5 Trendy Label Templates To Boost Your Branding Strategy

Trendy Label Templates

You may have a fantastic product, but it can’t get popular among customers unless it is branded well. Branding a product depends upon several factors, and product labeling is one such important factor that needs to be done with the utmost care.

Designing a label template appears extremely easy for many, but it’s not really. It needs the right combination of designing and marketing skills that helps sell products like hotcakes.

Here Are The Recent Label Template Trends That Are In Spotlight

01. Eco-Friendly Labels

Being eco-friendly is not only a fashion fad, but now it has become a necessity. Customers are more inclined to buy products with eco-friendly labels. The increased awareness of responsible living has inspired manufacturers to come up with eco-friendly labels.

Manufacturers often struggle to get such label designs that can stand out while being printed on eco-friendly materials. They can find such label templates online and get them edited to suit their branding requirements.

02. Tactile Lettering Labels

A label should be able to entice your senses. Apart from being a visual delight, it should also impart a tactile appeal because it attracts high net worth customers.

With this knowledge, you can brief your designers to ideate and create a tactile experience template designs. Ask your design team to go for an embossed label. You can also get such label templates online for free.

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03. Bold Labels

Labels should be eclectic, exciting, and inspiring. Even when there is more emphasis on minimalism, bold colors haven’t become out of fashion.

Such designs further get attractive with ornate patterns, attention to details, and judicious use of colors. The products with such designs can be identified from a distance.

As there could be so many similar products, a bold design product is sure to get attention. You can get such printable label templates designed by a reputed design agency.

04. Retro Futurism Labels

The new-age designers are always forward-looking, but sometimes it pays to look at the past to get inspiration. It is where retro-futurism designs come into the picture. Simply put, retro-futurism was our imagination of the future some 50 years ago.

Such designs are created by mixing design elements of past and present. Customers love these designs that transport them back into the past. You need to hire an experienced design team to get a retro-futurism label template designed.

05. Transparent Labels

Despite the arrival of several types of labels, transparent labels have not lost their charm. Customers still love these see-through labels. There are several products for which a see-through label works wonders, and if your product also falls into that category, then this label could be a safe bet.

You can find these label templates free at leading online design stores. Select one that best suits your products and customize them as per your requirements.


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