Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Startup Must Follow In 2022

Twitter Accounts

Twitter ranks alongside the most used social media sites by small businesses and startups. And nowadays, most small businesses and startups are often to be seen in a lookout a creative Twitter page design and twitter accounts that can effectively speak to their target market and resonates with them in the best way.

Well, it’s no wonder as Twitter is perhaps one of the best platforms to stay updated with the latest industry news and learn about trending topics.

But when it comes to the latest industry trends and their overall effect on your business, there are just a few people and their Twitter accounts that can be trusted and followed which will help to create an eye-catching post for your business in custom twitter post size.

Check Out The List Of Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Small Business & Startup Must Follow In 2022

01. @AMAnet

Effectively managing all aspects of the business remains a challenge for most first-time entrepreneurs and small biz owners.

American Management Association is one of the twitter accounts that shares useful articles from different on a range of topics from leadership to business strategy and from marketing tips and best hiring practices.

02. @OPENForum

American Express’ Open Forum is yet another account that provides a host of information on entrepreneurship, management and other aspects of small businesses.

This Twitter account helps you participate in communications and guidance, suggestions, advice and feedback from business owners from across the globe.

03. @DesignhillDH

With a wealth of articles, blogs, tutorials and infographics, Designhill remains a whale of a source to get inspired, know tips and tricks and devise strategies about small businesses and startups.

Designhill’s Twitter account offers links to those inspiration articles, blogs, tutorials and infographics. In addition, this account also provides inspirational advice and suggestions for tackling small business and startup challenges.

04. @TAB_Boards

The Alternative Board (TAB) is one Twitter account that every small business must make a point to follow in 2022. This account has a business owner advisory board and provides executive coaching for small business owners in addition to a host of latest news, small business articles, webinars and events.

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05. @Ducttape

Duct Tape is one of the most sought after blog that offers real time advice and tips on small business marketing. Its Twitter account offers links to useful articles on topics ranging from social media marketing to sales and technology advice for startups.

06. @upstart reveals that getting investors is one of the major challenges that most young entrepreneurs face. Even the banks are usually reluctant of financing young entrepreneurs without a credit history or a comprehensive career history.

And this where Upstart offers an optimal solution. It connects aspiring entrepreneurs with investors. Upstart’s Twitter account provides useful and heedful information and advice for first-time entrepreneurs and small business owners.

07. @YoungTrep

Twitter account of the popular magazine – Young Entrepreneur, @YoungTrep is a great place to read and follow articles, blogs, advisory, and stories especially curated and posted to help first-time entrepreneurs and startup founders.

This account also provides a platform to meet other startup founders and seek inspiration. You can also take the help of a free Twitter post template available online that will help to create outstanding Twitter posts.

08. @JeffBullas is to-go website for anything related to social media marketing. Quite expectedly, the site’s Twitter account features tweets about latest trends in social media marketing, tips and tricks and a host of other information intended to help small businesses and startups achieve success on the social media turf.

09. @yourbusinesspal

Business plan is an integral element that helps you understand how you’ll put together your startup. Your Business Pal’s Twitter account provides an ocean of information on tips and tricks to write that perfect business plan that can point you and your startup in the right direction.

In addition, this accounts provides links to useful articles and blogs intended to help young leaders achieve success.

10. @Smallbiztrends

Yet another noteworthy Twitter account that startups and small businesses must follow in the year 2022 is Small Biz Trends. With a host of information on everything related to small businesses, from strategies to tips, Small Biz Trends’ Twitter account never fails to impress and inspire in equal measures.

Likewise, if you want to visit some other sites, hsslive could be a great platform for you to stay updated with latest news and info.

Do you follow any of these Twitter accounts? Are there any other Twitter accounts that are worth mentioning? Spread some startup love and share your comments with us in the comments box below.

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By Rituraj Gill

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