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Top 25 Supply Chain And Logistics Logo Ideas

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Logo Ideas

Logistics Logo Ideas

Last updated on February 8th, 2023

Supply chain and logistics provider companies are plenty in most markets. They depend a lot on their marketing tactics for success. But most importantly, their visual identities matter to draw clients’ attention. Amongst these identities, unique logistics logo ideas are foremost for companies and businesses.

Logistics means efficient management of the flow from the storage of goods to the point of consumption. A company involved in the logistics business provides management of the flow of goods and materials.

It manages the flow from the point of origin to the end users or destination. The service provider handles shipping, warehousing, inventory, packaging as well as security.

A supply chain company is the one having a network of resources, organizations, technologies, activities, and individuals.

They all create and sell a product by sourcing it from the source and supplying it to the manufacturer. Then, the company eventually delivers the product to the end user.

Importance Of Logo For A Logistics Company

The importance of a logistics logo for these companies is immense. First, the logo works as a symbol that people or clients can recall easily. It works as an identity of the company in its niche market.

A company can build a good first impression on viewers with such unique designs. This helps in many ways. With such an impressive logo, a business can become a brand. This is because people start responding emotionally to the symbol.

They do so after a long interaction with the company’s services. If you plan to start a supply chain and logistics company, the first thing to ensure is a uniquely designed logistics logo. With such a logo, you can confidently approach your clients for new assignments.

We give you a list of inspirational supply chain and logistics logo ideas that stand out. Use these as inspirational ideas to create your own logo.

Supply Chain And Logistics Logo Ideas

01. Cargo Smart

Cargo Smart offers a wide range of logistics services that help shippers and consignees manage shipment throughout the shipment cycle. Its transport logo design is a simple wordmark, comprising of the company’s name.

Cargo Smart

The letters are set in sans serif font. For a contrasting effect, the first word has thick letters compared to the second word.  A blue curvy line stands for the cargo movement.

02. I Drive Logistics

I Drive Logistics is in the business of providing intelligent solutions. The company delivers this solution to small-parcel shippers. Its logo has ‘ i’ designed in such a way that it stands out from the rest of the letters.

I Drive Logistics

The dim yellow ‘i’ gives a clear visual identity to the logo. The letter ‘D’ also appears in a different style. This is one of the unique logistics logo ideas that we can say is a simple design.

03. Integra Core

IntegraCore provides complete integrated solutions to the general traders that include carpentry based scopes. The company’s logistics logo is a wordmark spelling out its name.

Integra Core

This rectangular shaped logo is in blue to evoke the feelings of socialization and friendliness. It is a simple design with no symbols and other complicated elements.

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04. OBS Logistics

OBS Logistics provides integrated services for transport and warehouse management systems. This UK based company projects its brand image using its unique transport logo design.

OBS Logistics

It has a big ‘O’ created in a special way so that it dominates the entire design. This design helps it stand out from its competitors’ logo and business. Such logistics logo ideas help build a distinctive identity of a business.

05. CTE

CTE is a Malaysia based warehousing services provider transport and logistics company. Its company logo is in contrasting bold colors of red and navy blue that make it attractive.


This lettermark stands out also because of the lines that stretch from one end to the other. These straight lines give it a different image and make it a memorable design.

06. Softeon

Softeon is an end-to-end supply chain solutions provider. Its logo becomes a memorable design due to the four arrows at its left side.

The arrows are in blue and grey, presenting a visually contrasting effect. The square in the middle stands for the company and the arrows are the four directions.


Overall, it conveys that the company provides supply chain solutions everywhere. With such logistics logo ideas, even a new business can hope to build a solid customer base.

07. Terra Logistics

Terra Logistics is in the business of handling of all types and sizes of cargo. The company’s logo has a red triangular dot that draws our attention instantly. The company’s name is in big and bold letters.

Terra Logistics

There are some flowing lines at the top that represent the movement of transportation trucks. Logistics company logos such as this are important to build an image of a company in its niche market.

08. Vectora Transportation

Simple logistics logo ideas contribute a lot toward building a trustworthy image of a business. Vectora Transportation is a multi-modal and asset-based third-party logistics provider company.

Vectora Transportation

This company logo has three thick flowing lines. These lines stand for the movement and growth of the company’s transportation business. Black color dominates this design. It conveys the power and authority of the brand’s services in its niche market.

09. Vincent Logistics

Vincent Logistics provides sustainable transport and logistics solutions. It has an oval-shaped logistics company logo in red.

Vincent Logistics

There is a thick flowing line that looks like a road. It also stands for the movement of transportation. The custom logo design is in the shape of a smiling face, which stands for a satisfied customer.

10. Whitacre Logistics LLC

Whitacre Logistics LLC provides warehousing, transloading, asset-based dry van fleet services. Its logo has a big wheel-shaped design that makes it memorable. The wheel looks like the van is turning to a side.

