Top 3 Things to Keep In Mind When Conceptualizing a Salon Logos

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Salon Logo Design

Last updated on April 13th, 2018

Logos are the time-tested marketing tools to establish one’s brand in the business arena. Quite expectedly, professional yet creative salon logo design remains a critical element for those who wish to establish their brand identity in the parlor business. However, the broad creative spectrum of salon logo design makes the work of logo designer a bit harder and challenging. Therefore, it is vital for a logo designer to get acquainted with the essentials of salon logo designs. Here is a little guide on few essential things that a logo designer should keep in mind when conceptualizing a professional salon logo design.

Salon Logos Specific Details

This is an essential step towards a salon logos as it helps you clearly visualize things from your customers’ perspective. As the variations occur in logo design specifics, the salons too differ in their work areas and therefore it is imperative for your logo design to clearly summarize the essence of your salon’s specialties.

Popular Trends In Fonts 

Salon Logo Design

A realistic approximation of your font’s shapes and sizes would definitely help you design at a creative salon logos that subtly stand out from the crowd. According to a norm, beauty industry abides by cursive fonts since their requirements emanate from the classy feminine nature. However, some contemporary fonts with block letters too also work well, provided they blend easily with the overall design of the logo. The idea here is to make sure that the salon logos goes well with its salon specific characteristics yet looks trendy.

Colors Contrast to create Salon Logos

Color Scheme of Salon Logos

It becomes apparent from some of the famous salon logos that purple, pink and mauve are amongst the choicest color schemes for salon logos. However, creative logo design experts keep on experimenting with different shades of pastel and bright colors to ensure that their logo doesn’t look the usual run-of-the-mill design.

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