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Top 15 Udemy Courses For Artists

by Designhill Tweet - in Artist

Udemy Courses For Artists

Last updated on January 13th, 2023

2020 has been the worst year of this millennium. However, for some, it has been the best year to add more skills. During the COVID-19 crisis, Govt. authorities made it mandatory to stay isolated and avoid gatherings with the outside world. At the same time, many wise people have enrolled themselves for online skill-based courses. As they were aware of the fact that these additional courses would help them to earn additional income by working from home in their extra time. Similarly, artists can also explore such online courses to gain more experience and opportunities. They can depend on Udemy, which offers the top 15 basic and advanced courses to help artists add more skills to their repertoire. Have a look.

As an artist, don’t let the coronavirus kill your creative spirit even if you are unable to move out of the home for inspiration. You may be skillful in one aspect of art but think of learning about other types of arts as well.

For instance, if your expertise is in painting, use the idle time at home in learning digital sketching, caricature drawing, digital art on iPad, etc. With an added skill, you can use it to earn more income in your extra time.

Or, even if you are not a professional artist and you had a hidden desire to become an artist but could not realize it due to your office job. Well, why not start joining an online course to realize your dream. There are art courses for beginners as well.

Why should you prefer Udemy to learn art skills?

Udemy is a globally recognized marketplace for learning from its various courses through instructions from experts in the fields. The marketplace is a platform where students from all over the world are connected with the best instructors.

In this way, this premier online institute carries the experience of helping students in realizing their career goals.

The significance of Udemy for students can be gauged from what it has achieved so far. The coaching marketplace has 57000 instructors, and 150M courses across different categories. It boasts of 295M course enrollments and offers a staggering 33M minutes of video viewing in more than 65 languages.

During the present coronavirus crisis, Udemy has slashed its course prices drastically to make it affordable for everyone. The institution’s course prices are now down even by 94%. Almost all the courses are available at one very low price.

In case you are still not interested in the course, the institution will refund the money under its 30 Day Money Back Guarantee scheme. So, you have no risks in enrolling for your choice of course.

At an affordable price, you have access to many hours of videos for detailed instructions. You will get many downloadable resources that you will be using anytime while practicing your new skills.

Also, many articles related to the topic will also be available to you for useful reading to enhance your knowledge of the field. After you are finished with the course in a month or so, Udemy will issue you a Certificate of Completion.

So, Here Are The Top 15 Courses That Artists Can Explore To Learn New Skills From Udemy Experts

01. Character Art School: Complete Coloring and Painting Course

This is an ideal course for those who wish to learn how to color and paint characters professionally for animation, games, comics, etc. You will learn beginner to advanced techniques to portray characters and coloring, comic book characters, Anime, Manga, etc.

Also, you will paint digitally and learn the theory. Then learn how to apply that theory using traditional tools. The course also gives you 19.5 hours of tutorial videos, 12 articles, and 15 downloadable resources.

Character Art School

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02. The Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced

The Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course is your resource to learn how to draw a realistic portrait in a quick time. You will learn techniques to create faces from different angles and how to simplify the principal lines of the face. Other methods you will learn include shading of the face, blending, and adding highlights.

The Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course

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03. Discover How to Draw and Paint Comics

To draw and paint comics is a lucrative job, but you must be proficient in the use of techniques and skills. The course teaches you to draw anything you can imagine, including human figures, cartoons, emotions, heads, muscles, 3D shapes, lighting, etc. Besides these vital skills, you will also learn to use Photoshop, edit, and digitally paint.

Discover How to Draw and Paint Comics

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04. Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching: Beginner to Advanced

If you wish to learn all about how to sketch images digitally, then this is a perfect course to follow. You will create images for games and films like a professional does after the course is over. Get digital techniques to create and improve your sketching skills.

Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching

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This beginner to advanced course will teach you the techniques that you can apply while using Photoshop and Procreate. You will be able to build a solid portfolio of concept art and digital art.

05. The Art & Science of Drawing / DYNAMIC MARK MAKING

The art and science of drawing courses teach the skills to use the pencil to infuse your linework with emotions and express through a wide range of engaging lines. You will learn how to draw objects that have a sense of touch. The course teaches you all the essential drawing skills and gives you the practicing lessons as well.

