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Anchor Logo Wins The Tour And Travel Company Logo Contest

by Designhill Tweet - in Travel & Hotel Logos - 2 min read

Winning Travel & Tour Logo Ohio

Last updated on February 5th, 2018

In a tours & travel company logo contest launched by an organization logo on Designhill with the hope to get an exciting logo to represent business. The organization recently selected a winning design out of many entries it received during the contest. From many other design concepts, an anchor logo was finally selected as winning design for the company.

Winner Tour & Travel Company Logo

Anchor- Travel company logo
S-infinity created the winning anchor logo design for the organization to get the 1st prize of $299.

A reason for selecting the concept of an anchor for this logo design is that it perfectly represents the stability and reliability that the organization wanted to convey as its business message to the targeted customers. Since its a  travels business, an anchor is a perfect symbol of tours & travel company logo that is keeping the things in balance and rooted in values of serving the travelers.

The logo is in oscillating form with one shade of the anchor being still and rooted while the other slightly on an upward swing, indicating the momentum the organization has gained in its business. Under the figure of travel company logo – “Anchor”, a business slogan catches our attention. The slogan is ‘Seven Seas‘ – these letters are designed in a casual manner indicating the mood of enjoyment that a traveler experiences during a journey.

Overall 9 designers responded to the contest and submitted 51 entries during the course of the contest. This means that each designer submitted an average of over five entries which says all about the efforts they put in the contest. The company also was active in interacting with the designer and offered feedback to them on submitted travel company logo designs. As a net result of it, the organization got a logo that does justice to its tour and traveling business.

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