Various Tools

Businesses are adapting to digital culture faster than ever.

From working from home to meetings, conferences, and events, almost everything has undergone a digital transformation due to lockdown effect and social distancing. What next? Make your services available to your customers virtually.

Give them a chance to support your business while they are sitting at home. If you are a service provider, you can provide your services online or keep your customers engaged with videos aligned to your line of business.

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End Note:

Your customers may be home quarantined or self-isolated. However, that does not mean you are losing them or may lose them. Look for effective ways to stay connected and go out of the way to make them feel special. You will not just be able to retain them but it will also ensure some amount of cash is still flowing in the meantime.

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