5 Ultimate Benefits Of Crowdsourcing Design Projects

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Last updated on June 30th, 2018

Every business small or large requires a large number of design products such as logos, brochures, website design etc for their business branding and promotion, however, they are not always lucky enough to find the right design agency or freelance designers. Such businesses can use crowdsourcing sites such as Designhill to get designs such as logos, brochures, websites, stationary, business cards etc. from a large community of designers in no time.

This article discusses the benefits that small businesses get when crowdsourcing their design works to a larger design community.

Easy Access To The Professionals
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Small businesses can launch their design contests such as logo design contest on crowdsourcing platforms. These platforms have hundreds of graphic designers who seek work from clients like you. When you launch the contest, it attracts dozens of designers. More designers will work on your design project if you have set attractive prize money. So, there is no need for you to advertise for professional designers when you start a graphic design project for your marketing campaign.

The Designers Are Within Your Budget

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Graphic designers are entirely affordable when you reach to them on crowdsourcing marketplaces. This is because you set the prize money which may range anywhere from $200 to $300. Within this amount of money, you can afford to attract the designers to work on your logo or brochure design. This is in contrast with the huge amount of money you have to spend as fees that individual professional logo designers charge.

Timely Completion Of The Designs


Another beneficial aspect of crowdsourcing is that small business can quickly access the design. So, you can start launching your marketing campaign in a week as you can get the logo, business card, brochure etc ready in short period. Crowdsourcing sites allow you to set the last date of receiving the design entries from the designers. A professional designer whom you hired on expensive fees can take even months before handing you a company logo design.

More Design Concepts

Small businesses have more choices of design concepts through crowdsourcing sites. While an individual designer will offer you not more than 3-4 design concepts, you get dozens of concepts from as many designers on crowdsourcing platforms. Many of these concepts are really attractive as they are from different cultural backgrounds of the designers.


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Crowdsourcing design marketplaces allow you close interaction with the participant designers. This helps you in customizing the design as per your business needs. You can guide them to create a logo just as you want it to be designed. These sites also allow you to select some design concepts to have feedbacks from your friends and experts. You can display these designs on your Facebook account to have recommendations from experts so that you select the best design.

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