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Top 12 T-Shirt Fundraising Platforms For Unbelievable Results

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

T-shirts are versatile apparels for effective marketing campaigns. Businesses across the world make great use of these shirts to create brand awareness. Even fundraisers widely use this casual wear. T-shirt fundraising is now a common effective way to raise money for a cause. Many dedicated platforms are helping people use this medium to raise funds.

Fundraising is an essential activity to meet much-needed financial muscle to accomplish a project or cause. While many other means are in use to raise funds, nothing beats t-shirt fundraising. This is a time-tested tactic that seldom fails. It is a simple fundraising way as well. All you do is to create your t-shirt with the right slogan on it. Then, sell those shirts to people. Most of them will buy the shirts as they want to support the cause.

Most fundraising events benefit from using t-shirts for raising funds. People use this strategy to raise funds for charity, arranging walks, golf tournaments, art auctions, and concerts. Even businesses use it for brand recognition.

In fact, fundraising is prevalent in most spheres of our lives. Personal fundraising helps raise money from family and friends for adoption, travel, medical purposes, school, and college, etc. Then, non-profit organizations also use t-shirt fundraising. They leverage the power of their social circle by making great use of social media. Peer-to-peer fundraising is another popular type of acquiring financial support.

But how do these platforms work? Well, you can design your own t-shirt and launch it on these platforms. You can upload your artwork or use the platform to create your own tshirt design. Then, these sites allow you to promote your t-shirt on social media and elsewhere. As people become aware of your social campaign and cause, they buy your t-shirts from these platforms, which directly ship it to the buyers on your behalf.

Remember, fundraising is not as easy as it seems. It is an art. Hank Rosso’s ‘Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising’ — a classic book in the field said, “Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.’’ T-shirts are the apparels that everybody loves to wear. You can create trendy shirts to attract donors with designs and motivational slogans. There is no better place than a fundraising platform to design your t-shirts, sell and then raise the money for a cause.

Here Are The Major Platforms That You Can Use For T-Shirt Fundraising

01. Zexex Sports

Zexex Sports is one of the most popular t-shirt fundraising platforms dedicated to clubs and teams. With this site, you can create a logo design for your social or team cause. Then, pick your choice of products from the site’s catalog. This means that you will select from many t-shirt styles.

As a next step, you will set up your online team store with the platform. Your donors can buy your t-shirts directly from the store. So, the site takes care of the design aspect of your t-shirts and leaves you free for spreading the word about your social cause and fundraising. The site does not charge any upfront charges.

02. Bonfire

Bonfire lets you sell your custom t-shirts by creating your crowdfunding campaigns. It is also a great platform to place orders for customized clothing. It is a flexible platform due to the many options available to the users. This site comes up with a built-in fundraising option.

Both individuals and nonprofits can use Bonfire with ease. Just upload your custom t-shirt design in the site’s online builder. The site also lets people donate for your supporters. Setting up your campaign at Bonfire is free. But the site charges a 4.5% platform fee and 3.5% processing fee.

03. Nifty Campaigns

Nifty Campaigns is known for linking your donors to your social cause and campaign page. At this site, there is a built-in tech patch. Your supporters tap the patch, and they reach your updated campaign page to have the information. This unique feature sets the site apart from such other platforms. This feature is an innovation in fundraising.

This site helps you immensely in networking, which is an essential element to fundraising. David Cohen, who is an American attorney and served as Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2015 to 2017, once said, “When fundraising, your network is critical. Leveraging it early and often is the key. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you need money to engage sources of capital.”

When it comes to pricing, the site offers free online campaigns if they are only online. But it charges nonprofits with a 5% commission fee. You can place a bulk order for their t-shirts with a price tag for each t-shirt.

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04. Fundly

Fundly is one of the fundraising platforms that are an ideal choice for crowd funding campaigns. Funding is easy to make at this site. You can offer your unique t-shirts to your donors as rewards or add-ons. This t-shirt maker software has features to allow creating your t-shirts and sell them. You are also allowed to set a minimum donation amount.

This is an ideal platform for nonprofits who wish to make good use of t-shirts as an incentive to get more donations. But donors with smaller donations are also welcomed. Pricing depends on the products you pick to sell.

05. Nature’s Vision

Nature’s Vision is known for its unique fundraising. It focuses on products that are environment-friendly. They have t-shirts made from organic cotton only. So, your organization can pick their t-shirts. They have a wide range of animal and nature-themed designs.

This is an ideal site for smaller nonprofits organizations that need funds especially to promote issues related to the environment. You also have access to the site’s fundraising catalog for free. You get donation request letters as well.

06. Inkd Apparel

Inkd Apparel is amongst t-shirt fundraising platforms that give their expert campaign advice. The site actively works with nonprofits for creating t-shirts that represent a cause. It also builds a fundraising website for nonprofits that they can share online.

The site is an ideal choice for nonprofits organization that need guidance to create their campaign. You can create a fundraising campaign for free.

07. Fan Cloth

Fan Cloth is a fundraising platform dedicated to schools and sports teams. This site gives you an incentive program that helps motivate students as well as sports people. Those who want to mobilize students for fundraising should use this site.

08. Qgiv

Qgiv is not a typical fundraising platform that we generally come across. This site is working more like peer-to-peer fundraising that has a storefront. You can sell your t-shirt from the storefront directly to your donors. Each individual fundraiser at this site can sell the shirts to a network of friends.

The site is an ideal platform for nonprofits who want to use t-shirts as a way of raising funds for a campaign. But to sell the shirts make sure that t-shirt printing is also equally impressive and high-quality.

09. Charidy

Charidy platform for fundraising comes with a host of useful features. Nonprofits can use the site to engage their donors. The site guides you at every step. You can get help for goal setting analysis, marketing plan, campaign, and tax receipts. It also helps quadruple donor contribution if you use Matcher Pledges feature.

The site comes out with 3:1 match strategy, which attracts nonprofits for fundraising. They can also find out the amount of money they can raise in 24 hours. The site charges no upfront fees.

10. Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge is one of the most popular t-shirt fundraising platforms for nonprofits. They can create their personal fundraising pages at the site. They are also allowed to post pictures and videos as well as links to their social media pages. The site is equipped with the features to track the campaign and report the results. It is also a useful site to create networks for donors.

The site allows for creating as many campaigns as nonprofits want. The donation and payment forms at the site are flexible. The site does not charge any additional fee.

11. DonorDrive

DonorDrive is yet another useful site to raise money using your t-shirt campaign for any event. The site’s software is scalable, which means that organizations can enhance their fundraising efforts.

You will be charged a modest fee to set up your campaign at the site. It also gives you training and support without charging any fee. However, you need to pay an annual fee and some percentage of your donations.

12. CauseVox

CauseVox is a unique fundraising platform that allows nonprofits to keep their donations even when the donation amount is minimal and below target. They can make special fundraising pages and create teams.

The site lets them create and customize fundraising websites. They can also have real-time access to data on the progress of their campaign and the campaign can be integrated with email and social media to increase the reach. You need to pick a prepaid plan as the pricing package at this site.

These are top t-shirt fundraising platforms that give you the desired results. But make sure that you explore all the features of these sites. This way, you increase your fundraising ability.

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T-shirts are an excellent strategy to raise funds for a social cause. Just design your unique shirt and ask people to buy it as a way to give donations for a cause. There are many t-shirt fundraising platforms which help in raising money. These major platforms offer many features to help design funny t-shirts, sell them, and get the donations.

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