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Top 10 Ways To Speed Up Your Business Growth With Digital Marketing

by Henna Ray Tweet - in SEO

Business Growth

Last updated on August 28th, 2023

Today, the internet has become an integral part of our daily life. We cannot think of spending a day without it. Every single minute, new things pop up in our mind, and to know more about it, we Google it. It is what a consumer or a client does when they try to find the information about the company they are interested in. And this is the reason why having an online presence is important. But having an online presence doesn’t mean you simply create a website. For your business growth, you need to market your business in various ways. It is where digital marketing comes in.

Digital Marketing is one of the most frequently used terms in today’s world. Everybody is talking about digital marketing, and professionals think that it is a way to grow online business. But what exactly it is?

Well, digital marketing is a way of promoting and selling products or services through various online marketing strategies. It is a huge field that can be great if you are new to the area of online marketing.

Before you decide to invest your time and resources in strategizing, it is important to understand what the components of digital marketing are and how to grow your business using those components.

By using these components/strategies you can make a considerable growth in your business. Let’s get started!

Here Are The Top 10 Ways To Speed Up Your Business Growth Through Digital Marketing

01. Invest In Website Design

The first and the foremost thing to grow your business is to have a responsive website. In today’s competitive business world, it has become mandatory for business owners to have their own website.

Even if you are not selling your products or services online, customers expect to have an online presence. A website is the face of the company. It is the extension of the business and should be considered as an important part of business growth.

Invest In Website Design

In order to achieve the best results, it is important to create a website. A responsive themed website looks good on all desktops as well as on tablets and smartphones.

Nowadays, there are thousands of responsive WordPress themes available on the internet. By using those themes, you can create an impressive website. If you don’t have the skills to create a website on your own, then it’s worth to hire a freelance graphic designer.

02. Content Marketing

Once you have a website, the next best digital marketing tip is to create valuable and interesting content. It will help you in attracting more audience to your website, web page, social media pages or any other platform you are promoting your business. When it comes to content marketing, there are a lot of ways through which you can promote your business.

Content Marketing

Some Of The Best And Popular Content Marketing Strategies Are:

a. Blogs:

When it comes to creating a list of a marketing strategy for start-ups, blogging is the first thing that comes to the mind of every marketer. And why not? After all, it helps the businesses in generating organic traffic and improving SEO.

According to Forbes, websites that have a separate webpage for ‘Blog’ have 434% more indexed pages as compare to the ones that don’t.

So for business growth, start working on the blog webpage design and the list of topics to be covered in your blog. Make sure you create content on the topics that are related to your industry only.

b. Infographics:

Infographics are a great way to educate the audience through relevant information and latest statics. If both the infographic design and content are great, then it can help you in getting quality backlinks for your website. You can share them on blogs and any social media platform.

c. Newsletters:

Companies use newsletters to inform the audience about the latest updates, news, or tips. While creating newsletters, you should be clear with your objective, focus on quality rather than quantity, and most important keep it engaging. Hire a professional designer and get a creative newsletter design for your business.

d. Case Studies:

It is another type of content marketing that is used by companies to highlight their success stories. It also helps the new potential customers in knowing how your products or services can help in solving their problems. You can share case studies in emails, social media platforms and on your website.

e. E-Books:

E-books are electronic books that provide an opportunity for businesses to share useful information to customers. Unlike Infographics, the main objective of ebooks is not to sell any product or services but rather building a relationship with their target audience.

f. Testimonials:

In today’s competitive world, it’s difficult to win the trust of the customers. Testimonials help businesses in providing proof of the merit of their products or services.

Add them as a part of your website design. You can also share them on social media platforms and gain reliability for your business.

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03. Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, the business world has become so competitive that companies are making use of every possible medium to grab the attention of customers.

Social media is one of the most effective marketing channels that are being used by companies to communicate directly with the audience. It has totally revolutionaries the way companies talk to their customers.

Gone are the days when companies used to target and convince the customers through press-releases and hard-hitting campaigns. Being in the era of digital marketing, customer’s demands direct and honest relationship with the companies.

Social Media Marketing

Knowing the importance of social media and digital marketing, companies have started creating their social media page in its initial stage and incorporated digital marketing courses as well as training for their employees to understand latest marketing strategies.

Every social media channel has a different page design. Some feature a professional social media page design such as LinkedIn, while other has a friendly and informal design such as MySpace.

Channels like Facebook fall somewhere in between professionalism and personalization. Whichever channel you choose, make sure you share creative and engaging content.

04. Search Engine Optimization

Since business growth and generating leads are the top goals of every entrepreneur, many start-ups think that they can achieve this goal by hiring salespersons and making phone calls.

Well, these may help your business, but these are an outdated way of building a business. Today, SEO has caught the attention of marketers.

SEO is another one of the best digital marketing tactics that are used to gain visibility on the first page of search engines. By optimizing the content of your website, you can drive more potential customers to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Do keyword research on your products or services using keyword search tools to improve ranking. After properly researching short keywords, long tail keywords, and phrases, add them to your content.

But make sure you don’t so keyword stuffing. Otherwise, it will affect your search engine ranking, and Google may also penalize your site.

While doing SEO, you may get to see the results after a long period. So have patience. Also try to master various digital marketing tools that can help in your business growth.

Or, you can consult a digital marketing company. A right SEO strategy will definitely pay off in the long run.

Here Are A Few Tips To Get Higher Position Make People Visit Your Site:

i. Write a good meta description.

ii. Produce quality content regularly.

iii. Share content through guest posting

iv. Improve the speed of your website.

v. Optimise your images.

vi. Get Google business listings.

05. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote business. Since the time of its evolution, it has come a long way, providing the best digital marketing solutions for business growth. Today, due to advancement in technology and availability of the internet, everyone can access their emails.

Sending a compelling email to the target audience can not only help you get new customers on your website but also can retain the old customers. And if you are into B2B business, by adopting this digital marketing tactic is important as for them emails are the heart of the marketing.

Email Marketing

According to reports, 93% of B2B marketers distribute their content through email and 83% of B2B companies use newsletters as a part of their content marketing program.

So if you have not started thinking of choosing email marketing for your business growth, then start thinking now. In order to grow your business through email marketing.

Here Are Some Online Marketing Tips:

i. Send welcome e-mail to build strong relationship.

ii. Send e-mails at the right time.

iii. Determine the right frequency for a healthy and engaged list.

iv. Look at your deliverability and avoid the spam folder

v. Use a memorable sender name.

vi. Don’t use noreply@ address.

vii. Write compelling subject lines.

viii. Create engaging body content.

ix. Make it mobile-friendly.

x. Email Automation.

xi. Social media integration.

xii. Add alt text to images and buttons.

xiii. Use email signature for authenticity.

xiv. Offer an unsubscribe option.

xv. Measure email performance.

06. Google Adwords

We are sure you must have heard about Google Adwords. It is a great online marketing platform that helps businesses to target those customers who are looking for their products and services and are ready to purchase them.

The tool has become one of the favorites among businesses these days, and this is why every digital marketing agency in India is hiring google ads certified individuals.

Google Adwords

With a proper strategy and little investment at the right time, marketers can actually attract more potential customers, make more sales, and eventually make their businesses grow. With the help of Google Adwords, you can create a huge network of ads such as:

a. Search Ads:

These are those ads that appear on the top of the search engine page when someone searches for something.

b. Display Ads:

These are those ads that display on the websites or apps. These ads are a combination of videos, images, text, etc.

c. Video Ads:

These are the ads that usually display at the beginning or the end of videos.

d. Shopping Ads:

These are those ads that display as a suggestion when you buy or look for similar products.

07. Affiliate Marketing

We all know that the growth and success of any business (both online and offline) depend on the number of consumers buying products or services of that business.

So basically the challenge is to increase the customer base. And to achieve that challenge, creating a quality product or services is not enough.

You need to find unique ways to promote them. Affiliate marketing is one of the great ways to sell products or services with the help of affiliates (an individual who works on behalf of a company).

Affiliate Marketing

Today, everyone is looking for ways to make easy online money. People even dream of earning money while they are sleeping. Affiliate marketing provides opportunities to such individuals to make money anytime anywhere.

Affiliates look out for the products they are interested in, promote them and earn commission out of it.

The brand (on behalf of which the affiliate works) sets the commission structure and pays affiliates either on the sale of each product or number of products.

In order to earn more commission, affiliates try their level best to sell more products. This way, both the parties are in a win-win situation. So start sharing information on commission-based platforms and see businesses grow within a few months.

08. Video Marketing

Sharing content through videos is a great way to engage the audience. Because of the advancement in technology, it is becoming more and more affordable and widespread.

Video Marketing

In order to know where the future of video marketing is heading, you need to have a look at the latest statics.

i. 55% of people watch videos every day.

ii. 92% of mobile video users share videos with others.

iii. 90% of the consumers find videos helpful in making their buying decision.

iv. Videos shared on emails leads to increase in 200% to 300% CTR.

Promoting business through videos required creativity and knowledge of human psychology. A great video can go viral within hours and so. Thus, it is important to consider video marketing as a part of your strategy.

To gather the content for video marketing, you can hold webinars, tutorials, live events, etc. Want to get your creative design for marketing? Take professional graphic design services from Designhill –World’s No.1 platform in freelance graphic design services.

09. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is that form of marketing where you can send out a message to the target audience in an organic way. It is one of another great way to earn more customers for business growth. Influencers are those people who have a large social following.

Rather than marketing directly to your target customers, pay to the influencers and get out the word for you. Every industry has different influencer. So, for your business growth, if you want to go with this strategy, then find out the right influencer for your business.

Influencer Marketing

It’s not compulsory that an influencer has to be a celebrity. You can choose regular people as an influencer to market your product. For example, Dove, the brand instead of choosing celebrities to promote their beauty soap relies on ‘regular women’ to spread the message.

Once you’ve understood each and every step, you need to consider their interconnected nature and how they integrate into your overall digital marketing strategy.

10. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a great way to achieve tasks with less effort. It provides an opportunity for businesses to maintain their relationship with known, current or even inactive customers.

According to Grand View Research, by 20125, the market of marketing automation software is about to reach $7.63 billion globally. When it comes to marketing automation, it is more than sending SMSs through bulk sms services or email newsletters.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation, when integrated with intellectual user behavior-driven platforms, help businesses in engaging prospects and clients through meaningful content.

The content then converts prospects into clients and clients into loyal customers. While choosing marketing automation for your business growth, make sure you maintain the consistency in the content in all the platforms. It will help customers in avoiding any brand confusion.

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Wrapping Up…

When it comes to digital marketing, the trends keep changes. Therefore, in order to stay ahead in the competition, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. The above-mentioned tactics are the basic but the most important ones to keep business grow. So keep learning new ideas and ways to grow your business. You can also reach to a Digital Marketing agencies in Australia or a franchise marketing agency for the same purpose. And don’t hesitate to take calculated risks. Good Luck!

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