The Art & Science of Drawing

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06. How to Draw Heads – Step by Step – From Any Angle

The facial features of characters are important to convey their personality. With these lessons from the experts, you will draw your characters’ heads efficiently to give them a variety and to tell a story. With this course, you become an expert in drawing male and female comic style heads in different ways.

How to Draw Heads

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07. How to Improve Your Creature Design Drawings – Step by Step

This course is your step by step guide to skillfully creating design drawings. You will be able to draw creative concepts drawing from your imagination. The course gives you access to the techniques that help you create thumbnails quickly.

You will have a deeper understanding of Procreate and how to create Speeddraw videos, create and import custom brushes as well as compose and create a painting.

Improve Your Creature Design Drawings

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08. Drawing and Painting on the iPad with Procreate

With this course, the users can have a good understanding of Procreate and how to draw and paint on the iPad. You will also be able to create Speedraw videos and custom brushes, as well as how to compose and create a painting.

Learn the shortcuts and options for every tool to draw and paint. The instructions are simple and easy to follow in a step by step form.

Drawing and Painting on the iPad

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09. A Pro’s Guide to Digital Comic Book Coloring

This guide teaches you the right skills required for digital comic book coloring. You will have lessons in the coloring process from start to finish in Photoshop. Get the basic skills of layering to finishing pages and special effects. Have a deeper understanding of color theory and master the art of storytelling, strategic rendering, and much more.

Pro's Guide to Digital Comic Book Coloring

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10. Digital Art Tools: Complete Fundamentals Course

You will acquire proficiency in the fundamental principles of creating digital art through this course. It trains you in acquiring the right skills to perfection with this course. You will have a better understanding of Digital Canvas and Workspace, Brushes, Selections, Color Pickers, as well as core features of the digital art software.

Learn also how to apply fundamentals in Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Procreate, Gimp, Corel Painter, and Paint Tool Sai. Using clip studio paint discount – you can get an amazing offer on Clip Studio Paint – a very popular software for digital painting, anime, manga, and comic arts.

Digital Art Tools

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11. Procreate like a Pro: Create Awesome Digital Art on an iPad

Learn the skills to handle the tools within Procreate and understand how to navigate. After the course, you will become a master in drawing and painting a character concept. You will create and share custom brushes with confidence.

Learn how to use the Procreate app and iPad in two different fundamental ways, how to flip the canvas, import and export images, and much more.

Procreate like a Pro

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12. Passive Income – How to Make Printables to Sell on Etsy

To generate additional income, you can learn how to make printables to sell on Etsy. The course teaches you the techniques to create a digital/printable art design. You will also become well versed in user-friendly and free online digital art programs.

Make Printables to Sell on Etsy

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13. Pattern Making for Fashion Design – Beginner Course

It is a beginner course to learn the basics of pattern design. The course is highly useful for fashion designers as it teaches them about how to draft patterns and draping. They can also learn about the fundamentals of pattern drafting, such as dart manipulation, added fullness, and contour.

You will also learn to draft an A-line skirt, a Yoke into a skirt, and add fullness to the skirt, princess style lines, and much more.

Pattern Making for Fashion Design

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14. Basic Fashion Illustration

The Basic Fashion Illustration course teaches the fundamentals of fashion illustration. You will learn the techniques to draw body elements and fashion poses and the proportions of different body figures. The course also teaches you to draw garments on the posing bodies.

Fashion Illustration

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15. Learn Marvelous Designer

With this course, you will become proficient in Marvelous Designer, which is a cloth simulation program. You will efficiently create dynamic 3D clothing for films, games, as well as 3D art, and 3D animations.

By the time the course finishes, you have a deeper understanding of the Marvelous Designer tools, interface, modeling, and sculpting.

Marvelous Designer

Buy Now

So, think of joining some of these useful courses from Udemy to learn additional skills. You will later thank your stay at home as you start earning more income from the newly acquired knowledge of art.

Wrapping Up

If you have an interest in creating art, explore various courses offered by Udemy for artists during your lockdown period at home due to the coronavirus crisis. These courses are designed to help you learn more skills in your field of interest. For artists, these 15 courses help them start learning new arts such as drawing portraits, using iPad to create digital art, digital comic book coloring, and so on.

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