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Typography Guide: Understanding & Utilizing Typography To Make Money

by Designhill Tweet - in Typography

Typography Guide: Understanding & Utilizing Typography To Make Money

Last updated on November 29th, 2022

Typography is an art. In typography, a good layout is much more important than either perfect lettering or fancy decoration. If you are a pro in typography and know how to be exceptional, then you can make money out of this profession. The demand for typography artists never subsides as typefaces are the basis for most artistic works, including graphic designs. However, to turn your typography skill to earn living requires you to cover a lot of other aspects as well.

The art of typography has helped create amazing works for centuries. Right from the printing era to the modern digital age, the significance of typefaces is evident. In ancient times, arranging typefaces with different font sizes for printing was a tedious job. During the printing era, typography was a highly demanded job for printing newspapers, magazines, books, pamphlets, etc.

Today, in the modern digital era, however, printing has become much easier as the entire process is computerized. Typefaces can be incorporated into a design quickly using design software. Moreover, designers and artists have easy digital access to hundreds of new and old typefaces. They can quickly pick up their choice of typefaces and use it with the help of software.

However, making money out of your typography skills is a little bit of a different game. You have to showcase your typography artworks across many platforms and promote it on social media aggressively. Also, you need to create demand for your type of artwork and find the right clients. It would help if you did extra hard work to sell your artworks. So, money-making from your skills requires you to follow some key tips in this regard.

Wondering how to do it?

No worries. This blog shows you the way to make money. In this typography guide, we’ll be discussing the following basics to make you go through each tiny bit to know about this particular domain and learn how to make money.

  • What is typography?
  • Types of typography
  • Where is the typography used?
  • List of products to highlight typography
  • How to promote your typography artwork?
  • Best platforms to promote your typography
  • How to make money with Typography?


What is Typography?

Typography is about making a text appear legible. There are techniques to ensure that the text becomes easily readable. It is the art of arranging letters and texts and giving them a beautiful look. To achieve its legibility goal, you can adopt different font styles to give it appearances and a structure. All these efforts are aimed at providing a font with some emotion to convey a message.

Once typography is a craft that few professionals specialized in and they are highly sought-after for their expertise. But it is now being handled digitally, making the process a little easier. At the same time, typefaces are also being used aggressively for printing.

The birth of the internet has given rise to typography’s creative aspect due to its use in web designing. Moreover, designers today have a wide range of fonts and type options. Consequently, modern typography is much more diverse and visually appealing than ever before.


Types Of Typography Need To Focus

When you wish to use typography to make money, you should explore its different types and variants that are in fashion. Most of the types are in demand for their usages in a wide variety of designing and text-based solutions. Typography is available in different styles, ranging from conventional to modern ones.

You can focus on a few of the following types to sell designs based on them.

Serif Type Styles

  • Old Style – This is a conventional Roman style from the 15th to 18th centuries.
  • Transitional – These typefaces fall in between the old style and neoclassical styles, incorporating some of the characteristics of both of them.
  • Neoclassical & Didone Serifs – This style was developed in the late 18th century. Its characteristic is an abrupt and dramatic contrast between thick and thin strokes.
  • Slab Serifs – These types were popular for advertising in the 19th century and had very heavy serif with almost no bracketing.
  • Clarendon Serifs – Created in the mid 19th century, this style incorporates bold typefaces that go well with text composition.
  • Glyphic – A key feature of these typeface styles is triangular shaped serif design or flared up character strokes.


Sans Serif Type Styles

  • Grotesque – This style feature contrasts in strokes as compared to the earlier designs. The previous curved strokes are much rounded in this style.
  • Square – Based on grotesque character traits, this style has a definite end and squaring of curved strokes.
  • Humanistic – Pick these typefaces for their proportions of Roman inscriptional letters.
  • Geometric Sans – Geometric shapes are the basis of constructing these typefaces. But these are less readable as compared to grotesque typefaces.


Script Type Styles

  • Formal – The formal writing style of the 17th century is the origin of these fonts and has characters that join together.
  • Casual – These typefaces give the impression of informal writing.
  • Calligraphic – This typeface looks like writing a letter with a flat-tipped nib.
  • Blackletter & Lombardic – You get the impression of manuscript lettering when using this style of typefaces.



