11 Top Trending Logo Design Techniques of 2018

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Logo Design Techniques

Last updated on May 29th, 2018

Before we say goodbye to the awesome year that was 2015, let’s celebrate it by remembering the trendiest logo design techniques of 2015.

Here Are 11 Top Trending Logo Design Techniques of 2018

Technique 1: Clean Fonts Won Over Fancy Ones.

Fans of curly, stylish, fonts will have to see if they can resurrect a love for fancy fonts this year. If not, never fear, there’s always the next year. And the next. And the next…


Technique 2: Mobile-Friendly Logo Designs Are On The Rise.

As more and more people use their mobiles and tablets to read their emails, check their bank accounts and shop—among a list of other things—there’s now a growing need for sites that are adapted to mobile. That, of course, entails the same shift for logos, images, the page design and all other elements that designers work with.

Given this trend, it’s safe to assume that a lot of designers these days are already making way for the change. The adjustment largely involves finding creative ways to improve the user experience for smaller screens. This, in particular, includes the creation of amazing logos that shrink whenever readers start to scroll down a page. This has led to a boost in the production of mobile-friendly logo designs.

While not all designers think the same, it won’t be long now before they do. Considering the rising number of users, that’s a lot of potential shoppers’ right there. E-commerce sites won’t risk alienating the potential market. This, in turn, will surely drive the demand for mobile-friendly designs, superb quality logos and more. With a growing portion of mobile users, the need for designers to come up with logos—perfect for the condensed navigation systems of tablets and smartphones—won’t stop anytime soon.

Technique 3: Different Types Of Typography.

Web fonts are becoming bigger than ever. And some logo designs have shown a decided predilection for mixing and matching different types. Some logo designs, for instance, favored bold letters and a charming mismatch of colors and fonts.


Technique 4 : Hyper-color Is No Longer The Territory Of The Garish Or Gaudy.

This is another logo design techniques trend that grew from around 2015. It’s more of a reclaiming, actually. We now finally recognize that the use of rainbow colors—when done tastefully—is a technique capable of breathing incredible life to flat, insipid designs.

Technique 5: The Return To Black.

Logo designs have seen the return of the classic black and white combo. While black and white can come off as severe, in the hands of the right designer, it can convey a gamut of emotive appeal—from sexy to sedate, from formal to funky, and from classic to Goth.

Technique 6: Simple Logos Rule.

This one is consistent with the switch to clean fonts. The elaborate emblem of Harvard University, for example, was modified in the spirit of this thought. The emblem is now a less fussy version of the original. The end result is a stark and simple design. It’s the clutter-free look again winning over the flashy or showy.

Technique 7: Mosaic Patterns Fit For Different Size Formats.

These patterns are becoming quite the thing for logos, as most designers use them to indicate concepts. The use of mosaic patterns allow for arrangements that only need a few elements. This is a major plus since the structure makes it possible for the quality logos to be sized and resized without any problems, changing from one size format to another with ease when viewed with different devices and on different platforms.

Technique 8: Vibrant Designs.

There’s more life, and certainly more energy, more color, to the designs we’ve been seeing last year, a quality that wasn’t quite as strong or obvious in cool logos from the past few years.

Technique 9: The Positive Appeal Of Negative Space.

Negative space is all about the idea of doing more with less. The genius of this logo design technique lies in the careful placement of details. It’s a great design, one that doesn’t suffer when the logos are subjected to multi-platform viewing.

logo design technique



Technique 10: The Overlap Technique to Create Cool Logos.

This happens when elements in the logo overlap. We saw this overlapping logo design techniques plenty of times in 2015. It was one of our favorites.

Technique 11: 3D Logos Are Finally Here.

Given the introduction of 3D cinema, it’s not a surprise that 3D logos were hot favorites in 2015. While the design—creative works in 2D made to convey the punch and realism of 3D—isn’t all that new (it’s been around for years), it came back with a vengeance last year.

These are just a few of the best logo design techniques that 2015 was all about. With 2015 already underway, it’s exciting to see how many of these trends will eventually die out, how many will continue to change, shift and evolve—and how many of these will stay ever the same.

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