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Truecaller Unveils A New Brand Identity And Advanced AI Features For Fraud Prevention

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

true caller new logo

Did you notice that your Truecaller logo appears differently today? But do not mistake it for another app logo, as it is the same genuine app you use. Yes, the logo is an entirely changed design with a purpose. Another important Truecaller update that matters the most to you is that the app is much more secure and safe now. 

Truecaller redesigned its logo on September 20, 2023. However, the redesigning of its well-recognized visual identity was for more than just the sake of it. Recreating a logo always carries risks from a business perspective for any company; make a note of it to avoid logo design mistakes! People are familiar with the current logo and may not identify the new visual. That is why businesses generally do not go for a frequent change of their logos and other identities.

However, Truecaller had some concerns. The reasons cited for the Truecaller icon redesign include creating a new brand identity and safety from fraud. 

Changes Made In The New Truecaller Logo

Cursive ‘t’ letter 

The previous Truecaller logo was a simple phone handle icon design in white with a blue background. The minimalist logo design stood for the company’s dialer business. However, many other companies have entered the market with similar app logos. That prompted Truecaller to recreate its blue and white logo.

 The new Truecaller logo has the letter ‘t’ of the company name in the background, where it appears in dark blue. The app logo has the upper part of the cursive letter ‘t’ in the background, a new feature. 

Note that the company’s entire brand name appears in cursive letters, as before, by the side of the whole logo. 

Dark Blue Color 

Another design change is the use of a darker blue color. Blue color has been a distinctive brand identity throughout Truecaller’s logo history. While the color is still the same, it appears on a darker background. 

This makes the Truecaller new app icon noticeable immediately. The darker blue shade also gives the logo a refreshing look. But the older light blue still appears in the background on one side. 

Blue evokes purity, depth, and truth, which is why it has been the conventional color for the brand. But this time, the darker blue is also used to help Truecaller’s new logo stand out. 

Ashish Mishra, CEO of Interbrand India & South Asia, the company that designed the logo, said, “The shade of blue we have chosen has evolved to create what I would arguably call the best stand-out color impact among all app icons that exist on our mobiles.”

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Key Reasons For Truecaller’s Logo Change 

The company has cited two significant reasons for redesigning its logo. These are — redesigning its brand identity to stand out and addressing its safety issues. 

Truecaller Wanted To Launch A New Brand Identity 

Since many new businesses entered the dialer market, their logos also looked similar to Truecaller’s design. The company, therefore, thought of redesigning the logo so that it stands out in the crowd of the app logos. The Truecaller’s new brand identity appears different from all other emblems on a mobile phone screen. 

The dialer icons of WhatsApp and Google Dialer are popular with the users, along with other such logos of companies. So, there was some risk for Truecaller that its dialer icon logo would not be able to stand out anymore. The risk was that of losing its brand identity quickly. It also could result in the gradual erosion of its market share.  

To Enhance Fraud Prevention 

The company made the logo design changes to keep the imposters away. With the new logo in place, it will now help thwart imposters after the brand identity changes. Due to the look-alike apps, the chances of fraudulent activities were higher during the Truecaller phone number search. 

Ashwani Sinha, Vice President of Global Brand at Truecaller, stated on the company’s website,, “Not only was this essential from a brand building standpoint, but it was also needed to thwart imposter and look-alike apps which keep entering the market to mislead consumers.” The company was also facing challenges to look different from others in the crowded dialer icons, with Sinha noting, “The bluer dialer app icon was starting to get lost among other smartphone dialer icons.”

Besides redesigning its logo, Truecaller also addressed its security concerns. It also functions as a call blocker app for finding suspicious activity. It has launched ‘Search Context,’ a new anti-fraud feature. This will help Truecaller identify fraudulent activity in the users’ accounts. So, if the number changes frequently or the name changes recently, the user will be notified. Such changes are likely to be scammer activity. 

These are the significant changes the Truecaller app has made to its logo. The logo now appears different in many ways from its predecessor. 

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Wrapping Up 

The Truecaller logo is among the most recognized icons in the market since most people use this smartphone application. The company has tweaked its logo by incorporating the cursive letter ‘t’ from the app logo. The background blue also appears darker this time. This design change helps the company establish a new identity. 

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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