Decorative typefaces are mostly used for signage designing and headlines to catch the attention. These are also used for tattoos and graffiti to reflect culture and state of mind. You will find psychedelic and grudge designs in this typeface style, though it is now out of fashion.

Where Is The Typography Used?

Today, you can see typography everywhere. Everything that involves text to highlight information has the use of typefaces. In print media, a wide range of typefaces is being used daily in newspapers and magazines. Then, there are brochures, posters, leaflets, clothing, business cards, and a lot of other surfaces where the art of typography is being used.

In the digital world, typography is today widely used across all platforms. Website design is mainly based on the careful use of typefaces to convey a brand message. Most blogs look different due to the careful selection of fonts for headlines and bodies, which becomes an identity of that blog. Then, other digital scopes for typography include digital banners and other advertisement forms. All physical forms of designs that are now digitally created have the use of typography.

The art and science of typography are much more significant today because of its usefulness in conveying a brand message. So, all the brand identity products need strategic use of typefaces. Most visual identities, such as logos, websites, brochures, business cards, signages, etc., require professional typography use.

List of Products To Highlight Typography

Now, that you have the right typography skill sets, you must be looking for the products to use it. There is a wide range of products on which you can print text messages, etc. After you created a powerful typeface-based message, you can print it on a number of products.

When you visit print-on-demand sites such as PrintShop from Designhill, you find many such products. Use these products as a vehicle to showcase and sell your typography skills to earn money.

At PrintShop, you can print your unique typography art on many products. These are categorized as clothing in Men, Women, Kids & Babies, Accessories, Home & Living, and accessories. You can print your text-based artful message on all t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, jackets and vests, and bottoms under the Men section.

For instance, to sell your art to women customers, you can print it on all t-shirts and custom hoodies. The clothing available for displaying your typography skills includes baby bodysuits, t-shirts, and hoodies for babies. Besides these accessories, you can also sell your typography art by ordering its printing on tote bags. Also, think of using phone accessories such as phone cases.

Here Are Some Examples Of How Typography Artists Have Used PrintShop To Highlight Their Skills To Make Money

01. Men’s T-shirts

i. Forget Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt Designed by

A t-shirt is the best choice to print and sell your typeface skills as the shirts are always in high demand. Notice how skillfully the artist has created typefaces carefully considering the message – The words you speak become the house you live in.

Never Forget Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt

Buy Now

This is a straightforward message that required every letter designed and printed in upper case typefaces. The choice of red color helps in catching the viewers’ attention toward the message.

ii. Coffee Not War Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt Designed by Skitchism

Take another example of how custom tee shirts can be explored to sell typography skills. Here, this t-shirt has the message – Make coffee no war- created and printed. The overall design is impressive and sends the message across immediately.

Typography Art

Buy Now

02. Women’s T-shirts

i. Magical Women’s Crop Top Designed by Ana St

Women’s t-shirts are sold away quickly, as these are fashionable and trendy. Here, the typography artists created a design based on the right selection of typography and fonts.

Typography Artwork

Buy Now

ii. Spring is in the Air Women’s Fitted T-Shirt Designed by Jaouad Dridi

Here is another example of typeface art appearing beautifully on a women’s t-shirt. Look at the combination of bold letters and handwritten typeface style.

Spring is in the Air Women's Fitted T-Shirt

Buy Now

03. Tote Bags

Find comfort in the chaos EC8001 Organic Cotton Large Tote Designed by Serbanescu.drs

Tote bags are easy to carry and make a fashion statement as well. Women love to have these bags while shopping and moving around. Here, the PrintShop artist has created a message beautifully in the handwritten typeface. The letters in black look impressive against a yellow and pale background.

Creative Typography

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04. Baby Clothing

My Favorite Pet – Dinosaur! Baby Long Sleeve Bodysuit Designed by Anastasiia Levina

Bodysuits and baby t-shirts are amongst the most sold baby clothes. Here the artist has created attractive typography on custom baby clothing with colorful letters in a handwritten style.

My Favorite Pet - Dinosaur! Baby Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Buy Now

05. Phone Cases

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece Liquid Glitter iPhone Case Designed by Prince Dangilan

Phone accessories, such as custom phone cases, are sold away quickly. Therefore, these cases are a great way to display your typography art and make money. Here, the artist has created a message in the classical style of typefaces in all black.

Phone Cases

Buy Now

How To Promote Typography Artwork?