Whitacre Logistics LLC

The company’s name in red and the wheel in navy dark blue presents an eye-catching contrast. Logistics logo ideas with the use of bright colors evoke feelings of hope and growth.

11. Synchronized

Synchronized is a supply chain logistics company that provides warehousing and transport services. Since the company’s name is Synchronized, the designer created the letter ‘s’ for the initial of the company name. But it is also designed such a way that two roads in the design are synchronized.


12. Hala

Hala is a Saudi Arabia based supply chain solutions company. It runs services in warehouses, forwarding, record solutions, and asset optimization. Its logo is one of the logistics logo ideas that have a clever but simple design.


It has a tilted square that has the company’s initial letter ‘h’ designed. You can notice that the ‘h’ is designed to give the impression of roads. It looks like there is a highway in the square shape. That stands for the company’s supply chain transportation business.

13. Promofill

Promofill is warehousing, marketing logistics, and e-commerce service company. The big red ball that looks like the rising sun above the horizon catches the attention.


The letters in it are in white, giving a contrasting effect. The company’s name appears in green, which stands for growth.

14. GSCA

Global Supply Chain Alliance is a logistic network ecosystem to connect logistic companies to form a quality supply chain. Its logo has a star on the last letter ‘A’ of the company’s name. The star is the symbol of aspirations. With such logo ideas, a company can hope to drive more clients to its way.


15. Supply Chain

Supply Chain is a Texas-based company with a rich background in logistics and farming. Its logo has a knotted design with a green star in the middle.

Supply Chain

16. Iptor

Iptor Supply Chain Systems is a globally integrated ERP and provides supply chain solutions. The company’s logo is minimalist and modern and one of the unique logistics logo ideas. Only the company’s name and a set of three small unequal lines make this logo memorable.


17. XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics is a pivotal supply chain solution provider. The company’s wordmark logo is attractive because of the use of red and black colors.

XPO Logistics

Due to the red color, the logo becomes instantly visible while the rest of the company name is in black. Red stands for passion and excitement and black is the color of authority and power.

18. United Parcel Services

United Parcel Service is an American supply chain management company. Its logo design is amongst those logistics logo ideas that use conventional elements. This logo is in a trophy shape, which conveys that the company is a global leader in its market.

United Parcel Services

The use of yellow reflects the hope and aspirations of the company while black stands for authority. The fonts are sans serif which signals that the company’s services are user-friendly.

19. C.H. Robbinson

C.H, Robinson is a supply chain company that sends goods through truck, train, plain, and ship. A distinctive feature of its logo is a hexagon shaped logo with six arrows. These arrows represent the overwhelming presence of the company’s services in the world. On the other hand, the blue color used in the design is for a friendly business environment.

C.H. Robbinson

You do not have to hire a designer always to create such unique logos. Even a logo maker, that you can access online, is a good tool to design a logo all by yourself due to its drag and drop features.

20. J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. is a trucking and transportation company based in the Northwest Arkansas city of Lowell. Its logo uses yellow as a dominant background color.

J.B. Hunt

It conveys its message of delivering user-friendly services. The formal style of letters hints at the professional business approach of the company.

21. Penske

Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P. is headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania. Its logo is unique as it highlights the company name by a thick blue boundary line around it.


This rare design helps this business logo stand out from the crowd of many such symbols from the logistics industry. Blue is the color for socialization and intelligence. It is surely one of the simple but effective logistics logo ideas.

22. APL Logistics

APL Logistics Ltd. is a Japan-based freight forwarding and transportation company. There are two key attractive features in its logo.

APL Logistics

The first one is the red square dot. Red is the color to convey that the company is passionate to deliver high-quality logistics services. Another feature is the big half circle that hints at the movements.

23. Werner

Werner Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: WERN), is one of the nation’s largest supply chain logistics and transportation companies. The company wants to show its dominance.


So, its logo has its name written all over the space in bold letters. The logo makes a cinematic effect. Yellow is the color of hope and growth.

24. DSC Logistics

DSC Logistics is an Illinois, US, based logistics service providing company. Its logo stands out because of the unique box design.

DSC Logistics

The letters DS and C are designed in red boxes giving only a hint of what they stand for. These boxes become the identity of the logo and help the company build a brand identity.

25. TransGroup Global Logistics

Transgroup provides a cross-discipline of domestic, international and warehouse/distribution services. The company’s logo is a simple wordmark design. But the design looks different because of the tilt that the designer gave to the letter ‘A’. This makes the logo memorable.

TransGroup Global Logistics

These are the top supply chain and logistics logo ideas from our list. These ideas should serve well when you look for inspiration. Do not copy them. Instead, learn what basics they follow. Also, know how easily they convey a brand message across the audience.

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Wrapping Up…

Supply chain and logistics companies are plenty in most markets. They have to build their own brand identities. Uniquely designed logistics logo ideas help them in reaching out to their target audiences with a purpose. Such logos are simple designs with the strategic use of colors and typefaces. This list of such inspirational logos will help you create one such symbol of your business.

Check Out Logistics Logo Ideas

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