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Business Website Designs

Last updated on November 10th, 2018

If a certain website design trends is making round that does not mean that it is good for your business website too. In fact, many upcoming trends this year should be avoided for they are merely for the sake of change.

Variable typography
Experts have been warning business website designers against use of variable typography. Trying to use multiple font combinations is a big distraction for the users and is responsible for diversion of the users’ focus from your core business message and activity on a website.

Instead, companies should strive for creating a functional and clear site that has an easy navigation. Strange typography is likely to confuse your audience

Larger buttons
The trend of designing larger buttons is not good for your commercial website as it will hurt your site in many ways. A big downside of larger buttons, which may be useful for smaller mobile phone sites, is that the increased size will make the site more graphic, which will in turn slow down the site. So, use large buttons only when your designers have found a solution to slowing down of your site due to these buttons.

The third dimension
It is very tempting to convert your professional website into 3D website by placing elements on different planes. But you should stay away from these techniques simply because most of the businesses do not require them. Why should your consumers feel like they are shopping in three dimensions? Use such techniques only when they can improve experience of users of your website.

So, do not follow website designs trends blindly and incorporate them only when they can contribute towards improvements in your website for users.

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