Despite having great typography skills and styles, making money from it still may not be easy. You need to promote your art amongst prospective customers aggressively.

First, make sure that your online store to sell your artwork is on a dependable site like PrintShop of Designhill. In this way, you access a lot of brand promotional features from the site. You can have the advantage of the site’s already huge customer base that you can explore to sell your art.

Then, use your social media platforms to promote your skills actively. Talk about your art more often on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. You should regularly post your art visuals on Instagram to showcase your skills.

You can even write blogs about your art to educate people about it in detail. Find out some influencer bloggers and try to write guest posts on their sites to take advantage of their huge followings.

Also, make sure that while promoting your typography skills and art, you use the right keywords. Keywords are the words that search robots use to find relevant materials and display them in the search results. Your art-related articles and online portfolio will be ranked higher on search results if there are appropriate keywords. Research those keywords and use them more often at the right place in your art tags, blogs, social media, and elsewhere.


Best Platforms To Showcase Your Typography Artwork & Make Money

If you boast of your great typography skills, you can easily earn money by displaying your works on the right platforms. The web is full of online platforms where you can showcase your typography artwork. But not all of those sites are equally useful.

You should opt for the sites with promotional features that help you take your artwork to more prospective buyers. Keeping that in mind, we have picked top sites to promote your typography artwork.

Here Are The Sites You Should Explore

01. PrintShop by Designhill

PrintShop by Designhill is amongst the best online sites where you can display your typography works with confidence. This platform is from Designhill, which is today the largest creative marketplace for designers and illustrators. At PrintShop, you can quickly start your online store to promote and sell your typography based works.

PrintShop by Designhill

A major advantage of PrintShop is that you automatically access the massive traffic of Designhill. This means that you can explore a large number of potential customers just after opening your store. The site also actively promotes your artworks on social media and other platforms.

You will set your own prices to sell typography works. Therefore, your profit margin is always much higher at this site as compared to many such platforms.

02. Behance

Behance is a useful platform for artists to get your portfolio exposed to a large audience. You can also find many other creative artists’ works to learn from them.


03. Carbonmade

Carbonmade is another user-friendly platform to project your portfolio to establish your impressive online presence. You have endless options to customize your portfolio and other things on the site.


04. Cargo Collective

Cargo Collective gives you access to customized design templates, and it has a built-in user interface. But it’s membership only through invitation. It would be best if you share samples of your work before joining it.

Cargo Collective

05. Coroflot

Coroflot is another useful platform to integrate your typography works with social media platforms. You can access free and unlimited storage and analytics.


06. Crevado

Crevado is a platform for customized design templates that help you make your works responsive. You can also access the drag-and-drop technology to upload your files.


Takeaway Tips: How To Make Money With Typography?

Your impressive typography skills can become your way of earning money. Note that typography is widely used across all print and digital visuals. This means that you have plenty of opportunities to explore making money.

Here Are Some Tips To Consider

i. Set The Right Prices

First, find out which print-on-demand platform allows you to earn more profit. Different platforms have their own ways of deducting commission and dealing with the artists. At PrintShop by Designhill, you will decide your prices of the artwork and profit margin. This means that you can set a realistic price and profit based on your skill levels and experience.

ii. Create Varieties Of Artworks

Then, start your online store on such a platform to display and sell your typography works. Create as many impressive typography-based artworks as you can to sell more and make money. The customers have more choices to make when scanning your online store. Make sure that there is a wide variety of typography art displayed on different products.

iii. Promote Your Art Aggressively

Make efforts to take your art to the people and prospective buyers. For that, post visuals of your typography work on your social media accounts, especially on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Make sure that you post your art visuals and related text regularly on these sites.

iv. Do Some Blogging

Think of writing blog posts to showcase yourself as an expert in your art field. People buy from you when they start perceiving you as a specialist and experienced artist.

v. Use Keywords

Keywords are important to rank your online store higher on online search results. So, use relevant keywords while promoting your typography artworks.

These are the major steps you need to take to utilize your typography skills and artwork to make money. You should pay attention to each step you take and explore it fully.

Wrapping Up

Your typography skills can be your opportunity to earn money decently and make a career out of it in the future. However, you must consider taking some steps to explore money-making opportunities. Think of using a print-on-demand platform to showcase your typography artworks and sell them to interested customers. Then, know how to promote your works and set the right prices.

Sell Your Art Online

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