Logo Design Trends, Designers Should Not Avoid

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Last updated on November 8th, 2018

Often, logo designers are taken to a tour of what was happening in the world of graphic design or logo design last year or in last few years and what is existing in the current design scenario. Overall, there is surely an interest in knowing about existing trends in logo design. We can even come across the professional websites dedicated to recording these trends. Some of the sites have shown us the logo design trends of each years of past more than a decade. But are these trends of any help to the designers?

Have a look on logo design trends in the current design scenario.

There is no doubt that knowledge about what were the graphic designers preferring in terms of colors, fonts, space etc. elements in the yesteryears or in the current year is helpful to some extent. The designers can have an idea of which type of elements have been in trends so that they can be avoided to stand out. But it is a fact that logo design trends go against creativity.

Logo Design Trends

Logo Design Trends

Renowned logo designers have advised the professionals to avoid following the trends. They suggest that the logo designers should leave the trends to the fashion industry that talks about pair of jeans and buying of a new dress. This does not help in logo design world as the emphasis is more on longevity of the design. If you are obsessed with the existing logo design trends, then you will be redesigning the logo every year. In that case the people will have a hard time to recalling your logo and the business.

Instead of following the trends, a logo designer should try to make the logo a memorable one that stands out. Do not forget that brand identity can be build only with a logo design that stays with the company for many decades to come.

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