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Graphic designers often use typeface to create a logo or other design products. There are some key advantages to the clients when they opt for type-based logos etc. In these types of graphic designs, the designers rely more on words to put a message to a targeted audience. However, the designers use the words differently as compared to the other mediums. For them, the importance of words is in their appearance and also some meaning.

The visual forms including typography and handmade lettering work for communicating a message of the clients. Typefaces have this quality of arresting your attention on a poster or they help you identify a product name or a package and other objects. Designers know how to use typeface as a means of visual communication.

When selecting a typeface for a graphic design, the designers focus is in finding out the fonts that match with the business personality of the client. Remember that each font or typeface carries a different personality and hence they should be selected carefully. Any wrong choice of fonts can even damage the business image in the eyes of the customers.

For example, if a client runs a toy store which has little children as targeted customers, then formal fonts will create a mature atmosphere and it will be detrimental to the business. Instead, a sensible designer will incorporate fun fonts or handwritten typefaces in the graphic design such as logo for the client.

So, the designer must have enough experience to know the personality and emotions evoked by a certain typeface. Graphic designer must also know the importance of creating the margins and spacing between the lines while working on a graphic design such as brochure, leaflets and website pages.

Type-faced logo are useful for clearly telling the customers name of the company and what it does. Since there is lots of text involved in the logo or any other graphic design, it can easily and quickly convey an information without help of any image.

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By Henny Kel

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