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Ultimate Font-Pairing For Building Your Brand

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Brand Identity

Font Pairing

Last updated on March 25th, 2023

Best font pairing is crucial for great designs, but choosing great fonts ain’t an easy task. It’s a dark art which only a few can master. In the blog below, we will explain the fundamentals of picking great fonts and best pairings. You can use these combinations in your designs. The font pairing guide is perfect in case you’re going to design a logo, web page, infographic, presentation, or anything else. Of course, you can use a font pairing tool to create some eye-catchy typeface combinations.

The websites that you browse on the Web haven’t been put there without a solid plan. The heading, subheadings, its body copy, whatever you see, follow a pattern. There is science behind their application on a website which resonates with your brand’s message.

Before a potential customer starts reading a message on your site, sees your logo design or turn over the pages of your business brochure, the font pairing you’ve used speaks volumes about your brand. Each used font has a different personality as well as visual appeal. They can leave a strong effect when combined with other typefaces.

Choosing Suitable Fonts For Your Brand

But how would you choose fonts suitable for your brand? How would you find typefaces that can communicate your brand’s message to the customers? Well, choosing the right font is an intricate task.

You want to pick something that visually symbolizes your business. For example, you would never go with a decorative font for your financial company. It is because such fonts won’t suggest trust but creativity. Likewise, a creative agency would never go with a serious font type.

Remember, Thomas Watson Jr. who said, “Good design is good business.” It simply shows the best font paring with other design elements is vital for any business. If your design is good, people will keep coming if it’s not they will keep choosing other brands instead of yours.

What is the font pairing?

When you design branded assets, a font pair comes handy. It is a set of complementary fonts. Pairing them provides you with fonts that you can use in the head and the body of a brand asset. The pairing provides a little contrast but with no conflict at all. They complement each other and visually add to the brand identity.

Here Is A List Of Unique Font Pairing Examples That Will Inspire You For Your Next Project

01. League Spartan + Libre Baskerville Font

Having strong structure as well as a geometric form, League Spartan contrasts well with Libre Baskerville font. You can use serif fonts for the body copy, which makes compact information readable.

League Spartan + Libre Baskerville Font

02. Serif + Sans-Serif Font

We all know that Serif font has a classy and high-end look. In the newspaper or print media fraternity, it is the widely used typeface while Sans-Serifs are the best fonts for logos. Pairing them creates a crisp and clear effect.

Serif + Sans-Serif Font

According to a typographic patterns study conducted by Michael Martin, Serif fonts have captured a large share of the body copy. As far as headlines are concerned, Serif and Sans Serif occupy an even split. Michael Martin analyzed the typographic patterns of top 50 websites, including Financial Times, The Boston Globe, and more.

03. Archivo Black + Archivo Narrow + Arialle Font

Archivo black is a bold rounded font which when combined with its own typeface families like Archivo Narrow and Arielle creates an eye-catching font pairing. They aren’t just readable but create a strong visual identity.

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04. Julius Sans One + League Gothic + Josefin Sans

With broader baseline and fine strokes, Julius Sans One makes one of the best display fonts around. Josefin Sans having the same features works best for the body content. The use of League Gothic brings the needed contrast between the two.

Julius Sans One

05. Libre Baskerville + Libre Baskerville Regular

There is nothing scary in using just one typeface across all your brand identity. The style variants in Lobre Baskerville font family are great for heading, and the body copy.

Libre Baskerville

06. Cooper Hewitt Bold + Cooper Hewitt Regular

As the typeface comes with strong curves and arches, it makes a great choice for your headlines, sub-headlines, and body copy. However, the mantra for font pairing is to use its regular version for subheading and body copy.

Cooper Hewitt Bold

07. Bodoni + Montserrat

This typeface is popular as a typical magazine headline font.

Bodoni is known as a classic magazine heading typeface. The Italian designer, Massimo Vignelli, said that Bodoni is among the elegant fonts ever designed. This typeface with Montserrat pairing creates a sophisticated design. Bodoni is one of the best logo fonts preferred by designers.


Calvin Klein, Vogue, and the title of the movie Mamma Mia are some of the best Bodoni font examples.

08. Oswald + Montserrat Light + Cooper Hewitt

Oswald works best for digital screens as web fonts. When paired with Cooper Hewitt and Montserrat Light, it renders a highly functional and readable font combination across all interfaces.


09. Merriweather

This typeface was designed especially for web design. Therefore, it is not preferable for printing. Pairing the different variants of Merriweather together adds to the aesthetic values of design. It provides the reader with a clean and clear interface free of cluttered fonts.


10. Norwester + Kollektif + Montserrat

This attention-grabbing, geometric typeface is ideal for headings. Pairing Norwester with Montserrat and Kollektif creates a well-structured, bold, and readable heading, sub-heading, and body copy.


11. Playfair Display

If you have to create invitations, consider using Playfair Display typeface combinations. The Playfair Display Black font has a heavy style which looks great when paired with the italic variant of the same font family. Combining both the fonts creates a visually pleasing hierarchy and perfect font pairing.

Playfair Display

Font pairing can be an alien territory for startup owners or new businesses, specifically those with no design familiarity.

However, having an idea of the fonts that would communicate your message and complement your logo design helps you make good design decisions.

It also makes it easier for you to describe your brand identity to others like professional graphic designer, marketer, etc. working for your business.

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By bringing crucial visual components together, you create your brand’s personality. Font pairing is a fundamental step in building your brand identity. We suggest you opt for professional graphic design services from agencies like Designhill to create a wholesome brand journey.

Meanwhile, get the inspiration dose from different font pairings described earlier. Don’t forget to use a free font pairing tool to ease your process.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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